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April 30th 2014
Published: April 30th 2014
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The Granite Sky WalkThe Granite Sky WalkThe Granite Sky Walk

Boulder precariously balanced with a little help from Tony
Wednesday 30th April - odds & sods and a farewell to Oz. Been looking through our notes of this trip and realise we have missed a couple of highlights.

The Granite Sky Walk at Porongorup National Park a 2.7 km up hill walk through dense forest to reach a huge granite outcrop capped by a steel walkway reached by ladder rungs hammered into the rock - amazing views from the top over the Stirling Range some 40km away.

One for the golfers amongst you - the Nullabor Golf Course, the longest course in the world at 1,365km for par 72. This was set up to encourage drivers to stop and exercise their legs and mind as they cross the Nullabor Plain (a 4 day drive). Basically the first 2 holes are played at Kalgoorlie then another hole played at each roadhouse across the Plain until you reach Ceduna at the other end. The roadhouses have created "a hole" of about 1 km in length with the pin set in artificial grass. To date some 7,000 people have completed the round. Apparently it has literally been a great life saver and reduced the number of deaths on this infamous road.
WOW - the truly wonderful Whale SharkWOW - the truly wonderful Whale SharkWOW - the truly wonderful Whale Shark

Can't believe we've swum next to this beautiful creature

We've loved our 3 month journey in our trusty campervan and although we are so much looking forward to seeing the family and friends who we have missed very much we are sorry our journey has come to an end. We felt a bit anxious this time that our trip wouldn't live up to the wonderful experience we had 5 years ago but 'no worries' we have loved it even more and feel we have got to know both countries so much better. We have met a real variety of people and many email addresses have been exchanged - we have seen some wonderful animals and will never forget the vast starry skies and huge golden moons. We will miss the adventure of waking up each morning, getting behind the wheel, not really knowing where we will end up that night and what will happen in between. The travellers amongst you will understand when we say we love 'The Journey' and all that it brings.

Well today we fly to Hong Kong and have no idea what to expect - the only thing we do know is it won't be like the Australian Outback!!!!!
A fellow traveller!!!!A fellow traveller!!!!A fellow traveller!!!!

This is how we will all end up if we stay on the road!
A few iconic photos to leave you with as we depart.


Lyn & Tony xxxx

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The Granite SkywayThe Granite Skyway
The Granite Skyway

Somehow we have to climb up there!
A beautiful smokey sunA beautiful smokey sun
A beautiful smokey sun

We thought this was bush fires but it was controlled burning of the stubble

30th April 2014

End of this journey
Am sure you will enjoy HK where we stopped on our way back from NZ - amazing place. Prepare for withdrawal symptoms - we couldn't bear to come home after our first camper trip to Ireland (and we only went for 6 weeks!) so freedom camped up on Steeple the day we arrived back (and called to see you the next day!) - bon voyage.............
30th April 2014

Thank you ,
For sharing your wonderful experiences with us, we have enjoyed travelling with you! Have a safe journey home and we hope to see you later in the year. Much love to you both, Diane and Ian XX
30th April 2014

We are looking forward to having you back home!! X

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