Exmouth to Karijini Nat Park

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We have arrived at Exmouth, staying just north of Cape Range National Park and the Ningaloo Marine Park. Unfortunately it was too windy and rough on the ocean for us to do a Whale Shark Boat Trip, we both would have gotten sea sick. We opted with a boat tour of Yardi Creek, a fresh water creek on the southern end of Cape Range National Park. The creek cliff edges are home to lots of Black Footed Rock Wallabies, who are not too shy when we pass by. Ningaloo Marine Park is spectacular, we can snorkel right from the beach and the water is a crystal clear blue, Turquoise Beach was my favourite and best beach for snorkelling.

From Exmouth, we headed north to Dampier to see Red Dog and the Stairway to the Moon. You can only see the stairway to the moon on a full moon and at low tide, it was excellent to watch the moon rise over the water again. Dampier is the home of the Red Dog memorial, after only just recently watching the movie, we had to go and see him. We have been told the movie is very true to how things were
Yardi CreekYardi CreekYardi Creek

Black Footed Rock Wallaby
when Red Dog was around.

From Dampier we decided to drive the Rio Tinto Rail Road into Tom Price. You have to get a permit to drive this road as it is owned and managed by Rio Tinto, Ben was not impressed that he had to watch a video by Rio Tinto to get the permit, but we did it. Our van and car soon took on a red tinge of Pilbara Red, we saw at least 6 trains on our trip, they are at least 3 kms long.

Half way down the road we stopped for a couple of nights at Millstream National Park. In the middle of not much, there are some large water holes and a natural spring, there is an old homestead beside the spring, most people did not even realise the spring was there.
From Millstream, it was back on the rail road and into Tom Price, just for a night, to clean up a bit before heading to Karijini National Park. Karijini is spectacular, with at least 8 gorges in the area, it is a must see if you are in the Pilbara. We walked down into about 4 of the gorges,
Ningaloo Marine ParkNingaloo Marine ParkNingaloo Marine Park

Turquoise Beach
not an easy task, basically climbing down the rock gorge walls, but well worth it. Most of the gorges have water in the that you can swim in, most are very cold as Ben found out when he dropped his sunnies in Knox Gorge and had to retrieve them, "breath taking" were his words.

From Karijini, it is on to Newman, see catch up with Carrie and George for a few nights.

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Sunset fron Exmouth Lighthouse
Rio Tinto Rail RoadRio Tinto Rail Road
Rio Tinto Rail Road

Dealing with dust after passing traffic
Karijini National Park - Knox GroegKarijini National Park - Knox Groeg
Karijini National Park - Knox Groeg

Right before Ben dropped his sunnies in the water, had to go for a swim in the cold water to retieve them.

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