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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Monkey Mia November 18th 2010

Nanga Bay is just a resort and campsite. We were waiting for Lynsey's friend from home to join us, so this was just a place to stay before heading to Monkey Mia. Nanga Bay, as well as Monkey Mia, is in Shark Bay National Hertiage Area. Nanga was beautiful. The resort has its own pool and hot tub, which we could use for free and its own private beach. We went for a swim in the pool then headed to the beach. The water was warm and so clear! You could see all the fish swimming around and we were very lucky to see a sea turtle swim by! We met a couple of Aussie guys who were traveling around and spent the evening together around a camp fire. One guy could play the guitar and ... read more
Attacking emu!
Me and Hazel

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Monkey Mia November 4th 2010

After our pit stop in Lancelin we Headed ever north towards the town of Geraldton As beautiful a drive as any - Long and seemingly endless road with naught but brush , bush and red rock .Comparable only to that found on mars. It was, as the previous sentence suggests - otherworldly. We travelled for the most part of a day - stopping only to eat, take photos and get petrol. Once we reached Geralton, Nico and i were very happy to be greeted by our first 'Crazy Clark's' (something we had been told to look out for by our good friends Marie and Ghis Melou (Owners of NOLIMIT Tattoo, in London). Ive always loved pound shops, and to set the scene; 'Crazy Clark's' is what would happen if national chain store The 'pound shop' and ... read more
Nico and I on the beach.
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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Monkey Mia September 27th 2010

18.9.09 - Monkey Mia, WA We left Perth at 7am on a Friday morning and had an 11 hour bus journey with a couple of stops at scenic roadhouses in between, we were travelling with another boy and girl who had landed the same job’s as us so quickly made acquaintance with Faye and Ben and arrived at Monkey Mia in no time. We got to the resort at about 8pm and were introduced to the boss and shown to our temporary rooms, then told we’d probably be working the next day, happily we didn’t have work so instead it was used to explore the beach that would be home for the next few months and then get drunk on the goon and beer purchased on the journey up, not the brightest idea since we would ... read more
Our Donga

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Monkey Mia September 5th 2010

Coral Bay was a very busy beach place, caravan city. Checked into our windy site and explored what was a very beautiful bay with crystal clear water. Had another snorkel, but was disappointed to see a lot of dead coral close to shore. Was a little better further out. Anyway the water was warm, but chill factor out was not so good. Checked local pub for a few drinks which proved a little more sheltered. Spent the morning on a quad bike, snorkelling trip which we all thoroughly enjoyed. This took us along the beach to Oyster Beach which has some amazing colored fish and coral. Once again chilly, but warm in the water. Next stop was a Lagoon where a few turtles and larger fish were spotted. Once again a great variety of fish to ... read more
John glen beach
Pete bike
Brick bike

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Monkey Mia August 13th 2010

July 31 The wind came up over the last few days, preventing us from finding dolphins. We were setting up for a data catch up day yesterday, but got offered to go on a road trip instead. Data or road trip…hmmm. Guess what won out. We headed down the peninsula towards some of the other sites Shark Bay has to offer. Our first stop was at the aptly named Shell Beach, so named because it is covered by billions of tiny white cockle shells. Stark contrast to the bright blue sky and turquoise waters of L’Haridon Bight. From there we drove to Eagle Bluffs, a set of cliffs overlooking the bay. You can see all the way across to the salt mines at Useless Loop (where another dolphin project is set up). In the warmer months ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Monkey Mia August 7th 2010

June 21 Getting into some semblance of rhythm here. You can never be fully settled because our days depend totally on weather. There are no weekends…only days we go out & days we don’t. Today was the latter. Too windy. On non-boat days I’ve gone on two ~10 km walks out to Red Bluff near Monkey Mia. Got to get some energy out on the windy days. Looking at fin pics and entering data makes you loopy after about 5 straight hours. Seen emus, wallabies, zebra finches (they don’t just live in pet stores) and all sorts of other creatures. No thorny devils, echidnas, or bilby just yet. Red bluff is appropriately named after the burnt burgundy coloured earth. That’s not a good colour description. You kind of have to see it. Where outback meets the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Monkey Mia July 28th 2010

Here is the first of what should hopefully be many blogs from Monkey Mia. As I said in my previous post I will write as often as I can but it is completely dependent on weather. Good weather = more dolphin watching = less blogging. I already have way more written down than I'll include in this first one, but I thought I'd start at the beginning...arriving at Monkey Mia. As for pictures, I'll do my best. I can post pictures from camp and the area that I take with my camera. I'll do that as often as I can but the internet connection is slow and the pics don't upload at a high quality. That being said a picture does say a thousand words (and I've heard from some these blogs run long sometimes :)) ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Monkey Mia April 2nd 2010

Day 2 Leg 2: Kalbarri - Monkey Mia Our accommodation in Kalbarri was quite nice, with enough room to swing a cat and everything. No cooker but we had our own. We've decided to cook all our meals ourselves rather than spend our money on overpriced restaurants....we have to save that for fuel. The price seems to be creeping up the further we head north. No sense in grumbling though as without it we wouldn't go anywhere! It's comforting to know we've got 40L in the tray...just in case. Since we didn't have a chance to really see much of Kalbarri the night before, nothing more than a nice cliffside and a sunset, we drove up to Kalbarri National Park to see some interesting natural rock formations and assuage our need to DO something. There's no ... read more
Heading to Nature's Window
Monkeying Around

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Monkey Mia November 2nd 2009

29-10-09 Happy Birthday Brett, we will have a drink for you today. Well we did not get to see the dolphins as I was up all night & did not have much sleep, so was late getting up & did not get to Monkey Mia till 10am. It is a pretty place with beautiful beaches & is a resort. It was $16 for a day pass & we had a wander round & had a coffee & a bacon & egg burger, then went for a walk up the beach, & saw the camel rides & the Pelicans sunning themselves, but no Dolphins came in to feed. Oh well next time around we might see them. We came back to town & took the dogs for a walk on the dog beach & the water was ... read more
3   29-10-09  Little Lagoon On the way to Monkey Mia
5  29-10-09  The beach at Monkey Mia where they feed the dolphins
7  29-10-09  The beach at Monkey Mia

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Monkey Mia November 2nd 2009

Starting at Monkey Mia meant that today we didn't have to drive at all in the morning as we were within walking distance of the main attraction. Despite the name, the main thing to see here are actually some 'wild' dolphins which come to the beach to be fed each morning. In my opinion this makes them as wild as a pet cat. Still, it was nice to see the dolphins close up, although the large number of people and the way the dolphins were led along following the food make it seem more of a circus act than anything. There were also several pelicans wandering about on the beach. They are such odd looking birds! After the act was finished, we ended up just generally lounging about on the beach for several hours, taking the ... read more
Monkey Mia

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