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December 31st 2005
Published: December 31st 2005
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Hiking the BibbulmunHiking the BibbulmunHiking the Bibbulmun

I hiked a short stretch of the Bibbulmun trail with my family a few days back, testing out some of the new gear.
As the cliches suggest, my travels so far have taught me a number of important truths. Foremost among these (a truth my friends have been aware of for a long time) is that I am a notoriously unreliable correspondent. =P The general trend seems to be that I neglect to write at all for months, before suddenly filling my unsuspecting friends' inboxes with a torrent of detailed travel narrative and photos.

Hopefully this travel blog will help remedy all that! Those of you who are interested can check back here every now and then to see what trouble I've gotten myself into lately, as I spend the next year away in Asia. I have no idea how often I will update this - possibly every two or three weeks. Those of you who are really keen (this might be one for you Glenn!) can 'subscribe' (according to the features page) so that you're alerted every time I update the journal and you won't have to lose any time before having a laugh at the latest (mis)adventures. =)

The last month or so has been spent gradually acquiring the necessary jabs, organising visas for Thailand and India, arranging special approved leave from my home university and getting final approval for my Thai exchange, trying to coax information out of my Indian (work) and Thai (study) hosts, spending what has amounted to a small fortune at the travel gear shops, and now starting to pack it all together... Can't wait for the chance to relax on a deserted Thai beach in the next couple of weeks! =)

Tomorrow I fly to Bangkok with one of my best mates, Glenn Black, where we will be joined a few days later by my brother Joel. Our (very loose) plan is to spend just a couple of days peering through the smog and crowds at what Bangkok has to offer, before escaping north to the forested hills of Chiang Mai. Glenn has some friends/contacts up there, so we should be set with a free place to stay and maybe even get shown around a bit. After roughly a week in the area, (during which time we hope to do some trekking, possibly to one of a number of missions that Glenn has heard about), we return to Bangkok
A lovely lady, flanked by two lanky larrikinsA lovely lady, flanked by two lanky larrikinsA lovely lady, flanked by two lanky larrikins

Me, my mum and my brother Joel saunter along the Bibbulmun. =P
before striking out for the islands along the south-east coast. The plan is to eventually make our way to the less touristy side of Koh Chang island, find a cheap bungalow there and relax for a few days.

Soon after that, Glenn will fly back to Perth (unless I can convince him of the merits of four months spent in India, keeping me company), Joel flies on to Vienna (with a stopover in London for a while) for his own student exchange, and I will fly to Mumbai. By this stage, I will hopefully have received an email to tell me which town I'll actually be working in, so that I can make my way there and start work on January 30.

Needless to say, I would love to hear from you all as I go and keep up to date with everything going on in your lives too. =)

Happy New Year!


18th January 2006

The Happy Wanderer!
Nice to see you out in the bush in Oz. Now you are in a different bush... good to hear news from Thailand. Look forward to the blog details of that amazing country.
25th January 2006

Bon Voyage
Love the blog. Have a wonderful trip and we will eagerly follow your movements. I love the Bibbulmun photos. Take care! From 'a lovely lady.'
23rd February 2006

Unselfish people tend to take a lot of photos of their friends and then return with few photos of themselves. You need to ask your friends to take the time to get YOU in the photos rather than being the guy behind the camera all the time. Alternatively get them to read this message from me.
7th June 2006

man with such a handsome mug why aren't you in all your shots? lovely trip, and you come across as the sweetest person.
1st May 2008

All the Best
Good luck mate, have a nice trip tell us about the adventures when you come back , so take care. Cheers

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