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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay December 1st 2006

Vrijdag 1 december. Vandaag vertrokken we op tijd om de 340 km tot Denham af te leggen en onderweg nog enkele bezienswaardigheden te bezoeken. De volgende dagen zullen we Shark Bay bezoeken. Shark Bay is het zuidelijkste stukje van de ‘Outback Coast’ waarvan we al heel veel hebben gezien namelijk Exmouth, Coral Bay en Carnarvon. De Outback Coast zelf is het noordelijke deel van de ‘Coral Coast’ die zich uitstrekt van Exmouth tot Perth. Shark Bay staat sinds 1991 op de Werelderfgoed lijst van de Unesco. Het is een gebied met unieke flora en fauna. In de baai verblijven jonge haaien totdat ze groot genoeg zijn om hun kansen in de oceaan te wagen. Deze haaien hebben nog nooit voor problemen of voor een ‘shark attack’ gezorgd, wat aan de oostkust van Australië toch wel eens ... read more
Groeve van spierwitte steen afkomstig van schelpen.
Het uitzicht vanaf Eagle Bluff.
Dolfijnen komen op tijd naar de 'voederplaats' in Monkey Mia.

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay October 1st 2006

We are adapting well to the hippy lifestyle where we sleep in our van which is quite comfy and we have a little gas cylinder to cook our food on and a little sink to wash up. We are not going to always stay at caravan parks as it costs money so we'll stay at campsites instead. But that means we have to make the most of washing in rivers or even better the sea. We have decided to not wash our hair throughout our trip and so far it's not looking bad.... On our fourth day after some more rock climbing (well kinda) in Karijini National Park we drove 4 hours solid to reach a road house but got beaten by the sun and all the animals started emerging from their homes. We came across ... read more
It's tradition to wave at every car you see in the outback
These cows are asking for it!!
And these roos!!!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay May 15th 2006

After staying in Denham for the night….and not getting to go to the lovely fish restaurant Mike promised we got up horrendously early and went down to Monkey Mia to meet the dolphins…you are literally standing in the water with them beside you. We were really lucky and the dolphins were really close to us. We also saw huge pelicans which I was as excited about as the dolphins…they are just these huge stately birds. We then had scones with jam and cream with Niroko and Sam…how civilized of us. After Monkey Mia we went to Shell Beach which as you might guess is comprised mainly of … shells. This would have been lovely to see apart from the forty million flies who had apparently made it their home. It is absolutely vile how many of ... read more
The Shark Man that Irene fancied

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay April 19th 2006

Jaws Of Paradise, Ink and Insult, The Dwindling Party, Happy Easter, Darth Lives, And On... (First appologies, this crap PC does not have USB so i cant upload any pics (will try to another time), It also lacks word or any other typing program to manage my spelling. Think Phonetics, i doo.) Desperatly Itching our leggs (and jimmy his ass), we take turns to sit infront of Yellow Mellows AC as we drive on. Our next stop is the dissconsertingly named beach parradise, Shark Bay. Shark Bay is a huge area with two archepellegos 300 or so k's long about 20ks from the main land, an area known as a 'World Heratige Site' since it has a hugely diverse marine ecosystem. The shallower areas of Shark Bay have little tidal flow and a huge evaporation rate ... read more
Kite Cam...
Flaming Galas!
Tawney Frogmouth.

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay March 29th 2006

Africa seems long ago, but the events that I am about to share seem even more ancient. In reality they aren't, but we have covered so much of Australia in the past 3 weeks that it all seems like it happened long ago. Our return to Perth from South Africa started a whole new adventure which included new locations along the west coast of Australia. The road trip that we had planned was to last for 7 days and was completed in 4 due to the hoardes and hoardes of blowflies. These are flies that are uber-thirsty and don't take no for an answer. They invade all openings of your face and defy to be brushed aside. More on that later as the first part of our trip was sans flies. First, we headed south of ... read more
Giant Tingle Tree
Ron got this portion really swinging before he took the photo.

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay December 17th 2005

OK, so before I start with the story, I'd just like to mention a bit about the title. Because there are so many gorgeous beaches here, and the water is teaming with wildlife, everyone encourages you to go snorkelling. However. I'd like to advise that at no point during our trip, will I be doing any sort of swimming in the open sea or snorkelling, due to my incredible ''might be sharks in the water'' phobia. Alan might go in for a lirrle dip, but not moi. Anyway - lets crack on with the blog...... ......Heading further up the East coast of WA, our destination Shark Bay Heritage Park, we stopped for a light refreshment at a town called Carnarvon. We wanted to check the place out as a potential stopover point for a few days ... read more
Our plane charter company
Eggs wait to get on the dinky plane
Can't wait to get going, man!!!!!!  Come ON!!!!!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay December 13th 2005

Our 3rd and last morning in Monkey Mia was so spectacular (dolphin style), that we just have to bore you with it! The bay was swarming with 'frisky' dolphins - around 12 of them. There was the usual group of ladies and babies, along with males new and old. Mating season was kicking in, and all the dophins were gidding about the arrival of the males, and the males were showing off to the females and us. They were bashing into our legs and each other...Nicky, one of the oldest (a 30 year old female) was very affectionate towards to Spen! A couple of hours later, we headed north, and stopped off at Shark's bay. We saw at least 5 enormous Tiger sharks, stalking in the crystal clear waters below. We hoped to see turtles, but ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay December 12th 2005

Got up early to see the dolpins again. Spent the morning lounging on the spotless beach, walked the length of it (without seeing anyone else after a few minutes of leaving the main strip) and drove to Denham late afternoon. Fishing village, OK, nothing much of interest.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay December 11th 2005

Arrived just at sunset at the Monkey Mia Resort, which has one of the best YHAs we've stayed at. Such a great resort. Wild dolphins swim into the bay every morning. It mainly consisits of female doplins and their young - males do not live with them in this area. Monkey Mia has been a national park and dolphin research centre since the 1960s. They swim into the really shallow water and turn on their side to get a good look at the people on the beach! A really special sight! The beach is also home to a colony of pelicans, who swim/push through the dolphins and people for attention.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay July 29th 2005

Shell Beach near Denham is a beach, which in places is five metres deep in shells. Over the years pieces of shell have blown onto the beach and formed a 'shell beach'. It was lovely when we went there as there were no other people, just the two of us and all the shells. I collected some pretty shells while Andrew played photographer setting up nice shots and running up hills to join me in them - very funny to watch. Enjoy. ... read more
"Shell Fall"
Say it with shells
"Isn't she lovely"

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