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November 14th 2009
Published: November 14th 2009
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all these tats are on my right arm ,my hitchiking arm, and each is from a different country

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5th April 2010

Same idea
Hey there- I've done the same thing with my tattoos, getting them for each adventure, not necessarily each country,that would take forever. I love the idea and you are the only other I've heard of doing it. It's so nice to have each momento on our body. I was wondering, what is the significance of your tattoo for Chile. I lived there for nearly 2 years and have been deciding for years what that tattoo should be... keep on traveling!
17th April 2010

Tatuaje Chilleano
My Chillean tattoo is of the traditional design on the skin of a "Kultrun".It is a ceremonial drum that was very important to the Mapuche culture.I've been led to believe most indiginous Chilleanos claim a Mapuche background. I always try to pick a tattoo that will be recognisable to all people from that country.I'm often being stopped by people, in Australia, asking why I have a tattoo from their country.They are great conversation starters. You should post some pics of your tattoos.Now I have 31Tattoos by 26 artists in 14 countries.
16th July 2010

Colombian Tattoo!
Hey! I have been trying to find a flawless design of the 200 Colombian peso coin, for which I want to get a tattoo of. Can you help me out? I have tried to google the design but there is not a clear design of it, nor are the designs a perfect circle.
19th July 2010

Tatuaje Colombiano
Most designs I've seen are very similar it's the artist that makes the difference.IKf you are getting it in Colombia I would recommend "Kike" at "Big Brother Tattoos" in Bogota or "Miguel Angel" at "Krishna Studio" in Bucaramanga.
16th September 2010

Hi......I was wondering what is the significance of your Colombian tattoo....I am colombian (born in the US though) and have been looking for years for a colombian tattoo.....also my grandma claims that we are from Chibcha descendent but I can never find any symbols from them...any suggestions.
19th September 2010

this is cool
These are cool tattoos. l Like the whole tribal thing. My mom is from Panama so I was wondering what does your Panamanian tattoo mean?
23rd September 2010

Tatuaje Panama
It is a PreColombian Huaca of the "Creator of the Universe".The story of this indian god is scarily similar to the christian god
23rd September 2010

Tatuaje colombiano
It is a design of "Los quatro arves" "The four birds" from the PreColombian Quimbayas culture.It is also used as design on 200peso coin.
30th September 2010

what does this mean?
26th October 2010

so i like total tattoos

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