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April 1st 2012
Published: June 12th 2013
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Hello all,

Erm, I thought I had published this over a year ago. I have decided to send it anyway so my blogs don't just go from Townsville to South America with no mention of the three years i have spent in Perth. And this bllog below is the first of two parts and there is probably no point sending the second half now. Largely because I am in South America and have better things to do. I will update the receivers list so apologies to anyone who got a blast from the past....so....Perth life (it did get better, as all of you that will have seen my facebook will know...)

Remember me? I moved to Australia over 3 years ago and have been a bit slack in telling you about the last year. Hitting the 3 year mark was a lot harder than two, with lots of big occasions and occasional disasters to miss out on back home.

My time in Perth so far has been a combination of highs and lows, as those who have spoken to me can vouch for.

So, I have to go to work, and for three months of the last Australian summer thats all I did, sometimes being there when others came in in the morning. I have no idea what I was trying to prove but I have learnt a lot about environmental approvals , largely relating to water quality and mud. I have got ok at driving the 6 metre aluminum boat we have. This is always a learning curve with some funny moments trying to reverse the trailer down the boat ramp or drive the boat onto the trailer. I work with a young team and even when we are on day ten in the field, exhausted, covered in mosquito bites and wrestling with broken equipment in 37 degree heat we still try and see the funny side to things. And drink 6 litres of water so we don’t pass out. I have fared pretty well on the other field trips with days frolicking on beaches and a trip up to work around oil wells in one of the most beautiful parts of the country next week. The juxtaposition of this is not lost on me. I did get to spend some diving on the Ningaloo Reef, after running back to Perth because of the cyclone. This happens a lot in north west Australia, a cyclone comes in and we fly out. At the moment I am doing the equivalent of going to Spain and back in a day to monitor water quality. As you do.

I have lived in 3 houses in Perth, on the beach, by the river and a bit closer to the city and dossed in other peoples who have been generous enough to put me up when I was homeless. My flat on the river cemented a lot of friendships, with our old family friend Rob Cort moving in and making a close friend in my (still housemate Matt)

I have not seen my family here as much as I would like but had the odd dinner with both sides. I have had a lovely lunch with Dads side of the family before heading to the races with my housemate Dan and hung out with Mums side in their palatial country pad mucking about on horses and dirt bikes. I relaxed at my cousin Julias, which does not sound like much but is such a rarity for me, entering a peaceful home and being cooked for felt like heaven.

I do find Perth a very strange place to live with the only things that make me smile at the beginning involving other peoples happiness and expensive trips back to the east coast to laugh with the people I class as friends. I have made some great friends in the last 8 months and spent more times on boats, so that has changed.

A mate of mine has just bought a boat, which is definitely the way to spend the weekend. I think I need one. I also had a great time at Christmas soaking up the sun in Bali and the Gili islands. But that’s enough about me, whats you’re your news?

Nic x

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