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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Woy Woy June 6th 2006

Well for the Australia part is anyway..... 5 months travelling, most of it in a campervan, I think we did pretty well. The van was superb, 14,000km covered. So many amazing places to mention. We have only covered a fraction on the site here. It will be a shame to leave next week, but there are a whole set of new adventures in store for us. The next being New Zealand. Where the snow is on the south of the Island. So it might be time for a bit of snow-boarding. As for Oz, I would recommend it to anyone. Here are just a couple pics of us at Woy Woy.............. read more
Uncle Darren
Another pussy shot

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay June 6th 2006

Monday 5. Bye Noosa, hello Fraser Coast (everybody is badged these days). Surf ends, sand starts. Broad sweep of water. Heaps of sand in the distance. Stopped at Maryborough. Quiet. All you can eat pub $6.95. Found newspaper, Chronicle (12,000 circ), approached door - girl exiting. She did story for Subiaco Post. Straight out with recorder and camera. Just mention the website. In Hervey Bay felt strangely bereft. After the excitement and drama of Noosa, this is a flat spread out world. Then I realized I've got a headcold and it's affecting my perceptions.... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Coffs Harbour June 5th 2006

Hello and welcome to the latest enstalment of Jonnys Ozzy Adventures!!! The last time I left you i was sun bathing it up at Surfers Paradise. I forgot to add there that I won the inaugural game of crazy golf at King Tut's Putt Putt and also ate far too many kebabs!! From Surfers we headed South to Byron/Bryan Bay. This place was utterly stunning and perhaps my favourite of all the surfey towns we have been to down the East Coast. Its so beautiful as it does not have any sky scrapers encroaching its stupendous views, but its just an old fashioned styley town of surf and sun. It has a very hippy feel to it also, with everyone completely chilled out (other than a local Byron nobhead who wanted to start a fight with ... read more
Surfers catching a wave
Me on the most Easterly Point in Oz
The boys at Byron Lighthouse

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Maroochydore June 5th 2006

Just a short entry to let you know that we have arrived here in Maroochydore after the longest, slowest train journey in the world. More of which in the next update. We have landed on our feet again with a fantastic apartment where we will be staying for a month. Again more details later. Lastly two birthday greetings. First to Ken's big sister ANNE WITHANEY BEVERIDGE and secondly to Jan in Boxford Ken and Linda. PS. Those of you interested in coming over to Linda's birthday BBQ, please be aware that it is being held on Saturday 17 June on Alexander Headland beach next to the Surf Club. Just turn up and bring your cozzies!!!... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney June 5th 2006

Harlo! Back on the blog again which doesn't seem like a bad idea in cold and wet Sydney. The main reason i actually decided to pop into the net cafe this time was to give my clothes a chance to dry before I brave the elements one more for the long walk back to Surrey Hills. But, I thought it was a good opportunity to update you all (as promised) on the last couple of weeks at surf camp. On Monday 22/5 I boarded the Waves Surf Camp Bus at Central Station in Sydney with a group of 11 internationals and one other Aussie. I felt like I was letting our great nation down a little when I saw the disappointment on the punters' faces as they learnt that I was an Australian who had never ... read more
Simmo and the Demolition Man
Judging the surf comp on the final day of the Northbound trip
Just giving the punters what they want

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bowen June 5th 2006

we finally started working and i hated every minute of it. We were on a tomato farm and our task was to bend over and put 6 little pellets of grasshopper poison by the stem, the rows were 200 and 500 meters long and they were as far as the eye could see. dont let me forget to say that we were in the blazing sun all day, not a cloud in the sky. i drank 1.5 litres and it wasnt enough. dont think that i am being a complainer or anything we ALL thought that it was terrible. i'm probably going to have to take a couple weeks off because i have lower back, butt, and leg pain. maybe sun stroke too. but what can you do. I dont think i will be able to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne June 5th 2006

Have just found out that the flights for barbados will be leaving from London. The package includes return flights from London and a week's accommodation here South Gap I have informed them I am in Australia and unwilling to pay $2000 AUS to buy flights to London to take up a free holiday. There is talk about doing it again next year and me having a place on that one so I don't miss out. They will speak with Littlewoods to see what is going to happen but it doesn't look good for me going to Barbados this time around. Gutted Mike :( ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Broome June 5th 2006

Sorry I have been slack but I am on holidays if you get what I mean. I am finally up to date now. Thanks everybody for all our lovely messages. Sorry I cannot respond to each individual. Love to all. Day 64 - Monday 5 Jun e 2006 Eighty Mile Beach to Port Smith We traveled 250 km’s today. We stopped at the Sandfire Roadhouse for so called supplies. We are running low. No bread, no milk and to Graeme’s disgust no beer. We bought frozen bread, 600 ml of fresh mile (we do have UHT but the kids don’t like it) and Graeme did a deal for a slab (block - that’s what they call it) and a stubby holder for $50.00 which was quite a bargain considering. We still have approximately 150 km’s to ... read more
Port Smith
Port Smith
Port Smith sunset

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Atherton Tablelands June 5th 2006

Fact Number 1: Cattle Ranches are called Stations in Oz. Our second day was a Crocodile Dundee Marathon. We'd got some serious K's to cover and so sat back through all 3 of the legendry films: That's not a knife. This is a knife! Paul Hogan Rules, although Croc Dundee 3 (in LA), was obviously a pile of crap, and it must have been face-life-city in the principles' dressing room, as they all had that permanently surprised look to them. I should just mention the sunsets that you get out here in the bush are unbelievable: amber, umber, scarlet, blue, purple - crazy colours! Fact number 2: Didgeridoos are made from branches hollowed out by Piping Termites! While catching a few z's though the many, many kilometers, I'd wake occasionally when our coach swerved to dodge ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Augusta June 5th 2006

I had to prod the receptionist to return my key deposit to me when I checked out, which put another tick in the debit column for YHAs. Continuing south down Caves Road I passed yet more vineyards, including Voyager, which looked so beautiful that I had to stop and look around. The buildings had all been constructed in a whitewashed Dutch South African style which, with the blue sky and yellow/red foliage on the withering vines, was extremely easy on the eye. Next stop was Lake Cave, one of a series of caves in the Margaret River region. They had a 10% off deal for the public holiday, a refreshing change from many of the restaurants I'd seen that were slapping on an extra 10% for the same spurious reason. Naturally there were hordes of children ... read more
Humpback whale
Voyager vineyard
Xanadu vineyard

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