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December 6th 2015
Published: December 15th 2015
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The Grand Old Duke of YorkThe Grand Old Duke of YorkThe Grand Old Duke of York

Let the games begin
With the Christmas season upon us Caroline was attending her companies Christmas Party was on Friday 4th December at The Bathers Beach house in Fremantle, I had got home from work on Friday night and no sooner than I had opened the door and stepped out of my cloths I had been in all day the phone rang, it was Caroline, could I go and collect her.

The plan was that she had a “cab charge card” so basically it’s a card that allows you to pay for the taxi that is pre-supplied by your company, it just alleviates cash we used them a lot when we used to work in Canberra and they are an excellent idea, but they are not that flash when the taxi’s just won’t turn up due to it been a busy time of year, that’s when the reliable husband thing kicks in.

Fortunately Caroline and Sonia her work colleague were only a couple of K’s down the road in Freo (Fremantle), so it was only five minutes before I was at the meeting point and Caroline and Sonia were pouring themselves in to the car.

Talk about ‘De Ja Vu” I remember doing this last year and this is when I said to Caroline are you drunk and she offered me an amazing reply, no she said, I am up beat, I can always tell when Caroline has had a lot to drink as she doesn’t stop talking and again this was one of those “Upbeat moments”

I dropped of Sonia at her home in Fremantle and Caroline and I drove back to where we were staying.We got home and the rest of the evening was just as usual.

Saturday arrived and Caroline was out having a coffee morning with one of her old colleagues in Rockingham, I was due to drive to the town of York in the afternoon as one of my colleagues Bobby was having Christmas drinks at his property.

As most of my colleagues were going I thought it best if I threw the swag on to the truck as I would be guaranteed a bed for the night.

From Fremantle the town of York is about 120 Kilometres away, it’s a very pretty drive and it takes about 2 hours each way, My colleague Bobby does this twice a day which I think is amazing.

I arrived at his place at just around six o’clock and found everyone on the decking getting in to the swing of the evening.

The thing I love about Australia is the “Outdoor Alfresco life” and apart from the decking, Bobby had his “Man Cave” as an external area to their house and it had a pool table, Darts board, Bar and juke box, it was a very cool venue.

Bobby and his wife Norma had prepared some gorgeous nibbles on the BBQ complimented with just about every imaginable snacks that was possible, plus a vast array of beers and spirits.

When dinner was served we all sat around their kitchen table and tucked in to a glorious piece of beef that they had cooked and served on bread rolls with gravy, I thought this was a great way of serving this food as it allowed people to have hearty warm food then be able to carry on socializing whilst holding their beef roll.

Once everyone was suitably full of food all the guests gravitated to the man gave area and picked up pool cues and put the juke box on.

The Grand old Duke of YorkThe Grand old Duke of YorkThe Grand old Duke of York

Norma and Phil, hit the wine
have to say that I don’t think I have laughed so much with the boys for ages and it was great to be with people who I work with but in a social atmosphere.

I lasted until 1.30pm, there would have been no chance of me actually been able to get the swag off the roof of the truck and set up for me to actually sleep in and fortunately Bobby and Norma had a guest bedroom for me as I fell in to bed, pretty smashed or upbeat as Caroline calls it.

I was up at my usually early time and when suitable phoned Caroline on the HF radio as my phone was flat and I didn’t have my apple lightning cable to charge it, Caroline said she was sitting in bed on her I pad, just getting in to the day.

I crept around Bobby and Norma’s place trying to be as quiet as a church mouse, I made my morning cup of tea and sat out on the decking just enjoying the great property in this great setting, nobody was up, so I finished my tea and made another.

At about 08.10 I
The Grand Old Duke of YorkThe Grand Old Duke of YorkThe Grand Old Duke of York

Our Host the legendary Bobby Hall
saw one of my playmates Stefan, A big South African guy who said everyone else stayed with it until 04.30 this morning, so no wonder nobody else was up

I left York at about 9.00am, the morning was a bit grey but like I said before it’s a lovely drive, York is such a pretty town, we will defiantly be going back to explore.

When I got home Caroline was busy completing our British tax requirements, I excused myself and went back to bed for a couple of hours as I wasn’t feeling very chippa, but we had both had a great weekend.


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The Grand Old Duke of YorkThe Grand Old Duke of York
The Grand Old Duke of York

Our stupendous hostess Norma
The Grand Old Duke of YorkThe Grand Old Duke of York
The Grand Old Duke of York

My work colleagues

16th December 2015

Getting into the lingo ...
Hi KJ, Now we know that you are truly dinky di Aussies, as you are getting the lingo down pat ... "Freo" (Fremantle) ... yep!! that that certainly qualifies. :) Busy as bees this end but the end-of-year schedule is starting to slow down now (thank goodness!). No camping this year (bah humbug!) but, a family Christmas at the Pratt's instead, as Justin has started new job so, no Christmas leave. Merry Christmas (thank you for your card) and happy holidays to both of you - you're always in our thoughts. With lots of love and Christmas Wishes. SkiSet & Co. xoxox

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