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May 11th 2012
Published: May 30th 2012
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We pre-ordered currency for India and Malyasia as these were just ports of call off the ship and we didn't want to mess with ATM's. We also had some US dollars for the ship and scored a couple of extra currencies from my parents which apparently were out of date, which amused the receivers of them.
A tiny bit of a background regarding this trip first. This will be my second ever overseas trip … haven’t fully completed the first epic journey I took two years ago, so really have to get onto that, however wanted to start on this one while it is still all fresh. This will be my husband and my first trip away together since we have been married and without any of our five children. Will be interesting just for that achievement. Graciously my parents will look after my bundles of joy for our trip. The trip will be for my husband’s fortieth birthday. We will be heading to Dubai for three nights before jumping about the Voyager of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) on a cruise via India and Malaysia to Singapore, where we will then have two more nights before heading home. The blog is from my perspective and reflects my views on things, so while it may not always be correct, it will try and indicate how I viewed things so don’t be stoning me :P

As a background leading up to this day, I booked the cruise in August last year and apparently have spent the time researching
Adelaide AirportAdelaide AirportAdelaide Airport

Happy little junk fooder :)
the trip ever since that time. So my husband kept telling everyone! I am a real window seat lover and the day before flying we discovered the seats that I had selected for our Emirates flight were cancelled by either the airline or the travel agent and we were no longer able to sit by the window. This was cause for numerous tears especially as I had no idea this had occurred having had my email confirmation of my seat allocation back in March. It was to be a full flight, so no changes were possible. Now being a very particular girl and liking to control things totally, this didn’t go over too well, so the morning of our departure all enthusiasm was gone (I know, completely stupid just over a seat, but I’m the type that can’t let go of things til the final minute if there is a still a slither of a chance of fighting for what was pre-organised). I had now entered head ache territory, which wasn’t a good start.

We arrived at the airport way too early, but I really wanted a window seat on the first flight from Adelaide to Melbourne. Little did

Looking out at the beautiful runway
I know the plane we were flying in just had the configuration of 2-2 so that was a given! Nearly all my children were picked up from school, and I received a bunch of mothers day gifts from my children as I would be missing out on mothers day on the Sunday. One of my babies wasn’t present as he had school camp to attend, which would have been way more fun than eating hungry jacks at the airport that planes landed few and far between! I do love the windows in the airport and sat on the floor with my kids just hoping a plane would land. I think we arrived in the lull time because they just didn’t happen.

We were able to watch our plane fly in. The plane had just travelled from Perth. The kids thought it was cute at the airport the entire Port Adelaide Football club were jumping on a flight next to mine heading out to Perth for a football game on the weekend I’m guessing. They were jumping on a plane that had just arrived from Melbourne, so thought it was interesting how they rotate the planes around. Our flight left

Our plane coming in to land
at 2pm. We flew out over the water. Was beautiful seeing the city of Adelaide like that.

The flight was a touch rough as we got into Melbourne. For Robert having just been in the airport in January, he didn’t direct us up to the International section too well. He had forgotten how to get there! We eventually worked it out and then had the hour wait in the Emirates line to get our seats allocated. I had a huge headache by this time and just wanted to vomit. I completely rolled over the fact that they gave our pre-chosen seats away to someone else. We were seated together in an aisle seat. Not too bad I guess. Melbourne airport was lovely. As far as airports go. We didn’t have loads of time to look around. Getting on the plane was fairly uneventful. I chose the aisle seat as I’m restless when flying. This flight was horrible. The pre headache didn’t help, it was just a bumpy ride a lot of the way. All my other flights I remember being smoother than trains. This flight seemed as rickety as being on an old train. Did nothing for my stomach,

There she is, our first leg plane :)
and the fact they had the heating way up, meant the contents were dying to come out!

Meals on the plane were really nice. Robert was blown away by it all. That being said, getting to our seats we had to walk past business class seats. Robert has promised that maybe next time that’s the way we will fly. It will be a blessing! The way when they turn the lights out in the cabin that the aisles are lit up like stars is just beautiful!

We had the hour and whatever stop off in Singapore. Again walking past business class was like a big tease from the airline to us cattle class. The time at the airport was spent with me laying on the ground trying to get some rest and lose the nausea. It didn’t really work. Was really worried about the next flight. Our following flight left at 1:50am to Dubai. This was a lot better. More people had their lights out, as well as the cabins being so much cooler so I managed to get an hours sleep.

Additional photos below
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Father and son bonding over heaven only knows what
My Family minus one childMy Family minus one child
My Family minus one child

All my beautiful children minus Caleb

The view from my seat

Looking down back over Adelaide

Our plane for leg 2. Melbourne to Singapore

This flight was to leave at 6pm arriving in Dubai at 4:50 the next morning via Singapore

The writer and her baby camera, usually seen attached to my hip when not covering my face

The husband

Our seats on the plane, and the couple he told our life story to by the end of the first flight I think!

The night mood lighting

Enjoying the extra leg room while we could

I chose the floor to try to get my head cleared. However didn't work exactly. Really thought I was to vomit :( Luckily I didn't

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