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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay July 9th 2010

Next we trucked 300 kms further up the coast to the Shark Bay Heritage Site: Straight, empty roads all the way there, with the occasional 'road house' every 100kms or so. We stayed in a few campsites here - one in Hamelin Pool, where Paula went for a run and saw a dingo in the bush (this is not a euphemism). Later that night I approached a man on the campsite to ask if I could put a couple of jacket potatoes on his fire (nor is this either). I ended up talking to Chris the poet, Chris has been travelling since the early 1980s. He has an encyclopaedic memory for dates, events, places, and for the hundreds of poems he's written. He was quite a big chap, and looked how I expect the honey monster ... read more
This is an albatross about 100 metres away.
A washed-up stingray
An octopus.

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay December 10th 2009

Dec 8th - Dec 12th “We saw turtles, rays and a huge shark that was bigger than a grown man!” This was the excited call we heard from a family on Turquoise Bay beach just as we were walking onto the sand. As much as we love the sea and snorkelling coming face to face with a 6ft shark is not something I want to experience without the presence of a cage. I know the reef sharks are harmless but I blame Spielberg for the fact that every time I go in the water (especially the shark infested Australian waters) I hear the Jaws theme in my head. To be fair Simon wasn’t as worried as me because he really wanted to see a shark. But first we needed to sunbathe. Turquoise Bay is an idyllic ... read more
Monkey Mia
Monkey Mia
Monkey Mia

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay November 1st 2009

Hey ho, day two of my trip up the West Australia coast. Happily not too much driving in the morning at least, since Kalbarri is pretty close to the Murchison River, the site of The Loop and the Z-Bend Gorges, two extremely awesome places. The surrounding area didn't seem particularly promising, being rather flat bush. Then suddenly a massive gash in the landscape appeared as if from nowhere. Really, words can't do the gorges justice, at least not any that I can think of. I can just go, 'yeah, there were, like, these gorges, and they were,like, really spectacular'. Just look at the pictures. Hmm, not even my pictures cut it. Particularly cool was 'Nature's Window', an arch of rock which forms an interesting frame for views of the river below. I did get to see ... read more
Bottom of Murchison Gorge
Natures Window

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay July 15th 2009

Shark Bay 21st - 25th June Still trying to chase the sunshine, we headed further up the west coast. We stopped at Hamlin Pools on the way to see the stomatolites - ancient organisms which build up solid 'towers' in the sea. Next stop was Shell beach which was stunning - pure white shells stretch along the whole of the bay. Too cold for a swim though. Shark Bay was great - First Rob and I went to Monkey Mia, a little resort at the tip of the peninsula which is famous for the dolphins coming close to the shore. They feed the dolphins each morning (only very small amounts to stop them beoming dependent on it). We stood and watched the feeds and I was longing to be picked to feed one of the dolphins. ... read more
stromatolites, Hamlin pools
me, shell beach
shell beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay June 1st 2009

We bade farewell to Geraldton soon after school finished and headed north. Just on dark we made camp in the bush opposite Billabong Roadhouse. Even though our book said we could camp here there was a sign that said “No Camping”. It was too late to care and we were in the company of at least one other camper. After an early takeoff we arrived at Hamelin Bay where we viewed the stromatolites which exist there. The weather was perfect and we loved the walk down to the bay past the ancient shell brick quarry. From here we continued to Whalebone Bay where we arranged through the Shark Bay Discovery Centre to stop for the night. Here we met another couple, Ross and Toni who were enjoying the fishing at this delightful spot. We unhitched the ... read more
New Boardwalk
Peaceful Denham

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay May 14th 2009

Distance traveled 577km/4300km(13%) 4 nights stayed Another short(just less than 200km’s)putter up the coast from Dongara took us away from the coastal road and into the farming areas of this region of Western Australia.Both Sue and I cannot get over just how dry the countryside is….not at all surprising considering that it hasn’t rained since October and summertime temperatures are 40degC and above daily.The Aussies don’t have a weather fixation because there is nothing to fixate about when they know it will be sunny and hot for at least 6-7 months before the brief respite of winter rain.One of the photo’s in this blog illustrates the point being made.We stumbled across a charming little town by name of Northhampton(no street or town renaming yet although with all the “sorries” going on to appease the Abo’s who ... read more
A typical farmhouse scene....tough!
One of many wonderul sunsets
Hot cyclist ready for ocean plunge

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay April 22nd 2009

Drove with the inimitable Julian up to Coral Bay on the Ningaloo Reef and did a bit of snorkelling. Went down to Shark Bay, visiting Stromatolites and Shell Beach en route. Saw the dolphins there then went down to Cervantes to look at the Pinnacles. Currently in Perth sorting things out for leaving on Friday - might visit Rottnest island tomorrow.... read more
Coral Bay
Termite mound
Scenic view

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay April 20th 2009

Shark Bay , Denham what a drive !! We stopped off along the way to investigate the stromatolites. What is this business they talk of, with this funny growing rock thats ALIVE . . . was very interesting. You could see the tracks from the old carts they used when carting wheat and sheep to the ships over this growing rock. Then we stopped off at Shell Beach. This place is fantastic. The sound of crunching shells a zillion of em under your feet as you walk towards pristine water. Then scene is B E A utiful. Alex you wouldn't enjoy this beach, if you can't handle crunchy sand this is a no go for you, and for people not wearing thongs . . can be a bit tricky! This is also the place where throwing ... read more
Sandy @ Shell beach
Tash @ Shark Bay Speedway
Wind turbine

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay December 5th 2008

Today we got to Shark Bay after a really long drive! We stopped off at Hamelin Pool to see the Stromatolites. These are columns, formed by cyanobacteria, which is the earliest form of life on earth and they tell scientists how much life has evolved. They created the majority of oxygen on the planet to allow the first creatures to evolve and breath! So it's thanks to these little things that we are all here today! We also got to see the closed down quarry of shell stone, where rain water fuses limestone and the shells together, creating a hard rock but that can be cut by a saw. It looks like a concrete block but made out of millions of shells. This rock was first used to build in the area, only a couple of ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay September 11th 2008

After a night in Exmouth in an interesting motel, a converted accommodation block from the old US Navy establishment (it brought back memories of Akrotiri), we set off to Cape Range NP and joined the queue for camp sites at the entrance at 7:30. We were thirteenth in the queue and the people at the front had been there since 4:30! Fortunately, there were eighteen camp sites available so we got in. Our camp site was a disappointment, deep soft sand, no shade and very cramped. To make matters worse, the weather looked very stormy. We drove south into the rain to Mandu Mandu Gorge. After the shower we went for a lovely walk through the gorge. The gravel creek bed winded through flowering shrubs with impressive rock walls on each side, the path returning along ... read more
Arrival at Cape Range NP
Mandu Mandu Gorge
Ningaloo Reef

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