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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kununurra July 25th 2019

Man is it dry. And hot. And dusty. We are currently on our second day at the Home Valley Station, camping on the side of the Pentecost River. It is hot. And blowing. And Dusty. WIth the mix of dust and smoke (from burning off nearby that has been happening everywhere we go up here) it creates for a strange haze against the otherwise clear blue sky. As we have made our way along the roads for the past few days we have heard that the majority of the Kimberley is bone dry and I must say that the first 60km odd that we drove in has proven those statements correct - not even a dribble across the “water” crossing at the Pentecost at full tide. It is a bit of a disappointment as part of ... read more
Lake Argyle
Lower valley after Lake Argyle dam
The girls at the Kununurra lookout

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kununurra April 21st 2017

22nd March 2017 Up early as body still on Melbourne time clock. Slept OK though. Walked over to the Mango Cafe for breakfast. Beautiful food - Ian had poached eggs and bacon and I had wild mushrooms with poached egg and spinach. We then did a circuit around the CBD of Kununurra - too early for the shops though. Back to the hotel for a swim and a laze around until 12.00 checkout. Met up with Darryl and Kay again in the Kimberley Diamonds shop and decided we would all lunch at the Mango cafe - just sandwiches and iced coffee. Back to the KCC bar for a while and then picked up by the bus from Triple J tours and taken out to Wyndham Port to connect with Kimberley Quest II. Interesting drive and commentary. ... read more
Cambridge Gulf

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kununurra September 15th 2016

Tuesday 15th September 2016 We woke to the raucous cacophony of the birds in the trees in the park at about 0600hrs. By 0630hrs we had ourselves out of bed to start another glorious day. On the road by 0830hrs, quite relaxed after having another shower and talking to our neighbours before leaving. The temperature was already in the high 20s so we were happy to be in the aircon of the car. Our first stop was at about 1030 hrs just after entering the Gregory National Park. Sullivan Campground is designated rest/camp spot with seats and bbqs under trees next to the Victoria River. This is the longest river in the Northern Territory, about 560kms long. From here we continued to the Victoria River Roadhouse sitting on the river’s bank with a long traffic bridge ... read more
Wow, huge road trains!
Freshie waiting for dinner!
Rags captured the best pic of the bats in the trees.

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kununurra August 8th 2016

Hi All, I see it is a month since the last blog. Just been to busy. And all the sights we have seen have made an impossible list to put on one blog. In Adelaide we were joined by John and Sue - good friends from Auckland who accompanied us to Darwin. We proceeded to do the York and Eyre Peninsulas and then moved north to Woomera and Roxbury Downs. From there we split: we took the backroad/ 4x4 route on the Oodnadatta Track and John and Sue doubled back on the tar seal. The Oodnadatta track follows the original Ghan rail route and though poor and muddy in places the caravan handeled very well. The town of Oodnadatta boasts with a PINK roadhouse. I think they picked up the pink paint at a sale! After ... read more
WP_20160723_33 Setting Sun on the Olgas
WP_20160729_Ellery Creek Big Hole
WP_20160730_Devils Marbles

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kununurra February 22nd 2016

DAY 3. Was I busting to get a move on? You bet! It was light but before sunrise, not however before the flys reappeared though. I made tracks at 0605. I was planning on smashing out a few more K’s today the theory I had before leaving the Coast was at least Katherine by night 3 and any further would be a bonus. This was going to be about two thirds of the trip covered and I would just cruise through the remaining trip to Broome over the next 5 - 7 days. Micro sleeps - nasty things! The day went well. Today was a lizard day I have never had this many cross the road in front of me in any one day during my travels. 9 in total, 8 of 3 different species and ... read more
Mathison Rest area
Mathison Rest area

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kununurra August 14th 2015

I've happily explored a good part of eastern Australia, but I've never had the opportunity to check out what's what on the western part of my magnificent country. Over the past year, a couple of friends of mine did venture out west, and they came back raving about a little place in the northern part of the region called Kununurra and Lake Argyle, the beautiful body of water the town sits close to. So, for my birthday, I decided to make a weekend trip to Kununurraa present to myself. I flew Qantus to nearby Broome, then a local puddle jumper took me directly to Kununurra Airport where I easily did a car hire ( all major car rental depots in Kununurra listed here . As I drove into the small town of about 6000, I ... read more
Ord River
Lake Argyle

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kununurra July 16th 2015

Sabine and Holger arrived early to pay for and collect the Cruiser. We were a little sorry to see "our" Cruiser go but we knew it was the right decision and Sabine and Holger will also have a great time with the Cruiser. They (like us) will be one of the many "owners" of this great Camping Cruiser. It was a significant day for us, particularly as we had to make the final decision as to which way we would go when we left Kununurra. We decided that we had seen enough of WA (particularly the dust and smoke) and it was time for something new. We chose to go back to NT and then follow the coast from the top of Queensland down to Melbourne (where we would again embark on the Spirit of Tasmania ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kununurra July 14th 2015

From Thursday to Sunday we were fully focussed on selling the Cruiser, getting up early to drive it around the corner and park it in the hotel carpark (which was the busiest corner in Kununurra and where everyone parked vehicles for sale). We also advertised on Gumtree and we had some interest (locally and interstate) but it was a slow job waiting for the right buyer to come along. We reduced the price and almost immediately, we had more interest and we agreed to sell to a local couple. During this waiting time we did some bird watching at the local Celebrity Tree Park. This is a great park with many old trees (including a massive boab) but some newer ones that have been planted by celebrities that have visited Kununurra. We also had the tyres ... read more
Celebrity Tree Park at Kununurra
Celebrity Tree Park at Kununurra
Celebrity Tree Park at Kununurra

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kununurra July 8th 2015

While we had been touring the Kimberley in the cruiser, our bus had been parked at Jakes (just out of town at Crossing Falls). We knew that it had a flat battery because Jake had been unable to start the bus and run it while we were away. It turned out that we hadn't got the isolator switch correctly set when we left and that's what had caused the problem. We drove out to Jakes and confirmed the bus would not start and then called the RACT (who then got in touch with the RAC in WA who then contacted the Kununurra agent to arrange for a jump start. Of course, it was a little more complicated because the Coaster has two batteries and runs 24 volt electrics. The guy finally turned up after more than ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kununurra July 6th 2015

After a sleep-in we knew that the first things to do (after breakfast) were renewing old friendships at Wild Mango and with Darryl, our mechanic. The cruiser had made it down the Gibb River Road without missing a (mechanical) beat. What a team: The Cruiser, mechanic Darryl, and Lenny and Georgi, driver and co-driver. It was hard to split the team up but we had a bus to catch (the Coaster) and we discussed with Darryl the best way to market the Cruiser.... read more

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