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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karratha December 5th 2018

Today we were heading further up the coast to Karratha. The weather was once again sunny and hot, eventually reaching 34 degrees. We had to retrace our route initially, travelling through all those roadworks again. There were no water wagons this morning, thankfully, but the downside was that there was much more dust which swirled into mini-tornadoes and recoated the car in a red mist. It was hard to tell what colour it really was by the end of it all. We saw a large plane coming in to land at Onslow airport (yes, a town with a population of only 860 merits an airport in Australia), presumably ferrying in some of the workers to the gas plant. We eventually rejoined Route 1 and the road was empty of traffic once again. We steered for 334 ... read more
Steve at Karratha beach
Surfing Santa
Whim Creek pub

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karratha May 8th 2016

Millstream Chichester National Park to Karratha/Dampier. Half an inch of rain overnight and things rather wet, continuing to fall. No rain has fallen in the Pilbara for 15 months. Millstream Chichester National (240,000ha) is a landscape of rolling spinifex hills, spectacular escarpments and winding tree watercourses. A lush oasis exists around the Millstream Wetlands and Fortescue River, including palm trees. Leaving our camp around 8am we investigated the Millstream Homestead Visitor Centre. The Homestead features rooms dedicated to the Yindjibarndi people, the early settlers and the natural environment. A very wealthy cattle station in its prime, manicured lawns, gardens, swimming pool, tennis court and staff. Here we met the Park Ranger who informed us if we did not leave for Karratha soon the road would be closed and we would be stuck in Millstream. Straight back ... read more
Millstream National Park camp
Millstream Homestead

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karratha June 30th 2015

I have fallen weeks behind with my blogging so am trying to catch up over the next few days so trying to keep it short and sweet. Next stop was Karratha for 2 nights which was just a cleanup, stockup and general housework stop over two nights. Karratha is just a suburban stop really and it rained quite a bit here, nuisance rain really so we had to use dryers. Managed to get a haircut - such a relief. Lots of development in Karratha, apartments, new shopping centre and so on. Woodside’s massive North West Project (Gas and Oil) is based between here and Dampier but the general opinion is that the bubble has burst and nobody knows who is going to live in all these apartments. Spoke to one 20+ young married woman born and ... read more
80 Mile Beach
Barn Hill
Barn Hill

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karratha September 1st 2014

Hi travel followers. After almost another week (the days just seem to disappear) we thought it was time to post the latest travel blog on what we have been up to and where we have been. Picking up from where we left off in Broome, we spent a couple of more days there heading down to the point to view the Dinosaur foot prints (at very low tide) on the rocks. I must say it is extraordinary that they have survived the ravages of the sea. The following day we did a whale watching and sunset cruise and what an excellent day it was as we have never done one before. Large amounts of whales including a mother whale teaching her calf how to "breach". What a demonstration it was. The calf just kept breaching time ... read more
Hearson's Cove - Karratha
Lyn making friends with Red Dog
Dinosaur footprints - Broome

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karratha July 19th 2014

First of all, here he is. A photo of Red Dog the Pilbara wanderer. For overseas readers just google that and find out about the little red cattle dog. There is a great Aussie movie about him. He is now an icon in this country. We actually drove an extra 250 kms to get to take our photos because we promised our friend Feral Sheryl we would. She now wants us to go back to the statue and steal it and take it home to Brinkworth so her partner Shane can put it in the lounge! We mentioned in the last blog we were holed up in Newman. There really was no tourist stuff to do in Newman other than a tour of the iron ore mines. Been there, done that years ago. We both spent ... read more
001 Richard and Gill
001.1 Graham and Chris
002 Pilbara Iron Country

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karratha August 14th 2013

What sort of alarm clock do you use? Since retiring the electronic ever reliable has gone and we have a variety of alarms these days, often feathered and quite unreliable, but now preferred. However, wake up has other implications as well seen around Dampier, a port with incredible output, but one wonders at the downside of such progress. When we first arrived here we were booked into a low cost camp on the foreshore at Dampier, about 25 ks from Karratha. The harbour is quite pretty yet industrially dominated. They say that 25% of Australia's goods (by value) are exported through this port - Iron ore, LPG, salt and fertilizer. Karratha is WA's second most busy airport including some international flights. Take the iron ore bulk carriers - they average 200,000 tonnes of ore per ship, ... read more
Artistic Mulla Mulla
Camp site at Dampier with bay views.
A new ship arrives

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karratha July 26th 2013

Into the Pilbara, we head to Karratha to catch up with Big Rob and check out Dampier and surrounds. The dirt really is red and gets in everywhere. Rob working Fly in / Fly out at a Liquid Nitrogen Plant. Heaps of mining and gas related industry where ever you look. Every house has what seems at least 2 boats parked in the drive, plenty of cash around. We visit the Red Dog statue and take a trip to the Woodside Gas Plant visitors centre, which I found fantastic.... read more
The ghost gum
Rob and Andi

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karratha May 31st 2013

Geo: -20.7367, 116.846On our way to a free camp we called in to see Karratha. My goodness is that place thriving. There is so much building and construction of roads going on. We have noticed all the houses up this way don't have any gutters. Too much water. Karratha is now a stones throw from Dampier as they have built a dual lane freeway to connect the 2 towns.Karratha has a huge port and a large mining community.Dampier is such a pretty little town and is the home to the Red Dog statue. It has a huge port and out in the bay is an island which looks like paradise from the distance. Apparently a man built a castle there and lived on the island until he died and is now buried there. You can take ... read more
Red Dog

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karratha July 18th 2012

Nous avons quitté dimanche matin le camping de Barn Hill Station, car bien qu’il soit sympa on doit avancer. Beaucoup de route ces derniers jours, on roule le long de la côte dans la région du Pilbara. Dimanche nous faisons quasiment que rouler, on s’alterne au volant et au s’arrête assez tôt, avant 17h dans une aire de repos immense et bondée ! Où on a d’ailleurs la bonne idée de se mettre tout au bout, résultat un quart d’heure de marche pour atteindre les toilettes ! Lundi matin on arrive à Port Hedland, ville minière pas terrible mais ça fait une pause sur la route, surtout qu’on trouve à Pretty Pool, des douches !! C’est un joli spot de balade au bord de la mer avec l’aire de pique-nique qui va avec. On se promène ... read more
Sur la plage
Tanker chargé de minerai de fer

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karratha May 20th 2012

Karratha/Dampier 20th May The towns and areas surrounding Karratha have a European history that dates back to 1699 when William Dampier first sailed into the Archipelago aboard his ship the Roebuck, landing at Pirates cove on Enderby Island. Another new town in WA, Karratha was established in the late 1960’s to serve the requirements of major local industrial projects, such as Pilbara Iron, Dampier Salt and later Woodside’s North West Shelf Gas Ventures. Karratha derives its name from an aboriginal word meaning ‘good country’. With a population of around 12,000 everything looks new and ‘ growing’ and appeared as a busy modern town that could provide all necessary services and industrial support to service the mining industry and community that has developed around them. Karratha is considered the shopping hub of the Pilbara and we visited ... read more

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