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September 1st 2006
Published: September 4th 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY

After having faith brought us to Kununurra, a small farming town, we thought it was only right to try out some harvest work. Laura is trying to extend her year work visa to 2 years by doing 3 months of agricultural work and I would like to keep my options open so I thought I would try extending my visa too, plus I need the money so how hard can it be?

We were told pumkin and melon picking was hard so we opted to work on a corn farm instead. It was a 5.30am start to 4.00pm finish with one 15min and one 30 min break throughout the day under 38 degrees + heat detassling, hoeing, picking and packing corn. It was so full on and me and Laura found it hard to stay focused throughout the long day, it just seemed so surreal to be working on corn fields in the dying heat in Australia, so we created our own fun (you'll go insane either wise) and giggled lots.

My highlight was probably that I got to drive a tractor! It was the most physically challenging job I have ever done in my life. We only lasted
Supermarket sweep..Supermarket sweep..Supermarket sweep..

Our arms were hurting from hoeing corn plants alday so we borrowed a trolley instead of carrying our shopping back to the hostel
3 days then we tried out butternut farming and to be honest that wasn't any easier either!!!! This time it was a 6.30 am start to 6.00pm finish. It was an awfully long day standing in a packing shed soughting and packing butternuts of all shapes and sizes... It was quite ironic that the company was called Cummings Butternuts!!! By the end of the day I couldn't distingush the difference.. must have got butternut blindness..

All in all we only ended up doing 4 days worth of work. We seriously can't hack it... after all we are city girls! We have decided that we are no longer going to look for work but a Ozie bloke to marry instead. Don't worry mama I will make sure to let you know when the wedding is. We have already had a proposal each... to the same guy but never the less it's still a proposal!!

Anyway, the plan is to now travel to Broome and see what awaits us there. Until the next update take care


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Girls hard at work..Girls hard at work..
Girls hard at work..

Look at our matching sexy hats!!
Out in the town...Out in the town...
Out in the town...

There was about 20 people out on a friday night if that?!
Cummings Butternuts!!!Cummings Butternuts!!!
Cummings Butternuts!!!

I'll leave the rest to your imagination..
Quit another job...Quit another job...
Quit another job...

I'll drink to that!!
Sunsetting in KununurraSunsetting in Kununurra
Sunsetting in Kununurra

On our last night we climb up Kelly's knob to watch the sunset and look over Kununurra. We weren't at all concerned about the eagles circling us!!!

4th September 2006

Hi mel. Hope you're okay. It was good to hear from you the other day!!! You're looking better given that you're free from the cold air con at least! I've done fruitpacking (also for about 3 days) when I was doing my A-levels and it doesn't sound much better. Although the weather is a plus. We're all okay - still waiting for my car (aka the bus!) to be fixed. Keep smiling and enjoy those taned oz men!!
5th September 2006

Butternutty goodness
He he, made me laugh. I can only imagine how gruelling the day was with all that physical labour, i'm tired just thinking about it... Good luck finding an Aussie guy to marry, at least then you can stay here with us :) Hope you're feeling fully recovered from your tonsilitis my little friend. News from here is Lizzie had a great time away in New Zealand and she came back engaged! She sends her love to you and so do I xoxoxox
7th September 2006

Slack Alice Here
Hey sweetie, sorry to have been out of touch for so long, time just seems to be getting the better of me these days. The photos are brilliant, you look like you are really enjoying yourself and have made a lifelong friend there too! Don't think I would have been able to hack woking on those farms either, like you two likely lassies I too am a City girl at heart, just can't do that physical labour stuff, an Orlando bullet jsut about finishes me off these days! Sad ol bat that I am. As I had leave and couldn't afford to go anywhere, no change there then, found myself another job, only part-time, its working for a promotional company, mostly just spraying the unsuspecting public with new perfumes/aftershaves, but hey it beats hanging around the house all day and at least it'll put a few much needed sheckles in in the pot., as my lovely but enormous son has taken up icehockey and its proving to be a farily expensive sport, hey ho at least he's not wandering the streets making a nuisance of himself, small mercies and all that. Keep up the good work out there chick and sending your news, its really uplifting to read al about your adventures, and I have to say I think the Australian man for marriage seems like a very good idea, find one for me while you are at it please, there you are you two could set up an agency to match English burdies with Aussie blokes, could be a real money spinner???? Much love and as always take care. DD XXXXXXXXX
11th September 2006

Muscle Woman
Blimey Mel, you must be well fit after all that farming - or maybe just fit to drop. Sounds like very hard work. Tractor driving sounds like lots of fun though. Any news on the Aussie bloke front? Love and hugs, Barbs.xx

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