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April 9th 2007
Published: April 9th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

i sort of managed to miss out a whole city in the last blog!!! oops!! it wasnt the best of cities but never-the-less still need 2 write about it!

the first night we got there, we decided to go to a rugby league game (i had been goin on about it the whole time in Oz that i wanted to Brisbane Broncos play!) so we did and we really enjoyed it! it turned out to be a very exciting game, goin to extra time and broncos losing by 1 point!! they were playin penrith panthers. there were 2 guys sittin infront of us that were very drunk and kept on screamin at the top of their voices in the strongest aussie accent youve ever heard 'HIT HIM, SMASH HIM!!!!' for some reason that tickled us and we have been doin impressions ever since!!

theres not that much 2 do in brisbane so i persuaded the girls to go 2 the science museum!! i love stuff like that where it is all interactive!! and we definately enjoyed ourselves!! we couldnt ourselves away! we were there for about 5 hrs!!

that night we decided to go and see our first aussie football game!! i didnt know what to expect but it was actually a good game!! quite different to everything but you can see where they got the rules from etc!

there wasnt that much to do in Brisbane so we sort of just walked around, looked at the shops, went tot he fake beach which is weird with high rise buildings in the background!!! it was nice to slow down a bit tho coz we had 4 nights here! met some really sound ppl again and bumped into loads of people we already have met which is happenin a lot!! infact it just happened 2 mins ago whilst writing this! small world!


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