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February 1st 2014
Published: February 2nd 2014
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Our Club President and his wife dressed for Australia Day
I was only home for less than 24 hours then we were going away again, we were off to our 4 wheel drive clubs Australia day event at the Water Mark Kilns in Northcliff.

Caroline had booked a few days off so when she collected me from the airport she was technically on leave.

The Thursday was a bit of a blur for me, I was walking around completely dazed and confused , but I’m sure I contributed in some small way

We had to get Gypsy ready as we were meeting the ‘Forward party” for the Toyota Landcruiser club, Australia day long weekend trip on Friday morning at 09.30 at the Dorsett Road Pull in, which was were possibly 25 vehicles would gather to drive down to our destination.

All the Caravans were going together and the “Faster vehicles” those who were tenting and those with camper trailers as we are, were going first as we would be faster, the idea was to get down there in about 4 hours and setup, before those slow caravans eventually turned up.

We all gathered as required and made a timely get away heading first towards Bunbury, then

Being Photo bombed by the farm dog. Camp instruction were "Don't feed the Dog"
Donnybrook, where we all stopped for some lunch.

It was a glorious day the weather was magnificent and we finally arrived at about 2.00pm and as soon as we had set up I climbed in to bed exhausted as my Jet lag was catching up with me.

I probably slept for 4 hours, which I knew was a bad thing to do, but I just had to go to sleep, though I knew I would be up an 3.00am which seems to be my time to wake up for some reason.

When I woke it was early evening so we got some dinner on then we wandered over to where the group was and had a few beers and caught up with some of the club members.

We probably hit the sack at around 10.30 and as predicted I was up at 3.00 am so I decided to go and sit in one of the Chalets that had been allocated for the club, make myself a brew and do some blogging which I did until Caroline had got up,

On the new day Saturday we had put our name down for a club run to the Broke inlet, which was some a decent amount of sand driving along the beach, about 9 vehicles went and it was good fun, personally I prefer rocky or muddy types of terrain, not sand but beggars can’t be choosers

We had left at 9.00 am and got back to camp at 4.30 ish and we jumped straight in the shower and washed away the dirt of the day.

Kim Parker, one of the club members had put together an evening of members travels photo’s and we offered up our two films we had done and I have to say they went down a storm, for our blog readers we are in the process of loading them up to You tune so just hang tight for another week or so and it will be done.

I think the pictures of our travels went down a storm, every one commented on our photographs and how we had put them together, though we thought other peoples pictures were equally amazing.

I had not had any chance for a nap on the Saturday so I really was hoping that I slept through until the morning which is what actually
On the beachOn the beachOn the beach

heading towards Broke Inlet

he Sunday was Australia Day, the day in Australian history which it marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British Ships at Sydney Cove, New South Wales, and raising of the Flag of Great Britain at that site by Governor Arthur Phillip, or in other words a bank holiday, when all Australia is basically having fun.

Our day was going to be busy, I had been selected to be a captain of one of the cricket teams that would be playing its first match at 08.30, then there was boule, and two up and Boomerang throwing, one of our members had hand made 47 Boomerangs for everyone to throw.

What do you call a Boomerang that doesn’t come back Answer A stick.

The whole day was taken up with activities, interspersed with morning and afternoon tea when we had all good Australian things, like Vegemite Sandwiches, lamingtons and red white and blue cakes everyone had made an amazing effort.

Most people had taken food for the progressive dinner, our contribution was we did a potatoe bake for 30 people, so had made it
Awesome SkyAwesome SkyAwesome Sky

All out for a drive
on the Thursday and kept it chilled until we could get it in to the chalet fridge to keep.

The remaining members of the people who were attending arrived on the Saturday and all in all 94 people had arrived o celebrate Australia day with the Toyota Landcruiser club of W.A

When dinner was served there was so much food it was amazing, we had Kangaroo stew, Rabbit Stew, Lamb Roast, Beef, Potatoes Bake a selection of veggies, Coleslaw , baked spuds the list was amazing and when deserts arrived, again the selection, of Pavlovas and cheesecakes were truly awesome.

Once dinner had been washed down with a couple of beers, it was time for entertainments and some of the members did various things, some of the ladies sang some old Australian Songs which were great, and they had made their hats out of paper plates which looked like Sydney Opera house, then a couple of people did some bush poetry and various things which made the evening go really quick and as usual soon it was time for bed.

It was great sleeping in Gypsy again, with all the windows and vents open the cool air of the evening washed over our sleepy selves and it was great.

Monday morning I had volunteered to help with the communal breakfast, breakfast for 94 people, eggs Bacon, sausage, tomatoes and beans, by the time I had some about 10 dozen eggs the thought of food just did not appeal.

It was time to pack our stuff away, and Gypsy does not take much to get all our stuff packed away and soon we were on our way back, what a great time we had had.

Additional photos below
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Down to Davey Jones LockerDown to Davey Jones Locker
Down to Davey Jones Locker

Just checking the depth of a water crossing
Dodging the tideDodging the tide
Dodging the tide

We had to take it in turns to cross when the tide went out
Merv HughesMerv Hughes
Merv Hughes

Yes this is the real Merv Hughes, call sign Hercules
Tyre DeflationTyre Deflation
Tyre Deflation

Dropping the tyres to 12 PSI from normal running pressure of 45

Call sign Possum, I wonder why!!
Pert BehindPert Behind
Pert Behind

Playing Cricket In his Life Savers swimmers

In the semi finals of the Boule championship, I bombed out in the first round

Dressed for Australia Day
Ken, Ken,

Call sign Knobby, looking like he is up to no good.
Brian and NestaBrian and Nesta
Brian and Nesta

Call sign goldilocks as he doesn't have any hair, dressed for Australia Day

Colleen won the best dressed Aussie

2nd February 2014

Hi. Sounds like your Australia Day weekend was a 'blast'. Glad to hear you are still enjoying the outings with the club. What a monster group. As always, great blog and fantastic pictures.
3rd February 2014
Awesome Sky

22nd February 2014

Australians embrace their eglatarian life style
We love the out door easy flow life relaxed style of living embracing the who you are not what you are. Fellow Aussies though were somewhat jealous of the fabulous Away Away Australia Day at Northcliffe where beach and forest 4wheel driving made a day filled with memories and building friendships. Then the big Australia day itself with of course cricket, boomerangs and then boules to test skills, add to this bush poetry and Australian songs.... great fu, great memories, great photos.
31st May 2014

You are missed!
Well, it's been quite a while since your last posting. Are you no longer traveling? I have enjoyed the tales of your adventures for some years and find I am wondering if you are well, have hung it up on travel or just plain too busy.

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