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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay May 22nd 2014

Some places blow you away with spectacular scenery; others seduce you with irresistable beauty; and then there are those places that slowly sink into your subconscious due to less tangible reasons – the quality of the light, the clarity of the water, the interplay of colours in the sky. Shark Bay was one of these places. Linda and I had left Kalbarri at the start of our fourth week on the West Coast (Monday 19th May), looping back through the National Park of the same name (stopping off along the way at a couple of scenic viewpoints above the Murchison Gorge) to rejoin the Coastal Highway, before again turning off the highway a couple of hours later to take the 130km detour to Denham - a small and tranquil seaside town that sits on the western ... read more
Shark Bay sunset #1
Spectacular start to the day
Stunning girl in a sparkling sea

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay April 13th 2014

Sunday 6th April - arrived in good time at Adelaide airport ready to fly to Perth. Somewhat surprised to find that airport clocks were wrong!!!! Our watches said 11.45, airport clocks saying10.15. Tony checked with airport staff - Bugger - Clocks had changed overnight and we had missed a time zone change somewhere! They were a bit amused when Tony asked if it was April yet! Still nice to be early for a change with time on our hands! Very bumpy flight with lots of turbulence and with so many clouds we couldn't see the Nullabor Plain below us. At Perth we were picked up by our courier, Sam, a really nice guy from Sicily who couldn't stand the heat! He had damaged his knee at a Lionel Ritchie concert some time before and was now ... read more
Clouds reflected on the still waters at Eagle Bluff
Tony's early morning walk at Eagle Bluff
Yet another glorious sunset

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay July 22nd 2013

Tagwache war heute um 0630 Uhr. Bei der Morgentoilette hab ich mit einem Mann aus Albany geplaudert, der mir von dem Unwetter vor ein paar Tagen erzählt hat. Anscheinend hatte ich großes Glück, dass ich in dieser Nacht in Pemberton umgeben von Wald geschlafen habe – auch wenn der Strom ausgefallen ist. In Albany sind laut seinen Angaben bei vielen Geschäften sogar die Fenster zersprungen… Mein erster Stop heute war Shell Beach, ein Strand, der komplett aus Muscheln besteht, teilweise bis zu 5 Meter tief. Beim Weg zum Strand hab ich zuerst noch geglaubt, dass ich auf Sand gehe. Mit jedem Schritt näher zum Wasser war aber klar, dass das nur zerbrochene Muscheln sind, und am Strand sind es dann nur noch Muscheln, ein wunderschöner Anblick. Da die Muscheln sich auch mit der Zeit und unter ... read more
Shell Beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay July 21st 2013

Mein Frühstück hab ich heute in der offenen Küche am Campingplatz eingenommen. Heute Morgen hatte es im Auto knapp 6 Grad. Es wird gottseidank wärmer, je weiter ich nach Norden komme ;-) Um 0815 Uhr bin ich losgefahren und hab mir einen Espresso im Black Rock Café gegönnt. Danach bin ich im Kalbarri NP noch ein wenig herumspaziert – unter anderem zum Nature’s Window, einem großen Loch im Felsen, durch das man wie durch ein Fenster durchsehen kann. Es waren dort allerdings sehr viele Menschen unterwegs – noch sind Schulferien hier. Das Autofahren hier ist ein zweischneidiges Schwert: einerseits sind die Straßen recht gut, und das Tempolimit beträgt 110 km/h. Andererseits sind die Distanzen zwischen den einzelnen Siedlungen riesig. Ich fahre zwischen 100 und 200 Kilometern, bevor ich wieder Zeichen von Zivilisation sehe. Dazwischen nur Landschaft ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay June 5th 2013

Our next destination, Francois Person National Park lies in the World Heritage listed area of Shark Bay. A 40km 4WD track takes us through a variety of road ways from sandy tracks to vast gypsum pans (birridas). It was an exciting journey as tyres were deflated ready to navigate our heavy load of car and caravan into the park. One bogging and digging out, some more windy tracks and lots of bumps later we arrive at the Bottle Bay campground. The Francois Peron National Park brochure promises diverse and abundant marine life and although we were at first skeptical it sure did not disappoint. We saw whales, sharks, manta rays, dugongs, turtles, crabs, fish etc, etc. The tinnie finally got wet again and ensured that some exciting fishing adventures unfolded. There were so many fish to ... read more
Step 2 Get Bogged, Deflate Tyres More!
Fishing Adventures

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay March 11th 2013

We took a one hour and 45 minute flight from Perth to Shark Bay on Saturday. We stayed at an eco resort called Monkey Mia. I have been really looking forward to this, as it has a bay where they have been studying and interacting with dolphins for around 40 years. Every morning some dolphins will come in to be fed, it starts at 8am, and there are 5 female dolphins who are fed, but they bring with them their calves and friends! It is a very strict program so that they are not made dependant, they only get 500 grams of fish up to 3 times in a morning and they need 10 kilos a day so they still have to go hunt. This was introduced when they realised that one female, Nicki, was losing ... read more
Looks like two
Only knee deep
This is Nicki

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay December 7th 2012

7th December 2012 We had an early morning start, we were keen to visit Shark Bay. First stop was Hamelin Pool, home to the stromatolite, which is a living rock that releases oxygen into the ocean. We literally could see smalls bubbles surfacing in the water. It was amazing, as was the scenery. Our next stop was Eagle Bluff, a scenic lookout of Shark Bay. An awesome sight, looking down into the clear, calm ocean water, we could see stingrays and sharks swimming gracefully. We can understand why this area is called Shark Bay. Not far from Eagle Bluff was the Ocean Park Aquarium. It was one of the most informative aquariums we have ever visited. We had a personsal tour that incleded feeding the sharks and turtles. A very enjoyable experience that we shall treasure. ... read more
Hamelin Pool
Hamelin Pool
Hamelin Pool

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay August 25th 2012

Denham and Monkey Mia (Shark Bay) Saturday morning we did the 20k drive over to Monkey Mia. What a beautiful little bay that is. We got there too late for dolphin feeding but we did see them frolicking about in the most amazing clear blue water. Had a coffee in the café then headed back to Denham. I decided to make my mango cheese cake that afternoon. I got the recipe from the Zebra café in Kununurra but I altered mine a little by using Ginger nut biscuits in the base instead of the Nice biscuits that they suggested. The Ginger nut base worked really well - the ginger complimented the mango. I will put the recipe on the blog for all you foodies - it was really nice. We booked ... read more
The Big Pie
Jim's Bargain Socks
Mango Cheesecake

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay May 5th 2012

Shark Bay 2nd to 5th April ‘12 This Blog entry covers our stay at Hamelin Pool Caravan Park and our visits within the Shark Bay World Heritage Area including Steep Point and the Monkey Mia Reserve. We left Kalbarri and headed west to join the North West Coastal Highway where we then had a run of 180 klms north to the Overlander Roadhouse, (diesel was $169.90/Ltr, so still not too bad), where we were to leave the highway again and head west into the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. This was also our first day of reasonably high humidity, so we felt that we were truly heading towards the northern regions of the Pilbara and the Kimberly at last! We also clicked over 20,000 Klm since leaving 7 months ago, so a big day all around ... read more
Hamelin Pool Old Telegraph Station & Campground
Hamelin Pool Old Telegraph Station & Campground
Steep Point

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Shark Bay December 3rd 2011

Reached the small town of Denham by nightfall, fuelled up some petrol at the local service station, we got some freebies in the form of pies and pasties from the owners, people in Denham seemed quite nice to backpackers. Rather windy on the beach, check out the sea gulls in the pictures. Shell beach is 50km south of Denham, entire beach is made up of billions of shells, hence the beach is completely white and does glare in the sun. Really beautiful beach, should have stayed there for abit longer.... read more

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