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May 16th 2008
Published: May 19th 2008
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Our first stop to buy supplies for the weekend
This entry is a little late as we were away about 3 weeks ago. We wanted to put it in however as it is a record for us and it shows those of you who don't live here just some of the beautiful places in Western Australia.
We left on the Thursday morning and headed for Waroona Dam, about 120 kms south of Perth. The caravan towed beautifully and the Jeep showed its power. Wouldn't say that it didn't notice the load behind (2.5 tn) but there was still plenty of acceleration left. We cruised at about 90-95 kph, at this speed the computer saying it was being a quite economical.

The first night was at the Waroona Dam Caravan Park where we were able to use the 240v power and the bathroom facilities. The following morning we moved to the other side of the dam where there were bush campsites. We found a lovely spot amongst the tall Jarrah trees, not far from the water. Here we had a problem with the gas to the stove not having enough pressure, but after Rags 'adjusted' the regulator all was well.
That was, until next morning when we found we had
Lake Navarino Caravan ParkLake Navarino Caravan ParkLake Navarino Caravan Park

This is where we stayed for the first night. Great facilities but as it was booked out from the next day on we had to move.
no gas coming through the pipes meaning we had no hot water for a shower, and as there is a fire ban in the forest area at this time of the year we couldn't cook.

We decided to go home because of this, deciding to stop in at Waroona itself for a bit of sightseeing. As luck would have it, on enquiring at the local farm equipment shop, the owner was a qualified gas fitter who dropped everything and had us on our way an hour later with a working gas system. You don't get that sort of service very often in the city!

We were able to follow our original plan and continued to Hoffman's Mill, once a timber mill town now abandoned and made into a camping area amongst the State forest. After slowly making our way for about 12 kms along a badly corrugated gravel road we found ourselves in a lovely spot amongst the trees with only two other groups camped some distance away.

Walking through the bush we saw plenty of birdlife and both of us took photos of various scenes, it becoming a bit of a competition on who can take
First meal in the vanFirst meal in the vanFirst meal in the van

We cheated as we had prepared it at home and just had to heat it in the microwave
the best picture.

Very early next morning we were woken by heavy rain and the sound of campers jumping into cars. We have got soft, but being warm and dry in a comfortable bed is rather nice! Caravans have a lot going for them.

Additional photos below
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Next morningNext morning
Next morning

A coffee to get the body going!
28 parrot28 parrot
28 parrot

The 28s were very tame and came right up to you
Waroona DamWaroona Dam
Waroona Dam

We shifted camp to just near this but in the bush. Note how low the water level is.
Waroona DamWaroona Dam
Waroona Dam

There was still enough water for water skiing.
Jarrah forestJarrah forest
Jarrah forest

Judy standing tall amongst the jarrahs around our camp.
Setting upSetting up
Setting up

We had a few laughs as we worked out how to put the awning up. Next time we'll put the walls up too.

Great spot, no other camps closer than 50m away and then only two of them.
Tourist trainTourist train
Tourist train

This train does short trips through the jarrah forests out of Dwellingup. Dwellingup used to be a large timer town until a fire in the 60s wiped it out. Now more of a tourist town.

Judy out on a track from the campsite
Track markerTrack marker
Track marker

These markers on the trees showed you the way

This old chassis and a few concrete slabs are all that remains of the mill
Red-tailed cockatooRed-tailed cockatoo
Red-tailed cockatoo

A few of these endangered birds watched us pass by.
Homeward boundHomeward bound
Homeward bound

Some-one had to get wet preparing the van for towing.

19th May 2008

Where are you?
From Perth where are these pics taken? Looks like you were drinking alot of coffee and getting wet. Ya cannot complain about the rain. It feels like snow today. Our May 24 weekend and it is about 5 degrees. What a cold spring we are having. Take care and drive carefully. Pat

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