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April 22nd 2007
Published: April 22nd 2007
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Hi All.

Have arrived safe and well on the WA coast at last. It really is a VERY LONG WAY. We have put a lot of K's on the clock getting here and are more exhausted than relaxed at this point. Soon to be rectified as tomorrow we head up to Kalbarri National Park and plan to stay at least 3 nights. Much slower progress from here on.
Kalgoolie was a very interesting town. Very like Broken Hill with about 30, 000 people. Overall impression of the place is that it is very boom and bust. In fact the whole Goldfields area is full of stories of people being entreprenerial and making serious bucks for a couple of years, followed by bust as something bigger overtakes them. There was a guy who started his own brewery at a place called Sandstone and did very well for a couple of years at the start of the 1900's but the new railway brought bottled beer up from the south and his business soon went down hill. You get the impression that the same sort of thing is going on today, but of course its BOOM at the moment. You would not believe house prices!
After our power problems at a roadhouse caravan park on the Nullabour, we decided to up our power supplies onboard and spent a day in Kal shopping (yay!) for another 105ah battery and fitting it to the van. We can now be offgrid for up to 5 days.
We toured from Kal up north and visited Leonora, Leinster, overnighted near Sandstone, Mt Magnet and then here to Geraldton. All a bit civilised really. We were expecting 100kms of doubtful dirt, but the road was newly sealed so no probs at all.
Funny thing but, there are a lot of pubs out here, and every second one of them seems to be advertising a "Skimpy" (eg Skimpy Holly, Skimpy Suzi Q, Skimpy Storm). What could all that be about? Mike won't go in and find out.....
Our overnighter 30kms short of Sandstone was the first night we had been able to have a small campfire. The sky at night was awesomely bright - Mike and I sat up late (8.30pm?) watching meteor showers and warding off bullants. The distant howling of dingoes got Angus pretty excited! The bushflies all go to bed at sunset which is a relief.
Fowlers Bay CampsiteFowlers Bay CampsiteFowlers Bay Campsite

All on our own at Scott Bay
The b**tards were up at dawn though as we broke camp. Thank God for fly nets!
This is Wedgetail Eagle country up here. Also roadtrain country. The only kangaroos we saw in 600kms were squashed ones, but the eagles were making the most of the free dinner.
We are just about finished here in Geraldton. Big city and again booming. Lots of work going on with huge freeway overpasses and a major foreshore/marina development happening. Terrific museum and spooky shipwreck stories have kept us amused today. Going to Fishermans Wharf to checkout the Lobster processing plant tomorrow morning on the way out.
Just about ready for bed again and it is - oh - 9.00? Geeez.

Cheers all. enjoy the pics xxx

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Nullabour Plain LookoutNullabour Plain Lookout
Nullabour Plain Lookout

Those FLIES! Didn't stay long. Had planned lunch here - ha!
Miners Hall of Fame KalgoorlieMiners Hall of Fame Kalgoorlie
Miners Hall of Fame Kalgoorlie

Mike the Miner - being a tourist...
More SuperpitMore Superpit
More Superpit

Looking down on a couple of 225tonne carrying trucks
Gwalia Gwalia

Safety Dashboard at the mining operation office based at the Gwalia "ghost-town" site.
Mt Magnet GenerationMt Magnet Generation
Mt Magnet Generation

Mike's excited....
The Eagle has LandedThe Eagle has Landed
The Eagle has Landed

One of many sighted on the road. These birds are hard to scare off their lunch.

23rd April 2007

Lucky buggers
Hi Steph Good hear your all well, sound like a once in a life time trip. I had memories flooding back when I was about 8 years old , and my parents and I went to Perth with our caravan. Angus , will remember this for trip, for ever. great experience for him, i'm sure. All the best Chris Lennon
23rd April 2007

Great to hear
looks like all are well and enjoying your holidays, whilst us phelps continue to work. So just how much did Steph earn in Kalgoolie??? Nothings changed in the short time that you have been away other than Narelle has been offered a job up in the snow for 4 months (shes thinking about it at the moment, doesn't start until late June) Took Max to Hughes on weekend, no problems had great time chasing balls in the surf, then slept until feed time, which I think is what Tracey and I did as well. Weather crap so no fishing, but relaxed and chilled anyways. Take care and keep in touch, cheers for now.
23rd April 2007

Nice Blog and Pics.
Hi Guys. Trip is looking Ace so far. Super Pics of the SuperPit too. Nice work 'photoshopping' the Streaky Bay sunset - amazing colours, surely cannot be real? :) Not quite sure what the Skimpy thing is all about either. Mike - suggest you scout out the situation carefully and report back. Wild dingo's howling sounds very spooky. Cheers!!
25th April 2007

I'm jealous...I love flies
Hi there....looks great! Men, mines, lingerie bar staff, and flies! Gorgeous beaches too! How's the reading going? Life in Bris Vegas is doing alright. We are running out of water but the sun is is still shining and the economy booming. Jan is out riding with Roo Stu and Possum Slayer ( nice boys, really), while I am at home contemplating buying a rental property off the plan..while Dirty Jezebel is sulking in the garage....debt vs fun vs debt vs fun?!?......can't I retire now?Love to you all, Tracey
26th April 2007

Good to hear you are all enjoying the trip - the pictures look great. Looking forward to hearing more... Keep smiling and making us jealous!
2nd May 2007

WOW, How cool is this, enjoying a fabulous trip vicariously through you guys! Jealous, jealous, jealous! Elena loved the wedge tailed eagle photo. One of her favourite creatures, yet she is still to view one for herself 'in the flesh' Awaiting the next instalment with great eagerness!!! Lorraine
7th May 2007

Sigh ... wish it was us ...
Hi guys. The trip is looking awesome - and is bringing back memories of too long ago, crossing the Nullarbor (1990). I reckon the photo of your campsite near Fowlers was where we stayed - twas great fun trying to haul salmon up a 20m cliff! Keep the blog going - like others, we will take it all in when planning our great getaway. We are all going well (and why wouldn't we after a glorious day with Paul N at Clare Gourmet Weekend yesterday). Only major news is we lost Sam - off to UK via Malaysia with girlfriend last Thursday (3/5) and they may not be back for two years. (Fitting new locks on the doors soon - nah, just kidding). See you all in July! Cheers.
18th May 2007

Hey hey
Hi guys - just thought we should drop in and thank you for the awesome party venue you have so kindly provided us for next few weeks! Nah...looks as though Matt and Nellie have the housekeeping thing down pat..is very clean and tidy. Looks like you guys are having a fantastic time. Wish I was there too. Love you, Kyliexxx

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