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October 25th 2017
Published: October 25th 2017
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Today marks my 2 year anniversary of landing in Australia. But it also marks the day I unfortunately have to leave the country!

  From flying into Sydney 26th October 2015, I've seen and done so much. I have lived like a local, lived rough, lived in a tent and car, lived off minimal money and lived with various different families.
  My memories from Australia have been some of my absolute favourite. From living in cities, living rurally, living with families as an au pair, travelling the West Coast, East Coast, South Coast, Territories, Islands and outback. I also visited and travelled New Zealand for just under a month in that time too!
  Australia has lived up to everything I thought it would be and more!

I've made friends for life, people I will be keeping in contact with when I do get back to the UK and people I will come back to Australia and visit one day.

I've worked the most random jobs just to earn some dollar...
I've been a lifeguard, swimming instructor, supervisor at a pool, vineyard hand, farm hand, lamb feeder, nanny/au pair, waitress, bartender, receptionist, housekeeper, gardener, hostel manager, cleaner, painter and probably some other jobs I've totally forgotten about!

 At least being a farm hand and working in the vineyards gave me the chance of staying in Australia an extra year! I've gained a load of experience which I will be bringing back to the UK after I've travelled South East Asia for 2 months.
  I see the world in a completely different way now, I care about things I probably would've turned a blind eye to, two years ago!

On to the next adventure and seeing more of the world!

(If you'd like to read about my adventures around Australia, they're in my blog which you'll have to find)!


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