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October 20th 2016
Published: October 20th 2016
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We left Esperance this morning to finally signal the trip back the other way – toward home. Not a terribly long drive in kilometres (300 or something) but we did get onto some 4WD only roads from the coast up toward Balladonia on the Eyre Highway. Corrugations, dirt, sand and a few rocks made for enjoyable driving although I never needed 4WD or low range – sigh.

Shortest post this journey I reckon. But it was an enjoyable journey regardless.I love driving!

Plus I have been listening to a podcast (Undisclosed Podcast) on true crime when the rest of the crew are asleep. I don't know how many times I have said "check out that rock" or "see how this crop of wheat is far more advanced than that other crop 400 km back" only to hear the response of crickets and tumbleweed through the vehicle. But this podcast is quite clever, for the most part.

Actually, this time there was a bit of a furfy as Suz was not asleep and noticed the UHF aerial had broken off while I was happily listening with my headphones and I was stupidly oblivious. Flippin' corrugations...


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