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July 5th 2007
Published: July 5th 2007
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Jacob Harris
we flew to Rarotonga, the main island in the Cook Islands.
About a 4 hour flight from Auckland.
We landed at 1 am their time and were picked up from the airport. We booked ahead at a beach house called Vara's on the east side of the island, when we got there we waited while our driver searched for our room key...it was no where to be found..so after a good 45 minutes of searching and calling people and no key to be had..they drove us to another property where there was an open room..but when we got there, the key for that room didn't work despite several attempts by different people!!?
The lady tried breaking in with a laminated map.. which didn't work..eventually i used some big knife from the kitchen to pry the door open........sleep...

the next day we checked into our real room and took a walk on the beautiful beach. Vara's was right on the beach with crystal clear water and white sand.
Cara and I spent about seven days there. checked out the main downtown, a lot of sun bathing, swimming, drinking, lounging....

for our last couple days we booked a room at the Rarotonga Backpackers, which was on the west side of the island about 400 km from the beach on a hillside.
we rented a scooter for a couple of days to get around..

After a bit of deliberation, we finally decided to go snorkeling..and are glad we did, we took our scooter to a close spot known for it's good snorkel, and were blown away.
so many fish...so many colors.. it was amazing, couldn't stop looking around and chasing fish...
lots of pictures, and some videos too, but i don't have themm right now..sorry

Soon thereafter, we had to go back to Auckland and await my departure back to San Francisco..
now im home....sort of my home..after a 16 hour jouney with little sleep...waiting to head out on the road on friday 13 to play music up and down the west coast.
it's been a litle over a week since Rarotonga and i m sure i left out a lot..sorry i guess?

keep an eye out for posts from the road...if i remember to do them


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where we went snorkeling

7th July 2007

Hey Jacob- So glad to hear what a fantastic trip you two had. It sounded so wonderful, but now we can see how wonderful it really was. I love this technology. Thanks for posting this. Stay well. Love, Sue
9th July 2007

you are the bomb
thank you for the fun preview of life in the land, near the land down under. It must be an adjustment coming back to the fun challenges of life in America.....after such a fun time.....welcome home bro, and thanks for the travelblog journey! much love- joel

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