A Further Prophecy Fulfilled

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April 16th 2006
Published: April 19th 2006
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I again strode to the soothsayer's lair to recount my tales. These travels to India had been far easier than my previous journey - not once did I suffer from 'Delhi Belly', and the normal exhausting nature of travelling within India did not impact on me at all - after 50 days, I felt able to continue for considerably longer. I believe that if someone can travel independently and alone in India, they can travel anywhere (barring countries subjected to a military conflict).

The more countries I travel to, the more I learn about the world and myself. I am a more complete person today than prior to my India visits, and now feel prepared to tackle even more challenging cultures and continents.

I stooped to enter the lair, the amber glow of the flickering candles bathing the draping fabrics in a warm hue. However, the soothsayer was nowhere to be seen - the low wooden chair she usually occupies lay empty. Where would my next destination be and what adventures lie in wait? Such questions seemed to remain unanswered when a slight breeze disturbed the lair, and the rustle of a paper reached my ears. I faced the direction of the noise and discerned a small piece of parchment sitting on the table that I had failed to notice earlier.

I moved closer to the parchment and studied the one word that was scrawled upon it.........."Africa".


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