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September 26th 2005
Published: September 27th 2005
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Hey everyone.

Since the last time we wrote we really haven’t done much. We are still in Broome and about to head down south towards Port Hedland. But everytime we look at the forecast and compare it to 32 degrees and 26 degrees in the surf, it’s a bit hard to decide to leave. Today Perth is 19 degrees with rain. It’s a difficult choice. We went for a week up to Cape Leveque and Middle Lagoon. Leveque was fantastic and the beach was great even though in waves on the incoming tide were real dumpers. Just like the waves at the Oaks at Cape Paterson. Middle Lagoon was really windy and probably not at its best. On the way back we stopped in at Lombadina which is a pretty sensational Aboriginal Community and really similar to those pretty island villages that we saw in Fiji last year. The church at Beagle Bay (with the pearl alter) was impressive but the town was not nearly as impressive as Lombadina. Lots of people had raved about it but maybe we just stayed at the wrong time.

After we got back to Broome, Tanya flew in from Darwin for work and
Cape Leveque 2Cape Leveque 2Cape Leveque 2

Lucy and the lighthouse.
she stayed with us for 4 days. If only she would decide to take a job in Broome then it would be really easy to fly in and stay. Any donations to the ‘Keep Tanya in Broome’ relocation fund would be greatly appreciated. For the next 2 to 3 weeks we’ll be heading down to 80 Mile Beach, Port Hedland and the Karinjini Nat. Park. Hopefully we will be able to chase the good weather and find some spots to catch some decent fish. Apparently it’s been a bad season for fishing and as yet, we haven’t caught much at all. Still, there’s always tomorrow.

We hope that Sue and Ruby had/have/are having (please delete where appropriate) great birthdays and we’ll try to get some different photos rather than just beaches and sunsets.

Cheers Molly, Lloyd, Lucy, Ange and Geoff.

PS: sorry about the email replies - well actually the lack of email replies. We generally only stop with enough time to update this site, check some emails and then check the bank records. After the bank records are checked for a second time, a general numbness sets in followed by looks of blame and adding of
Cape Leveque 3Cape Leveque 3Cape Leveque 3

Molly and Ange on the beach. The people in the background belong to AGL who flew in for a 2 hour lunch and bonding session then flew out in 6 light aeroplanes to go to Derby. Bonding is extremely important in light aeroplanes - I myself prefer to bond with the tarmac rather than a seat in one of these.
numbers followed by a turning off of the computer which seems to solve the previous banking experience. As this has worked in the past, I'm sure it will successful in the future hence the lack of time to reply to emails.

Additional photos below
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Cape Leveque 4Cape Leveque 4
Cape Leveque 4

Impressive sunset - 1.
Beagle BayBeagle Bay
Beagle Bay

The church - pretty obvious really.
Beagle Bay 2Beagle Bay 2
Beagle Bay 2

The church alter - another obvious statement that really should have been saved for the slide night but oh well.
Cable Beach camelsCable Beach camels
Cable Beach camels

Impressive sunset 2 with camels.
Cable Beach Cable Beach
Cable Beach

Impressive sunset 3.
Cable Beach 2Cable Beach 2
Cable Beach 2

Impressive sunset 4 with car. Aim - to be sponsored in diesel all ythe way home by Isuzu, Holden or BP.
Cable Beach 3Cable Beach 3
Cable Beach 3

Impressive sunset 5 with family. Sponsorship also sort. Flyers will be sent in the mail.
Cable Beach lighthouse - rockpoolCable Beach lighthouse - rockpool
Cable Beach lighthouse - rockpool

Dinosaur footprints can be seen on the beach a low tide.
Cable Beach lighthouse - rockpoolCable Beach lighthouse - rockpool
Cable Beach lighthouse - rockpool

Tanya at the rockpool - no relation to the dinosaur.

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