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April 5th 2007
Published: April 5th 2007
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The three of usThe three of usThe three of us

On our night out in Northbridge
We had a good flight to Perth, but would you believe it took 4 and 1/2 hours to get there, Australia is just so big. You wouldn't think you could travel for that long by air and still be in the same country. Sarah was there to meet us, it was so good to see her. As we gazed out the window of the car during the journey from the airport to where Sarah lived in Padbury we could really notice just how dry it was, especially compared to Sydney.

We went with Sarah to pick up the kids (Ben and Libby) from school, they were just the same as when i had last seen them in England although they had grown so much, Ben was nearly catching up with me and Libby had seemed to obtain an Aussie accent. Our body clocks had a bit of a shock adjusting to a normal day. We were greated each morning at around 7am by very loud energetic children usualy leeping all over us, in Sydney we would be lucky to emerge before 12pm!

Beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters ran along the whole coastline with our nearest being Mullaloo

This is just one of the many pictures Ben made me take!
and in our opinion this was the best. One day we stole the kids boogie boards and went boogie boarding. It was hillarious we kept getting ditched and nearly drowned, Sarah was on the beach so managed to get some funny pictures. We have definately found yet another new love.

Just around the corner from Sarahs there wasa cemetary and gardens. It was abundant with kangaroos, there were loads of them. We drove down there late one afternoon, you could get really close. Its strange to think that over here kangaroos are just part of your average wildlife.

Sarah wanted to take us out for a night of partying, so on the friday we got dolled up and went into Northbridge, this is a place just outside of Perth its where all the backpackers go. It just so happened that it was Good Friday. Now, at home, the Easter weekend is a money spinner for pubs and clubs, but that wasnt the case in Perth. As we entered the supposed hotspots of Northbridge, we noticed that it was incredibly quiet, then it dawned on us, everything was shut for the bank holiday, even the off licenses, we couldn't

This is Libby at her Easter bonnet parade. We helped make it!
believe it! When we got back, we texed a friend in Sydney to see if they were sharing in our pain, it was a comfort to know that they were, it was the same there too. We made up for it on the saturday, had a classic night most of which was spent in Mustang Bar.

It may sound silly but one of the biggest highlights for us going horse riding. We went bush riding. We were allowed to go off by ourselves for two hours it was great, we didn't realisejust how much we had missed it!

On another day we were taken to Kings Park. This Park over looks Perth City. You can get great views from the look out point and as you walk through the gardens there is lots to see, its well worth a visit.

Overall we think Perth is really lovely. It has such a laid back feel to it, its the complete opposite to Sydney. The strangest thing about Perth is probably that nearly everyone you pass in the street is english, especially in the area where Sarah lived, it definately seems to be the place to emigrate too in
Joining in the fun!Joining in the fun!Joining in the fun!

Doing a special Easter song and dance.

We want to say a big thank you to sarah and Andy for having us, it was so nice to have a few home comforts for a while, so...... THANK YOU!!!!!

While we were over on the West Coast we decided that we wanted to see some of it. Luckily for us Andy said we could borrow his car. This was a Ford Falcon automatic, the biggest engine both of us had ever driven and also we both had never driven an automatic so we though this should be very interesting. So, its off up the West Coast.......

Additional photos below
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This was taken in the cemetary and gardens.
Kangaroo StatuesKangaroo Statues
Kangaroo Statues

These can be found in Perth city centre
Perth CityPerth City
Perth City

View from Kings Park

Taken in Kings Park
Ben and LibbyBen and Libby
Ben and Libby

Taken in Kings Park

22nd May 2007

Opposite side of Brisbane
This is one of the places that I did not able to visit. Hopefully in the future. quite an interesting read. rey

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