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January 12th 2009
Published: January 15th 2009
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1: Sandboarding 23 secs
After our trip down south we spent a day in Kingsley sorting a few things out and having a rest from the driving. Our first port of call was to head to the Chinese consulate where we could collect our passports complete with stamped visa ready for March. We are now pretty much prepared on the paperwork side of our trip having received our Vietnamese visa in the post just before the new year. We then headed down to Hillary's where the twins had been at their swimming lessons. We played around looking at the fish and for shells before heading over to the jetty where Stephanie overcame her slight fear and jumped into the sea! We spent the afternoon sorting through some of our accumulated belongings and making up a box that we could send home while throwing out the majority of leaflets that we had amassed on our travels.

The following day was the last day with our hire car and we decided that we would take a day trip about 300km north to see the Pinnacles. After an early start with the long drive ahead we headed up the road with our first stop being at Lancelin. This small coastal town had very little to see, but was bordered by some huge sanddunes. We hired a couple of sandboards from a shop in town and parked up before climbing the dunes to be rewarded with a fantastic view. The first attempt to go down the dunes was pretty slow and we wondered what we had come here for. Then we remembered the stick of wax that the shop had given us with the board! We scribbled over the bottom of our boards, climbed back up the dune and had another shot. This time it was much faster and well worth it. I tried to stand on my board and surf, I managed pretty successfully right up until I hit a small bump causing me to fall off. I was suprised at how hard the loose sand was when I fell, made worse by me landing on the keys in my pocket! We both had a couple more goes on the boards before returning them to the shop and continuing on our way.

The road north was long and straight, becoming more and more deserted with little more than bush on either side providing the views. The cars external thermometer was registering 37 degrees so we were glad to be enclosed in the comfort of the air conditioned interior. The pinnacles are limestone formations in a desert region near the coast covering a huge area and were all sorts of shapes and sizes. We drove around the track and parked up, getting out to have a closer look at the structures and take some photos all the while being sandblasted due to the winds on the desert. After about an hour with frequent stops for viewing we headed back South towards Kingsley.

It was a long drive for a single day but was well worth it as we had a lot of fun and saw a bit more of Western Australia. As we come to the end of our stay here we have a fairly busy week ahead of us to get sorted for continuing our trip. Stephanie has a couple more shifts at work to get a bit more money, we're off to the ballet (Stephanie's christmas present) on thursday as well as finishing sorting out all of our belongings before leaving. We've had a great time in Perth and it has been nice to

This was just before the fall, while it may look flat it was about a 30 degree angle
be settled in a house again but we are both feeling ready to continue on our trip and are looking forward to seeing some new places.

Additional photos below
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Stephanie SandboardingStephanie Sandboarding
Stephanie Sandboarding

Coming down the hill on her waxed board.

Just so that you can see that we weren't just on flat sands posing!

Huge expanse of pinnacles across the desert
Our version of where's wally?Our version of where's wally?
Our version of where's wally?

can you spot paul in amongst the pinnacles??? ;)

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