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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Rottnest Island December 11th 2018

Monday was all about Rottnest Island, a limestone and sand island about half an hour by ferry from Freo. No cars - most people bring or hire a bike. I took a pre booked tours, a ride on a wierd little tram thing and walked a bit. It's about 14 kms long so you need some form of transport. The weather was glorious, at least until it was time to go. Rottnest is so called because the Dutch "discoverers" found loads of what they took to be large rats - hence "Ratsnest". But they were not rats at all. They were Quokkas, a proper marcupial and basically a small kangeroo. The first one I encounters was carrying a " joey" in her pouch (sorry no good picture of that). There are about 10,000 of them on ... read more
Quokkas get everywhere
One of score of rocky coves
One of scores of sandy idyllic beaches

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Rottnest Island November 27th 2017

Rottnest (Wadjemup to the Aboriginees who were there as early as 20,000 years ago) got its name from the Dutch who called this island off Fremantle “Rottenest” for rats’ nest, although in modern Dutch that would have been spelled “Rattenest”. Small detail. They named it after these really strange-looking marsupials presently known as Quokkas, that have a head and tail like a rat and a body of a kangaroo, including the hind legs. They’re about the size of a cat and they are literally all over the island, and nowhere else in the world (we heard later there are some remote populations elsewhere in Australia), walking between people looking for leftovers or handouts. There’s a $50 fine for feeding them. Rottnest used to be attached to the mainland some 7,000 years ago, before rising ocean levels ... read more
Parker Point
Holy Trinity Catholic Church

My last particularly significant day of this trip was a day trip to Rottnest Island. I had tried to persuade my parents to allow me to spend a night at Rottnest, however, a day trip was the most I would get, starting with an early morning ferry, and leaving on the last ferry of the day in the late afternoon. We chose to take a ferry from Fremantle, about forty-five minutes by car from where I was staying in Perth. I tried to drag my family out of the house as soon as possible to be sure to get there on time, but we ended up leaving with barely enough time and it would have been alright if it wasn’t for the fact that we got lost. We didn’t get lost as such in that we ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Rottnest Island April 21st 2016

We caught the 10am Rottnest Express from Shed B Fremantle Dock, a superb day for swimming and snorkelling. Rottnest Island is 11km long, 4.5km at it's widest point and 1,900 hectares in size. It is located 20km off the coast of W.A. A 25 minute trip and I felt a little sea sick sitting below deck and had to find standing space above. Rottnest Island was named after the Quokka. A Dutch Navigator exploring the island in the 17th century described the quokka as a ' kind of rat as big as the common cat' Arriving at Rottnest we took a quick look at the light house museum, decided the Bakery was too busy for coffee and took a short walk through the village to the bus stop. The first place we ventured off the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Rottnest Island February 23rd 2016

Rottnest Island is much loved by' Australians, especially those living in Perth. With great expectations Val and myself took the Rottnest Express ferry from Elizabeth Quay Perth to Rottnest Island. We had reserved 3nights accommodation for 460A$ and it was 80A$ for the return ferry. To start we had a scenic cruise along the Swan River for one hour which was very enjoyable with a running commentary describing the various buildings, wildlife and historical points of interest along the route. After a short stop in Freemantle to pick up more passengers it was just a 30 minute sail over calm seas to the island. It was very busy on arrival with everyone milling around trying to sort out bike hire, finding their accommodation or organised island tours. The information centre staff were good and we were ... read more
Fremantle Port
Rottnest Ferry
Rottnest Island

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Rottnest Island December 31st 2015

G'Day for the last time, Apologies for the delay with the blog, there's been a bit going on! We left off in Cairns where we found the memory card and saved the rest of the holiday. 5 hour flight to Perth went in a flash. Special call out to Johnny Pockets from Cairns Airport who walk through the metal detector 3 times before realising he had to empty his pockets. We arrived late into Perth so it was 6/7 hours in the hostel before getting on the road for 7 days. Our tour consisted of 6 nights/7 days going from Perth to Exmouth & back to Perth. Day 1 we were picked up early with another 10 people (5 guys & 5 girls) and the driver, Sarah. Turned out it was Sarah's 2nd trip but you ... read more
Exmouth Group
Turquoise Bay

Well Rottnest Island today. It was a very cold start to the day and somewhat stupidly we continued to refuse to wear something other than shorts during the day. Its that need to hang onto our continous summer... But today we did pay a price for that. We ended up pretty cold to the bones. No fun... We boarded the Rottnest Express in Fremantle. They are pretty nice boats and once we boarded we were able to get out of the wind and started to thaw out a little. As soon as the snack bar opened we grabbed a coffee to warm up. Nice. It was a lovely trip over, its a very beautiful harbour, with huge cargo ships waiting to come in. But once on the island the chilly wind was up again. We collected ... read more
Rottnest Island
Rottnest Island
Rottnest Island

Depart pour Rottnest Island (aussi appelee Rotto par nos amis un peu flemmard les Australiens !) avec ma copine Charlie. On se retrouve a la gare de Perth pour aller jusqu'a Fremantle (appele aussi Freo !) pour prendre le ferry afin de rejoindre l'ile. Une fois a bord, en attendant le depart on a eu la chance de voir quelques dauphins autour du bateau. Toujours une immense joie de les voir. Ca annoncait une bonne journee en perspective. La traverse est d'environ 30 minutes, pas de soucis pour moi par contre pour Charlie heureusement que ce n'etait pas plus long ! Une fois arrivees on prends les velos qu'on avait loues pour se deplacer sur l'ile car il n'y a pas de voitures, juste 1 ou 2 bus pour touristes. Une fois qu'on avait regle nos ... read more
Rottnest Island (7)
Rottnest Island (8)
Rottnest Island (14)

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Rottnest Island December 15th 2014

Richard Fred and I spent our final weekend in Western Australia on (Rotto) Rottnest island. This island is a beautiful holiday spot a 45 minute boat trip from Perth. There are no cars allowed on the island and everyone gets about by hired bikes, which makes it seem like Centreparcs in the sun. Similar to Centreparcs in that it has a lovely relaxed feel and there is plenty of wildlife wandering about untroubled by traffic. (In Rotto the wildlife is mainly quokkas rather than ducks and squirrels.) The quokkas are sweet little animals which look a bit like tiny kangaroos, and hop about like kangaroos. They can be found all over the island, but especially seem to enjoy hanging around in bars and cafes hoping to get fed scraps! They are also like kangaroos in that ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Rottnest Island October 21st 2013

We caught the 10.00H ferry to Rottnest Island which lies some 12km off the coast and is very much a holiday resort destination for the people of Perth. Perth is visible on the horizon but the island is a world away from the hussel and bussel of Perth. It's a haven of tranquillity and calm. The island has many sandy bays, no major hotels or development and the majority of the accommodation comprises simple apartments/chalets. No motor cars or dogs are allowed and most people travel around the island on bicycle. One of the charms of the island is the lack of fear that the wildlife has of people. Whilst magpies and crows hang about the cafes, the most endearing animals are the quokkas which can be found sleeping in the sun, resting around the cafes ... read more
Arrival at Rottnest

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