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April 23rd 2018
Published: April 23rd 2018
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Many people visit Melbourne every year and with an estimated 10%!o(MISSING)f the global population interested in some type of fishing activities, Melbourne also provides a great place to go fishing if you have the time and patience.

Fishing in Melbourne is usually fairly slow, unless you charter a boat and head out on to Port Phillip Bay, but as most people prefer to fish land based, the estuaries around Melbourne and a little further out can provide some great opportunities to catch fish not found anywhere else in the world.

Fishing in Melbourne is fairly slow as most rivers have high boat traffic, the key to landing a good fish in Melbourne is finding a place away from the boats where the water is still most of the time. For the purposes of this article we will talk only about salt water fishing.

Most estuaries in Melbourne do not have great access, so at least some wet weather clothes and gumboots are needed, furthermore if you prefer, you could also purchase some waders which would help at some locations, such as the Patterson river in Carrum, where there is riverside access and the water is fairly shallow.

Fish in salt water rivers in Melbourne prefer hiding places over moving about, so fishing near fallen trees, in deep pockets of calm rivers, and underneath piers and bridges is the idea place to catch a few fish.

Depending on the type of fishing you want to do, most fish will take dead pilchards for bait, along with squid, but the best bait by far is small pieces of whiting. As most fish prefer to travel the bottom of the rivers, you are by far best to drop a bait on a sinker rather than having them floated.

Sometimes the sunken bait is a problem especially when there are a lot of weeds under the water, in these cases I prefer to simply throw the bait in without a sinker, as there is less chance of it tangling, you can add a float to the line simply to see where the bait currently is, but not for purposes of keeping it suspended in the water column. In heavy current however, forget the bait and go with fishing lures for your best chance at landing a fish.

If you are new to Melbourne or just visiting, if you have had experience fishing overseas for fish using lures in saltwater, you don't need to bother with the traditional fishing stores as the cost will be very expensive, there are a few fishing online store companies which you can get much cheaper lures from, and they can deliver to your hotel for you, as the receptionist how to address your lures, buying online will save a lot of money.

The best lures to use in and around Melbourne are white or pearl coloured soft plastic lures, either swimbaits which resemble a fish, or grubs which look like a tree grub with a thin long cresent shaped tail, which strings behind when fishing. Most freshwater fish in Melbourne will respond to a white or pearl coloured lure.

In areas where the river is calm you may also prefer diving hard body lures, which resemble a real fish, and can dive deep into the water. Keep in mind you want to be fishing the bottom at all times, to increase your chances of success, so a deep diving lure is perfect for saltwater fishing in Melbourne.

The most common fish to catch are known as Bream, but you can also manage Snapper and if you can get the lure deep down you can even get yourself what is known as a Flathead. If you are looking for larger fish, there is what is known as a Mulloway, but you will need large lures for these fish, and they rarely accept dead baits. For mulloway (also known as jewfish) you want a lure of around 10cm or more total length, and it must be deep diving, the best place to find mulloway is underneath bridges, they normally hide on the edge of the structure and strike out into the middle when they sense their prey.


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