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June 22nd 2013
Published: June 22nd 2013
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The Swan Bell TowerThe Swan Bell TowerThe Swan Bell Tower

Attractive and interesting, particularly when one of the volunteer ringers are there and you can learn about the ancient bells restored and operational here.
Captain Cook Tours have a reputation for good quality tourist activities, so Mary and David, Marg and myself decided that on a bright sunny day, a lunch cruise on the Swan River from Perth to Fremantle return would be a good activity. It certainly proved the highlight of the week as we climbed out of the "Frustration Ranges' that have bugged us since being on the West Coast.

The way ahead showed its first run out of the 'Frustrations' on Tuesday when the Cardiologist confirmed what I felt would be the results from the combined echo and stress tests that all was generally well with my heart, and I just need to live with the palpitations when they occur providing they stop in a reasonable space of time.

Next was Marg's Dell computer. The repair man came out last week and replaced two faulty components and all seemed well except it ran too hot. A second visit by a techo and the fan and speakers were plugged back in correctly, and Marg and Dell are happily working together at full speed, neither getting hot and bothered.

Then there was the saga of the kitchen tap that leaked. A second trip to the workshop produced a temporary improvement that lasted about 4 hours and it leaked again. So on Thursday we went to Dometic (manufacturer) to have a warrantee replacement. While I am sure the technician was very competent, I made him inspect the replacement tap before fitting. Sure enough it had the same fault that would stop the tap locking down onto the sink top. That was addressed and finally the tap was installed and locked down and works without leaks.(so far anyway) I must say though, that had I not been confident and a little assertive, the excuses could have meant that others may not have their warranty honoured. For example, the 'seal on the sink top is only a splash seal.' That is somewhat misleading. It is not a pressure seal for use under water, but the design of the sink unit requires a seal capable of a thorough wetting. Secondly, the inlet pipes I was told are designed to 'Hang Vertically'. In our van the tubes need to be curved in an 'S' bend to the back wall. I suggested that we cut the offending tubes and insert an elbow to take the lateral pressure off the O-Ring in the valve. "That would make your warranty invalid' I was told. What rubbish!!!! I was also told that 'If we bumped the tap. the sink top seal would leak'. What sink in a caravan or motorhome doesn't have the sink tap bumped due to the confined space compared with a home bench top? Dometic; if you read this, get your act together, make products that are built for the rough and tumble of camping and rattling down the road.

Ahh, I feel better now!

So, the highlight of the week was the Captain Cook Cruise, and that was a very pleasurable day. We caught a bus around 8:30 am at Capricorn Resort front gate which took us very indirectly to Clarkson Station, and from there by train into Perth esplanade Station. That was the first two hours nearly!

There is a huge amount of construction around this part of Perth. One of the parklands looking down onto the ferry terminal and Swan Bell Tower is being transformed into a marina and city hotel/residential and shopping precinct. So lovely old trees have gone, the area has been flattened, and a weir has been built to keep water out while the construction is completed. So, our walk from the station to the ferry terminal was a little further than previous and we discovered another beautiful parkland adjacent to the High Court buildings. We didn't have time to explore this area, but will return.

The Swan Bell Tower will be untouched during construction, and really is an attractive feature on the foreshore. Last time we were in Perth we took the whole family up the tower and had the privilege of 'Ringing The Bells'. These are very old bells from St Martins in the Fields, England. Great spot, but no time this trip for a repeat visit.

The cruise left the Ferry Terminal around 11.30, and there was a modest but clear and interesting commentary from the Skipper as we sailed the calm waters of the Swan. Lunch was served an hour later and this was a really generous buffet with plenty for seconds and thirds! Good too. Marg had a lesson from Mary in Prawn Peeling.

Note to self: buy more prawns as an educational reinforcement exercise for Marg!

Perth may be a little isolated, but money certainly finds its way
Double Decker tourist busDouble Decker tourist busDouble Decker tourist bus

Usually very popular.
into the city by the bucket load. We saw the World's richest lady's house, and a complex (house plus guest houses) that sold a few years ago for $57.5 Mil. These homes are on the rivers edge. Some just have river views, others closer to Fremantle can also look out to see.

Then there are the marinas. We passed several chocker with gold plated cruisers. Big $$$$. We enjoyed their Billionaires views for a day at a much more modest price without feeling envious.

Once back in Perth, we thrifty seniors hopped on the Blue Cat (its a bus actually) for a free tour of Perth Central for about 45 minutes before catching the train and bus back to Yanchep.

A good day to end the week! A second blessing is that no new frustrations spoiled the day!

And we all slept happily ever after.

Saw a funny bumper sticker for seniors in an email -

Live today as if it is your last day on earth- one day you will get it right!!!

Additional photos below
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Tourist shops at Ferry TerminalTourist shops at Ferry Terminal
Tourist shops at Ferry Terminal

There is an Indian restaurant here - they were preparing food and aroma was magnificent.
The old Swan BreweryThe old Swan Brewery
The old Swan Brewery

Now an apartment block, riverside and sheltered by Kings Park.
Fremantle Maritime MuseumFremantle Maritime Museum
Fremantle Maritime Museum

Plus a three mated sailing ship.
One of several marinasOne of several marinas
One of several marinas

You need deep pockets to be moored here
Audition for Titanic IIIAudition for Titanic III
Audition for Titanic III

Failed - return to day job!
Black swan in bronze.Black swan in bronze.
Black swan in bronze.

The Swan is the bird symbol of Perth and WA
Perth cityscapePerth cityscape
Perth cityscape

From the Blue Cat.
Heavy constructionHeavy construction
Heavy construction

This same photo two years ago would have been through mature trees and parkland. Some call this progress.

22nd June 2013

Another good one Rob
Looks like it was a great day on the river with plenty to eat and see what more could you want except a free trip but you did that on the bus afterwards!

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