Here I am, in Perth, staying put for a while.

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December 26th 2009
Published: December 27th 2009
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There are lots of pine plantations in this area. Someones making it big off pine .....
So here I am. I believe it's been 3 and a bit months since I posted something on Travelblog and one of the reasons I'm posting THIS is because I've been enjoying reading through the things I posted in the past. Geocities closed in October and so my rather large website was forced offline. I saved just about all of the last 12 years to an external hard drive so I look forward to putting it all back together in the future. Travelblog is my chosen medium for now - and probably later - because of it's ease of use and the indexing. I'm at the same place I was last time I was in Perth - Lake Leshenaultia - because I really wouldn't want to be anywhere else. When it's good it's fantastic but when it's busy it's not the best place in the world. The park can accomodate many people on its 26 campsites. I'm caretaker so I lock up every night and maybe, if I feel like it, do something during the day.

I left Broome on a whim in early October. There was nothing better than to get out of that town although I'm missing the

There are usually these nice little street signs. They're great if you get to the stage where you're lost.
money I was making. I had organised several jobs before my departure from Broome and so I was working hard a couple of weeks after my arrival. I've worked as a science teacher, musician, photographer, cruise ship attendant and dj to name a few. I'm intending to focus on websites next month. So, there is never a dull moment and I can't complain about being bored! For many years to come I'll look back in my diary with fond memories of the last few months of 2009.

So, what have I done to write about in this post? I did something silly. I used a lot of fuel too but I had a lot of fun doing it. I just went on an afternoon drive through the bush and took some photos. So enjoy the photos.

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The track was never what I'd call rough but it did contain little tyre tracks like these that were made before the track dried out completely.

Believe it or not, this is a crossing. It's way to deep to drive through at the moment .... or at least I'm not willing to. I always take the easiest way out for me and the car.

This is a view of a section of the Helena reservoir. It was a decent winter so there's actually water in it!

I never thought there would be an airfield out here ....

Luckily no planes came while I was on the runway.

These bitumen roads are in a terrible state of disrepair.

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