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November 29th 2013
Published: November 29th 2013
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Ring necked Parrot with some ginger bicky
Hi All,

We know that we have just uploaded a blog Point to Point and I was just running through how the blog was going.

It is amazing that High Five has had 121 reads in about 24 hours which is amazing, and I think this was a special blog celebrating our fives years in Australia, BUT and its a big BUT, blogs like rock of ages- (804165) has only had 84 reads, and this blog was when we were at Uluru with some amazing pictures , Dance, of 1000 Flies-803842, 84 reads, Goodbuy Alice-(803844) 84 reads and Six Oscar Foxtrot-(804467) has had 112 reads and I honestly think this is an exceptional piece of work, How many of you readers have launched a weather Balloon and a remote outback Weather station, yes I thought so, not many.

Now the only vested interest we have in this is we put our hearts and souls in to these blogs, after a days driving, setting Gypsy up, feeding ourselves looking for wildlife and so on, we always have to find the time to present a blog and all I am saying is I would like to see some of our best work, get more views and I don't want to offend anyone.

What I am have trouble this is how an average blog like High 5 gets so many quick reads and awesome blogs as above don't get many.???

Anyway, I have attached a picture of one of our morning visitors that except me to feed them, along with all the ducks, about 12, the magpies, about 6 ringed necked parrots and Eric the Chicken, but alas no Wombats.



29th November 2013

I am one of those who hasn't launched a weather balloon, crossed the Simpson Desert, crossed the Great Central Outback Highway and a lot of things that you have done. Our adventure was on sealed roads, but still a wonderful, wonderful experience. Please keep up the blogs, bugger those that haven't read your best works.
29th November 2013

Can't help but wonder if people just don't relate to places they have never been. Sadly most don't appreciate the wonders of our great Oz landscape but relate more to concrete jungles & shopping malls etc! Their loss. Thankfully there are folk like you two who are there to enlighten others and encourage them to spread their wings. Keep up the good work. We love all your blogs - and the photos are superb. Love Keith & Jan
3rd December 2013
Morning Visitor

He is a beauty. Must have a real chat soon!

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