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Oceania » Cook Islands » Atiu January 14th 2010

I finally got all the cash I need. I moved some furniture, pots and pans, cutlery..etc. for this new restaurant that just opened in town. They paid me in cash $200 and I got the rest from my german acquaintance Jeff who owed me money for a loan I gave him when I first got here. His car had broken down and needed money to fix it. I just bought my plane ticket and am leaving in two days. I am flying in to Lisbon and taking a train the rest of the way. Im going to mis Atiu even though I have been hastely overcome by the monstrosity of its past savageness. however intriguing I feel I must go or face becoming overwhelmingly succumbed to its sub-natural fervor. ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Atiu January 12th 2010

About the last blog entry.... I was on a two day binge and was completely out of my head. I am feeling great today though and am in high spirits... I recieved some cash from Salva and she threw in a little extra for my gold watch (not real gold)... I am still about $300 short but will figure something out in the next few days.... Also, I ran into a friend from a long time ago today. he told me that my childhood dog had past away. I will miss Wilhelm he was always there for me when I needed a friend and a pillow. one thing about Wilhelm is he wouldnt play fetch he would just sit and stair at you. But anyways, that was years ago and doesnt mean much anymore. ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Atiu January 10th 2010

there is more to life than snow and peas but that is not the point. the point is that if you take something then you best put it back. that is what they told me back there. if I thought that there was something else I would have told you. There is no time to argue it was just the right place at the right time, and im gratefull for it. If I would I could but I think I might want to find something else to make for dinner. Will this thing ever stop and become the thing worth fighting for, they are not all the beast and I believe strongly in the hopefullness of the sacrifice they made for the soil. If you take a hard look at things then you wouldent believe the ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Atiu January 8th 2010

I got out of my hotel room today. there was a festival down the street I went to check out and ate some flame grilled stuff. Im not sure what kind of meat it was but it tasted alright. I am still trying to get in touch with the people who owe me money but have not had to much luck. I may have to take it a step further even though I am not really fit for such an action. I went to see Fanny and she said she might be able to get me some money tomorrow but I am not holding my breath. I am ready for anything. ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Atiu January 7th 2010

So the stench is getting worse here or should I say it is stagnantly saturating my surrounding environment. I haven't left the room all day.... so maybe its me.... I coursed my neighbor in room 204 to get me a bottle of stokle whiskey and im nearly through the whole bottle. What is the meaning of all this. my life has become a string of meaningless incidences or maybe that is all it has ever been. I dont know if im any different from anyone else because I have no one else to compare myself to. I think I have figured out where im headed in the next few days. I have always heard about Belarus but have never been so I believe im headed in that direction. Im going to try and get some cheep ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Atiu January 6th 2010

I set the date I am leaving in 3 days Im not sure where im going, only that it will be far away from this place. Im going to try and get a train ticket tomorrow when I figure out more whats going on in other places. I am craving some adventure. This place has only figurative adventure and im looking for the real thing. ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Atiu January 5th 2010

I realized something today Why I cam to Atui in the first place. there is a history here of cannibalism. In the past this place was filled with man eaters who killed you and ate your flesh. This practice was repressed but Im pretty sure it could be still in there blood. after so many years of doing something it becomes a part of you. Anyways there is something in the air here that can fill your thoughts. I cant quite put it into words. I sat down on the floor. then my foot hit the ceiling. some drywall got in my eye. I dont know how much longer I can stay here. I dont think I will be getting any more work here and I think it just that time. Im starting to smell the ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Atiu January 3rd 2010

Today I saw the girl of my dreams. she had a yellow hat on and red shorts with a white shirt. she smiled at me so I smiled back. Then later on in the evening I saw her eating dinner with another man who i presume is her husband as they where holding hands over candle light at the bungalow bar down the beach. That was the extent of my day today.... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Atiu January 2nd 2010

I haven't written in a while there was a lapse in communication due to the incumbent new year. I was held up In a state of fasting and meditation. I was trying to find piece of mind and a sense of direction for the new year. There is nothing more appealing. I think I need to do the clique thing and think positive.... If there was one thing I learned in the last year Is that I need nothing, only the stomach to digest what life throws at me. As I am typing this the ocean water is calling me to jump In and wash off.. Im back and im soo fresh and clean the water is unusually warm for this time of year and I am feeling it. ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Atiu December 28th 2009

I made it through the night. the storm wasn't as bad as I had thought however I felt it cozzy in the cave so I just spent the rest of the night in total darkness with only my cell phone making dirty shadow puppets on the walls, Plato's Cave XXX. When I woke up this morning I discovered such a beautiful day. There is a slight breeze and a cool sting, the kind that makes you feel alive and dead at the same time. I walked along the beach and ran into a produce market. I bought myself a mouth water grape fruit. grape fruit is such a weird name because a grape is already a fruit but when you call something a grape fruit it is a completely different fruit. That regression asside, I cut ... read more

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