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September 11th 2010
Published: September 11th 2010
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Hostel peeps!Hostel peeps!Hostel peeps!

Not every guest but a fare amount on a friday evening pre alcohol!
Hello all,

So, I haven’t blogged for a bit but between working and working, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours or my ‘wittiness’ decides to take a nap due to the lack of sleep. I am currently suffering the after effects of too much wine and dealing poker games until the early hours but I’m feeling quite chirpy!

The hostel is coming along nicely, Mark has been making improvements such as a new electronic door opening system. Guests think this is wonderful from a security point of view and of course they are not wrong, but the simple fact that Mark and I could then chill out in the back yard undisturbed by random peeps wandering in is much more appealing!

The Ozi Inn has been running at full to almost full capacity for the last few weeks. This brings on a few issues:
1)Laundry coming out of our ears. We have 2 washers and 2 very unreliable dryers. 2)Pick-ups from the airport at 1am, 2am, 3am. Most backpackers are travelling on a budget and as such will book the cheapest flight which more often than not arrive at silly o’clock in the morning. Adding to the fact

This little creature and i made friends at the Aquarium
that they also e-mail us the incorrect dates/times/flight numbers!
3)The kitchen full to bursting every meal time. The kitchen is large and quite well equipped but once you throw 10 people all wanting to cook at the same time, it becomes a nightmare.
4)Sometimes you aren’t sure if people walking around the hostel are guests are not, Mark and I look at each other ‘Did you check them in?’ more often than not the answer is ‘Yes dear.’

It is a fun job most of the time with the occasional hint of reality thrown in. From memory I know Mark has revealed a few of the idiots who have come a cropper under Marks best doorman impression and got thrown out. The most recen,t a couple who seem to love a bit of drama were thrown out by me when whilst drunk they had an argument and hit each other. So after 2 hours of her sobbing on my shoulder and planning her getaway from the mean boyfriend I sauntered back to bed for 2 hours until I could turf the mean boyfriend out in the morning. When I woke up, apparently everything was fine and the previous hours
What happens when you bet with backpackersWhat happens when you bet with backpackersWhat happens when you bet with backpackers

One evening the lads played a rather silly drinking game. The loser had to wax his chest. Unfortunately Damien suffered at the hands of the hostel!
seemed to have been forgotten about by the girlfriend. She asked ‘Me and XX have sorted things out so can we stay?’ Erm no. So they both left.

I have learnt new skills since arriving in Australia. Mark has taught me the game of Poker. I was always defiant that I would not learn the game but now I am rather glad that he took the time and I, the time to listen. Only yesterday afternoon I won $30, $5 buy in per person, winner takes all and I did! My Poker skills have come on leaps and bounds and I have even taken Mark out one or two times. (Sorry dear) Sometimes, like last night after my win in the afternoon I steer clear of the evening game and prefer to deal, the poker players are grateful whilst I just work out what hands they play 

I have also discovered that I love to make jewellery and appear to be quite good at it! I took a class in Macrame and have a large collection of various styles, colours and variations. I have had guests see me making them and buy them off me for $10
Make your own fun!Make your own fun!Make your own fun!

Home made twister on the beautiful beach.
or $20, Mark would like me to sell them on Ebay or Etsy, I’m still undecided. I’ve also made other items of costume jewellery which again people ask to buy. I’ve looked into a course for next year so I’ll be signing up for that and see what happens!

Some of you may know that when I was at college a very long time ago I also worked in a Barber shop. For a guy to get their haircut in Australia it costs on average $25 and up. For a backpacker on a budget that’s pretty steep so I plucked up the courage and found my skills deep in the back of my brain and now cut hair for $10 a pop. Mark thinks it’s great how I make money on the side but it fills in the gaps in my day, helps guests out and I enjoy it too!

So all is well with us, I love and miss you all. XXXX


11th September 2010

our daughter
I love reading your blogs they always bring a smile to my face. Then I call your dad and tell him what you are doing. We are very proud of you and what you have achieved in such a short time. Being brought up with 2 brothers has certainly given you a fighting spirit. I know you miss all the finer things in life and having a home of your own but it will come. You will hjave to play poker with Simon he has poker games in his spare room as I understand so you have something in common lol. We are so excited to know that we will be seeing you and especially just before christmas which is always a tough time for us with our family so far away. Love you sweetheart and cant wait to see you. Take care mum and dad xxx
12th September 2010

Always such a joy to read about your adventures. Take care, be safe, and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

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