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October 24th 2010
Published: October 24th 2010
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Yes there is so much here to see in this area around Albany - I wish I could stay a few more weeks. Yesterday started off with Peter making me poached egg on toast ( eggs from our chooks and he makes the bread) and my kids know what a treat poached eggs are so to have it made for me was great. Then off Colleen and I went to the farmers market- and here it is genuine farmers and producers only.... so it was lovely to potter around and buy a foodie stuff. Next a look around the shops ...spending most of my time ooohing and aahing over little coffee cups in the nice kitchen shops....and of course we have to stop for coffee and cake. Then it was a bit more sightseeing - there is a superb windfarm right on the coast - beautiful walks along the clifftops there. And later on some fantastic scenerey at Two Peoples Bay and Little Bay - the sun was going down there and the light on the rocks was stunning. Walking back to the car there were kangaroos really close to us and as we followed one along the road it gave an enormous leap in the air and hopped off. Next I couldnt believe my eyes there was a little bandicoot just at the side of the road but it ran off before I could get a foto. So arent I lucky to see all this wonderful widlife. I was also lucky in that my glasses fell off my head when I got out of the car to take a foto..and a few yards down the road I suddenly realised I didnt have them ... Collen turned the car round and we searched the side of the road and found them - PHEW!!!
Peter and I have been happily polishing off the port and I have been enjoying all the Aussie wines I have tried... yes, Geraldine, I wouldnt say I am a connoiseur quite yet but I think I am beginning to know what I like more by taste than by the shape of the bottle or a pretty label.
Today was a trip north to the mountains - there are 2 mntn ranges the Porongurups - possibly some of the oldest mountains on Earth - granite...1000million yrs old and the further north the Stirling Range only 500million and sandstone and quarzite ( I tell you this in case there is ever a pub quiz question on this or Trivial pursuit - you never know!!) Anway - it was a lovely drive and in some places we had vistas of both mnt ranges on each side of us. Peter said he wanted to find me a snake to take a foto ... from the car - no way I am going snake hunting - I might be mad, Julie, but I am not daft !!! And lo and behold I dont know how these Aussies do it but there is a a snake lying on the road just waiting for Peter to stop , turn the car round so I can get a good shot ( foto I mean - no guns) . I was in a bit of a tizz with this snake looking at me and it squiggled away just as I took the photo so I missed its head but Colleen got a good shot- so I will have to get her perfect foto sent to me - on the mean time you get mine. Also saw another snake but dead this time. Nicer wildlife spotting was some black cockatoos and a couple of orchids.
There is often a surprise when you think you are in the middle of nowhere- and we were headed there for lunch- a Thai cafe - great food and service and with our BYO wine from the local winery too a good time was had by all.
Last night I cooked for C+P - did my Morrocan lamb+apricot tagine ...I think they liked it. It's good that I have got my recipes on my USB stick with me...but as most of you know I can alwasy make something up. We picked some rhubarb yesterday and so it was making a crumble day today ...added some pears and just chucked in all the flour , butter, sugar in with a bit of muesli- no measuring - and guess wot - it was lovely. WE have mulberries waiting for us to make jam and Peter is still threatening me with sheep shearing - he has moved them nearer the house.
What adventures you can have when you do home exchange!! Communications are great these days - I just spoke to Suzanne on skype - I dont feel so far away after all. And thanks to everyone who is commenting - and sending me messages...thank you Benji the Margaret River guide for your comments - it always amazes me that soemone who doesnt know me bothers to read my scribble.
Nite nite lovely people.

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Two people bayTwo people bay
Two people bay

mounds of seaweed on beach
Nasty snake.Nasty snake.
Nasty snake.

They said it was a killer!!

24th October 2010

Lovely to talk to you earlier mammy! And I say again, please don't get out of the car to take any photos of snakes on your drive back to Perth! But if you see any sheepshearing ranger type Hugh Jackmans, you can get out of the car - and get their number for me!! Speak soon, keep the photos coming! xxx
24th October 2010

I read your travelblog too, Lynn; I enjoy it very much as I'd like to visit Australia, one day...It is fascinating all the experiences you are having! Take care and enjoy yourself!! love from Michele
24th October 2010

Hi Lynne. Well I am off work for a week so if you could send me some of that lovely Oz sunshine I would be most grateful; it's bloomin' freezing. Your photos are really amazing, especially the wildlife and beaches. Look forward to the next instalment. Hils x
25th October 2010
Southern Ocean

Wow....that is amazing! I just love this photo xx
25th October 2010

You sound as if you are having a brilliant time - glad you are able to view other folk's quilting etc. - plenty of time to completer some cross-stitch!! Off to Glyndebourne toniggh with U3A - having a picnic - mad or what in late October??!! Keep up the good work - can't wait for next instalment .... Love Jill
26th October 2010

Can't resist responding to the blog.... you are a great tourist and traveler to have. Interested in everything and very observant. Lets face it you hven't missed a kangaroo yet... you may have missed the head of a snake though!! Such a pity you got the dead one. IN fct the dead one was the deadly one - a Tiger snake - not many second chances with them if you are bitten. So pleased that you have enjoyed Albany, we love it too. cb

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