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October 2nd 2014
Published: October 2nd 2014
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Goodbye adelaide

So unfortunately my farewell was not exactly as I had planned.

It started with a great weekend. A Thursday at Sportsmed of good cases and a lot of OR banter, followed by an event at the Mercedes Benz dealership for Eucycle - an organization which trains the vision impaired to learn how to tandem bike on road bikes. It's really impressive actually. They had a very well put together video showing the whole training process, and a lot of the pros and the trainees were there. We drank some nice Shiraz from the Adelaide hills and I was asked to evaluate a professional cyclists knee... Okay. 😊 He had a herniation of his vastus lateralis as he had a previous ACL reconstruction with an ITB graft back in 1996. You never see that anymore. I also got to showcase my zebra jumpsuit and silver snakeskin boots gifted to me by Ai... Yes, she's the best.

Four of us then headed to the Pot for dinner and lots more wine. They now know me by first name at the Pot, as we frequently shut the place down. Dinner was phenom as normal and we all ended with a different desert wine to share and compare - muscat, port, and two others I can't remember. My port was definitely the best. I was also able to give Trev and Tony their gifts as a small token of my appreciation- two gorgeous books. For Trev, the Book of Whisky and for Tony, the photographic Beautiful World by Lonely Planet. In confession, the night before I opened both books and learned so much about whisky ( why whisky vs whiskey, origin, whiskys of the world, single malt, etc...) and then actually gasped at some of the wonders of the world I have yet to experience in the huge LP pictorial. I think Africa is my next stop after this journey.

The night ended up back at Trevs and drinking said whisky until 4am by the fire. Let me tell you... Australian men can gab. In some ways it's refreshing, but in others... Ha. This crew is different, but many times while speaking to Australian men, particularly in the hospital, I feel as though they are just waiting for me to finish so they can speak again. But a cab ride home and a free Friday, I was all set.

So Friday I woke late and then went for a run and received a text from Joel suggesting beers on the beach. I mean, how can one say no? So he picked me up and we went to seacliff hotel and had some mediocre beers in some extraordinary surroundings and company. Joel is great - an expat by 8 years originally from Atlanta who came to Australia for undergrad and married a gorgeous Australian vet and never left. They have a cockatiel and a macaw and a dog at home. He studied aquaculture and is currently looking for work, previously had been working in applications of algae. His father died while doing mission work when Joel was 16 when a suspension bridge in Honduras collapsed. His journey is filled with a lot of world and self exploration and he may be the most "like able" person there is. He attracts new friends like a magnet and cannot leave the house without a new friend and story. So beers went down easy and we made it through sunset. As he dropped me off, a band came on his iPod and I shut the car door and in passing said "that sounds a lot like my cousins bad". After much prodding I said "tin can phone" as I was more than skeptical that a new friend in Adelaide was listening to a band from South Haven, MI. Lo and behold... He holds up his iPod and that's the band. I was pretty floored as the world collapsed onto me. Life is pretty sweet.

Ai and I then had dinner out with a physician couple and then did some dancing at a local Irish pub. Night went late and then we started back on Saturday with a day at the Wheatsheaf... The coolest bar in Adelaide. Finally some tasty craft beer, a die hard whisky selection, live music, chill vibe, and nice bartenders. Met yet another a awesome girl, originally from DC, with an infectious laugh and a great story. Night ended early as Ai and I had our race the next day.

So Sunday was the City to Bay run, 35,000 person race that starts on the heart of Adelaidw and ends at the beach in Glenelg. We had registered a long time back, but honesty I had been training my liver much more than my legs as of recent, but what could go wrong?

So we find out that the bus actually doesn't get us to the race in time (first one was out at 8:30) so we choose to... Run to the race. The energy there was great though, and in the end we had a fantastic run, and it was a beautiful way to say goodbye to Adelaide. It was very well organized and an overall awesome event. I ended the day at Seacliff at another fellows BBQ on a gorgeous beach house overlooking the ocean. It was nice to see the Flinders fellows out of the hospital, and to meet the many, many children. I felt pretty tired at the end of it all, but felt this was very understandable, and went to bed around 8pm. And then.... Oh and then...

Was sick.

So. Sick.

I got hit by a ram truck of the flu. I couldn't do anything. Stand. Phone call. Shower. Move. Nothing. I haven't been this sick in years. Going around I guess. Well this lasted for 3 solid day' could finally shower Wednesday night and thankfully felt human navy Thursday morning. The only good part was I was so ill, I couldn't even worry about the unfinished details of wrapping up work, shipping my excess things to the US, the arrival of Darren and the fact that I was supposed to be on a boat on Friday. Fortunate Darren arrived unscathed and I was able to go to work just for a goodbye and made it to dinner on Thursday with hrs amazing crew I had met... Darren, Ai, Meenu, Lucas, Akash, Joel, Sheridan, Bernadette, Kaitlijn. And what else wS great, was they all made friends, and it is quite the crew of phenomenal people.

It was hard to leave Ai, my "wifey". Very rarely does such a close female friend come along, and she will be dearly missed, as will my surrogate family.

Darren helped make my transition easier, as on Friday morning he picked me up, and while we navigated the world of left sided street driving, we headed to Cape Jarvis to catch the ferry to Kangaroo Island, to start the beginning of the next stage of this adventure.


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