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June 30th 2008
Published: December 13th 2017
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Jun 08
Welcome to southern hemisphere winter. Week 1: Pissing rain all week. Last day of autumn so hot I was stripped down to vest top on walk over to Neutral Bay while the next day was dark and wintery and had torrential jungle style rain all day.

2nd: Operation passport photo continues, C's photos rejected, probably cause his beard is too pointy, wonder what happens for ZZTop type beards..... 10th He finally gets new photos in 'recommended by consulate' hard-to-find place. 11th The justice of the peace (has to verify photos is who it says it is) goes a.w.o.l. with the photos he was supposed to be signing! 12th Ok have photos going to express post them this time. 16th photos accepted, hurray. 23rd Passports ready for collection, yay. The bio page is now like a laminated card & the pic & signature looks like it was scanned in, this must be the e-passport bit as its easy to swipe into a card reader.

4th Had an interview with another bigger Telco but is 13km away in a 'business park' went well, got the job offer but am not going to take it as am not into getting up at crack of dawn and spending at least 2 hours a day on a bus. Public transport to there is so unwieldy it was simpler for my sister (who volunteered) to drive 20km to collect me & bring me! Afterwards I spent the day with them so that was good but it some how involved me eating 3 desserts.

First Thurs. we went to a poker classic in Pyrmont with Irish mate FC (nicely replacing the wine drinking 'lessons'😉, ended up being split up so I played Texas Hold 'Em with 7 strangers - all male - gulp, but it was ok & they were nice, was up $80 at one stage but then of course shot me load. FC was in the same boat but C was much better and was in the game until the final few, meanwhile myself & FC launched into the Jameson's and I was filled in on some pretty hair raising/hilarious stories of male life in Pyrmont, so ended up a bit mouldy but the 'craic was 90' as the song says. (No photos as would not have been cool).

Work leaving do's this month: 2. One in 'The Argyle' in The Rocks, very swanky but possibly has racist door policy. But 1st virtuously walked for 30mins over the bridge into town with two of the girls (as we had indulgent satay sauce Thai for lunch) which, still to me, is an awesome walk past the opera house esp. in the dark with the big city 'CBD' lights. Small town girl. (No photos as who wants pics of strangers work do's).

Had a public holiday weekend, the weekend after Ireland has theirs, only here it's for the Queen's so called birthday, would kinda like to go away for weekend but unusually for me can't really be arsed just now. Also on the Sat. I had 'Sex and the city - the movie' event with F & 7 of her girl-friends, which is a prime example of the whole point of me moving to the other side of the world to live in the same city as my sister : ). Movie was extremely enjoyable, won't say any more than that for those who haven't seen it but I was suspicious of premiere being in London so was expecting the worst. Went for Italian after which was nice with a few of the girls, even if it was a lot of mother talk (have accepted that I am a freak :-)) and then braved 90mins of the worst public transport in the world (the trains were off) to go a 20km journey that takes 30mins by car at that hour but that would cost $60 by cab.

10th Still raining but there's nice foggy wintery mornings. Having difficulty drying clothes in fact, as have no dryer machine, and there's me donating my huge sturdy umbrella to my Mum last Sept. thinking I wouldn't be needing it! Eegit.

So I see ex-Westlife Brian McFadden is living here with his female Aussie pop star equivalent and he has not only got a gig presenting a reality TV soccer show but I just read in the paper he was guest co-hosting the most plugged breakfast radio show yesterday, however he was 30 mins late, had 3 instances of 'dead air' in an hour and played the same song twice in 30 mins. All I can say is he must have a really good agent. Hmmm I think I will tell popbitch.

11th Had with lunch with new U.K. friend JA, I actually made a new friend, yay. Very nice girl from Wimbledon works around corner from me.
And 'State of Origin' big rugby league sporting thing on (which means we were in Port Douglas, Qld this time last year, fast year) so F & the bubby came to see me for a hang out, 6 week old babies are cute, he looks really human now (am so not so in to the teeny newborns, too alien looking).

The big women's sport here, in case you were wondering, is Netball, I envisioned this to be something like volley ball where there's a net in the middle of the court, but no it turns out it is basketball for females and the hoop ironically has no net, weird huh? Why is it not called Girls Basket ball so? My niece is quite good at it for a 7 yr old and the smaller one plays a baby version called 'fun ball'. Apparently Mum said she played in Ireland when she was young but it only seems big now in Oz/NZ. It sounds like they are saying 'Nipple' though when they say Netball here so it's referred to as Nipple in our house.

Temperatures were as low as 14 degrees on 2nd weekend, ooohhh, am half heartedly wearing skinny scarf that wouldn't keep a fly warm if it was really cold but it was snowing in Blue Mtns. and Victoria, here in Sydders it's still raining on and off.

14th Ireland vs. Australia rugby union (we lost 12-18), met P&A in 'The Union' for fig & gorgonzola pizza but sadly they had run out of figs, didn't have the steak A wanted or the wine we wanted, this is a newly renovated 4 million dollar venue and in exactly one month it's gone down hill already, like did they not know it was the weekend(?), bad stock management Got to wear my white & green sparkly Ireland t-shirt at last for all the good it did (have it since Cph but we never played any international games of note since in either men kick ball sport!). Didn't bother with any photos today either, not like me at all.

16th Hoolahoop lessons continue, am improving at some tricks but won't be joining the circus anytime soon meanwhile some of C's photography looking very professional to me, tri pod weighs a tonne.

18th Think my spin class teacher was a bit of a raver in her youth, the music is nuts and then she blasts into AC/DC & cool down is to Sabres of Paradise, plus the spin room is decorated like an inter-planetary nightclub and the lights are on low and the a/c is mad high. Will never be able to go clubbing again without wanted to cycle.

19th I was invited for girls dinner with F, her 4 sisters-in-law and her lovely Mum-in-law (am in inner sanctum now!) in delightful Indian 'Road to Goa' in a neighbourhood called St. Ives. Third week in was niece S's 5th birthday, so party at le weekend, got 'car share' this time hurray (where you can rent by the hour) and worked out the back roads to get there in rush hour, hate map reading but succeeded. We had to go as last year she kept reminding us how we fecked off to Fiji the day before her party. Saw her boyfriend though! (Remembered the camera this week.)

21st Went to a music event as part of Sydney Film Fest "The Big Soul Review Screening: "Respect Yourself: The Stax Records Story" (very interesting even if I had to hold my head crooked for 2 hours due to stupid seating arrangement) in Metro club in town (Jesus city centre streets at night full of freaks) followed by Soul & Funk night with DJ Dynamite, Stax cover band 'Johnny G & The E Types' (who were good enough but as those things go The Commitments were actually better) & DJ Hot Grits.

22nd C and Irl. mate AD went to Socceroos vs. China in the Olympic park where they seem to have drank themselves stupid - he said Oz were lack lustre even with Harry Kewell as captain & lost (& bloody Westlife McFadden was the half time entertainment, boooo).

25th Weather update: 9 degrees this morn.
Bomb scare evacuation for an hour at work!
Another interview 10 mins from home this time ..... Jesus the agents are slow here...which turned out to be the greatest waste of time, it was a chat about what roles they had on offer once they have the funding in the next few months none of which I'd have applied for if I knew what was offer in advance, timewasters. The guy was a very nice Dub though for all the use that was.
Starting to appreciate own job more now as it is kinda cushy and is possible to side step the stupid new rules so far......

27th BMI=25 very happy with self. Was looking at photos from last year and what the hell was I thinking, stupid girl, ok onwards & pay attention this time.

Last weekend spent en famille up at 'the ranch' (the baby did major smiling at us, he has dimples, ahhhh), with another trip to Homebush for C with S & mates for rugby league this time, Aus. vs France, surprise surprise Aus. won.

Also I must have a sign on my head saying 'big dopey eejit' as I had 2 random children (in a shop & a restaurant) this week just come to me and try to engage me in conversation, adultusphiles.

Reading: The time travellers wife by Audrey Niffenegger, so far so good (have discovered that book depository in UK with the free postage, which is probably too good to last).

· American Gangster ('07 Dir R. Scott, Stars: Washington, Crowe) good but maybe 30mins too long, true story.)
· Scoop ('06 Woody Allen, Johansson, Jackman) Similar to his last British one with new muse Scarlett but fun, entertaining and light hearted. (Later also saw Match Point again on T.V. and all I could see was Scarlett's and Jonathan Rhys Meyers turned in feet, hobbits!)
· Chase (w. J. Fonda, Brando, Redford)-set in a town full of most annoying, philandering & interfering townspeople in the world.
· In the Light of the sun (Italian '05, priest vs. mafia, very good, true story)
· Pavee Lackeen: The Traveller Girl ('05) Intriguing portrayal of a 10 year old Irish traveller and her family. Film Festival award winning documentary style.
· Midnight Express ('78 dir. Alan Parker) for some reason I never saw it or fell asleep before but it was very good, totally different to what I expected -thought it was set on a train not a Turkish prison - unbelievable story but then again Oliver Stone did use 'poetic licence' for the screen play to exaggerate the violent parts.
· Knocked up (daft but v. funny)
· The Darjeeling Limited (dir. Wes Anderson - all the steve zizzou crowd) very enjoyable esp if you like Indian trains.

· Fox Classics have western week 2nd week June:
- Once upon a time in the west ('68 H. Fonda, Bronson, Cardinale, Robards) Fonda played evil role for once (very well) & was the only one who scored with the gorgeous Cardinale.
- The Magnificent 7 ('60 Brynner, McQueen, Bronson, Coburn & 3 other no marks & Eli Wallach as the bad guy) who were 'eehhh' not so magnificent really.
- The Last sunset ('61 Douglas, Hudson) not as sappy as it first appeared.
- High Plains Drifter ('73 Eastwood) well he painted the town red which looked great, number of shags this time: 2 (including raping a woman 15 minutes into it which seemed a bit much even if she did later seem to have 'deserved' it and appeared to enjoy it, funny old times the 70's.)

· Last week of June 'Hitchcock week' on Fox Classics:
1. Strangers on a train -'51, Jaysus your man Bruno Anthony was a scary nut job & there was a really good pro tennis match without grunting!
2. The trouble with Harry -'55 like a more annoying Ground Hog Day but it was Shirley McClaines' 1st, film amazing how like Annette Benning she was(brothers' wife).
3. The man who knew too much -'56 Had an annoying kid, a boring bumbling Jimmy Stewart & too much of bloody Doris Day singing Que-Se-Effing-Ra who the hell told her she could sing? The London philharmonic orchestra -not accompanying Doris I might add - were good though.
4. Psycho -'60 Perkins & Leigh, holds up pretty well after all this time.
5. The Birds - '63, birds yuk as ever and Halliwells movie guide describes the kid as being particularly repulsive & I couldn't agree more.

Yes I know I watch a lot of TV, but its winter and dark at 5pm! And Eastenders OMG, she buried him alive, awesome! (UKTV is at Easter 08 now.)


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