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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yallingup March 4th 2016

For the long weekend in March we headed down to the Margaret River region to stay in our favourite farmstay 4Elements. The kids as always were so excited to see the farm, to fight over opening the gate, feeding he goats and getting eggs for breakfast. There were also a number of families from school down here so it was going to be great to catch up with them. Somewhere we hadn't been before was the Ngili cave. The kids are now old enough to easily walk the distance themselves and to understand the history of stalagmites etc. The midgit was a bit unsure but soon loved it when he realised how safe it was. We also ventured a little more South than normal and went to Smiths beach. This is an iconic beach for surfers ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yallingup February 20th 2016

It's 5.00 am on Saturday 27thFebruary and I am up and at ’em unfortunately, we are miles behind on the blogs and are still trying to finish the sequence from Christmas. For some strange reason I woke up thinking about this blog that happened last Saturday and the only thing to do was get out and type it. Two words that don’t play nicely together are Australia and fire and not long after Christmas when we were in the middle of our summer and the days are scorching at 40+ degree’s we were saddened to see there were terrible fires in Yarloop, a pretty little town not too far from here and a town we have been through many times. In fact we were in Yarloop for our friend Andy’s birthday when we all went to ... read more
Burning Passion
Burning Passion
Burning Passion

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yallingup August 8th 2015

The kids are both in school these days and their schools both have mid term breaks where we get a Friday and a Monday off so we have been tending to head to Yallingup each time. It is a nice break though as only a three hour drive south of Perth you are in a gourmet child friendly oasis! And quite a few other school families think the same thing and have houses down there so we can all catch up and enjoy some delicious food :) We tend to stay at the 4elements farmstay still as it is relaxing, comforting and such a great location where we can walk to the Bootleg Brewery in the afternoon so the kids can have a play. During the aug stay the owners put on a huge bonfire with ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yallingup September 14th 2014

It was time for spring in the valley and we headed off to the Margaret River area to see the baby coats being born, the lillies in full bloom and the wine just ready for tasting :) We stayed at our favourite farmstay and the kids are getting so much bigger and in to it that it has made it really easy to stay here. They take off at 7am and play with the other kids, collecting eggs for breakfast and feeding the sheep and goats. We also worked out that it was cheaper to eat in at night and let the kids watch a movie or play board games, but to live it up at the wineries and events around the area during the day. The breweries are now everywhere down here - maybe at ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yallingup September 16th 2013

My mother in law was coming to town so we thought for something new we would take her down to Yallingup. 3 bedroom apartments or houses cost quite a bit but we found a place called Yallingup Forrest Lodge and it looked quite lovely and relaxing and prices weren't too bad. it turned out to be fabulous and we would easily stay here again. There were apprx 12 giant cabins placed randomly in the bush so you couldn't really see the next one. A lovely bush path wound past them all and back to the main entrance where there was some kids stuff such as a trampoline, tennis court, pool and importantly rabbits :) The cabin was really sturdy though as the weather wasn't too nice with storms coming through most of the time but we ... read more
Wild Lillies
Yallingup Forest Resort

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yallingup May 21st 2013

We are joined at Yallingup by Joey and Heidi and their tribe, the triplets, Ava, Sienna and Tia and Seb and their friends, James and Kate and their children Holly, Karri (mini Carrie) and Stirling. The kids set straight out to explore and discover a small forest of climbing trees and spend much of their time playing amongst the trees. They also undertake bow and arrow construction led by foreman Ella, so that everyone is armed and ready for play. We spend our days, the boy’s (Matt and Joey) enjoying the surf and the kids swimming in the lagoon created by the reef. We also head out for an afternoon at Margret River’s Duckstein’s Brewery. An amazing building landscaped to perfection with a dam, complete with island as the outlook, accessed by was suggested that ... read more
Bow and Arrow Master
Off To The Forest
Camp Yallingup

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yallingup March 3rd 2013

The Margaret River region is 300km south of Perth and abundant with wineries. Approximately 10 years ago we visited a lot (pre-kids) and you could enjoy wine sampling at hundreds of wineries, have dinner at some fantastic fine dining locations and relax in adult retreats. So....with 2 kids under 5 this did not seem like a good holiday for us or somewhere that we would want to take them. But my, the times they are a changing :) Margaret River is a tourist mecca. The amount of things down there is unbelievable. We are so happily suprised i am trying to work out how i can go down there again soonish. Along with 150 wineries all within 1 hour of each other from boutique wineries to some of the largest in Australia (and the world?), there ... read more
bootleg brewery playground
s swing maze

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yallingup November 13th 2012

Geo: -33.6459, 115.032As they say in Australia, there are "heaps" of places that have been given names that are just so odd that they almost invite you to visit simply so you can say you were there. A small sampling might include Boing Boing, Burrumbuttock, Come By Chance, Eggs and Bacon Bay, Goonoo Goonoo, Humpybong, Koolyanobbing, Pimpinbudgie, Woolloomooloo, Yorkeys Knob, and the one Aussie destination we wanted to get to but never did, the Bungle Bungles. After a couple of long driving days we found ourselves just a short distance from a place called Donnybrook and, having witnessed more than one Canadian donnybrook, it was worth the drive to this town just so we could say we were right in the middle of the Australian donnybrook. Our first stop was the tourist info office in Donnybrook ... read more
Nature At Its Best
My Impersonation Of Peter B In A Donnybrook
Fostering A Stereotype??

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yallingup August 14th 2012

Today was a busy for Michael and I. We covered a lot of ground. Since Michael and I bought groceries bought groceries Monday afternoon, we cooked breakfast at the apartment. I had eggs and toast, Michael and Cindy’s Dad ate oatmeal. I wanted to save a little money this morning since breakfast is so expensive. We dropped Cindy’s Dad off at work and Michael and I headed south on route 10 to start our touring. Prior to stopping at our first area, we stopped at a McDonald’s. We always have to visit McDonald’s in each country we visit. This one was not much different other than the food selection was slightly different and the coffee was flat white. I ordered a large flat white (not to bad however Henry’s was better) and Michael ordered a frozen ... read more
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse
Indian Ocean and Southern Oceans combine
Yallingup General Story where we ate lunch

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Yallingup July 17th 2012

Day 5 and the day of reckoning was upon us! All the talking had been done (and there was a lot of talking done) and it was time to hit the road! We piled all the gear into the car, thanking God that it was just the two of us going, and pulled out of Fremantle and onto the highway. We were away! First stop was the picturesque town of Bunbury. Wanting to stay as close to the coast as possible we followed the tourist drive and found ourselves at a lighthouse and viewing tower! This gave a fine view of the town and its surrounds, so far so good! We pushed on south and soon came to Busselton where we had our first “picnic” lunch. Peanut butter and Jam sandwiches all round by Busselton’s jetty ... read more
Viewing Tower
Kilbrittain Flag
Yallingup Beach

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