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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalbarri July 12th 2021

Going with Option C, we slept in the back of the car and it did work well in keeping us dry. With the sets folded back the mattress pretty much fit in and although we couldn’t fully stretch out we were not too uncomfortable and during the night we could hear the rain come down in sheets. Our tent was slightly sideways in the morning with a small pool of water in one corner so we were grateful for making the decision to sleep in the car. It was still raining on an off when we adventured out of the car, our bladders calling us to get up more than anything else. Even though it was raining the weather forecast that by 11am it would pretty much clear up and we set out to buy a ... read more
Z Bend Kalbarri
From the Skydeck
Looking at the Skydeck

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalbarri June 2nd 2021

Well I’m terribly sorry to say that I have not been in a “blogging mood” for the last 2 weeks. We have been cursed with lots of rain and if it’s not raining it is cloudy, windy or cold and usually a combination of all three. I can count on one hand the number of decent days we’ve had since being in the motorhome these last 3 weeks. We are getting super fat sitting around in the van waiting for the weather to improve so we can go outside and DO something. In fact I think this is THE worst holiday we’ve done in the 32 years I’ve been dragging Noel around the globe. We did have really bad weather in April 1989 when 2 cyclones wiped out far north Queensland, while we road tripped up ... read more
Green's Pool
Cascades Pemberton
Tree Tops Walk Pemberton

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalbarri March 19th 2019

Day 13 (14/3/2019) Had a bit of a sleep in this morning, which was something of a luxury, but after 4 hard days on the road it was well needed. Arranged for the caravan antenna to be looked at tomorrow, meaning we will stay in Geraldton a bit longer, but switching to another caravan park afterwards as we need to take the caravan to them. Purchased some food for the extra few days & the week or so ahead as shops will be rare after we leave Geraldton. After dropping our shopping off at the van, we walked down to the Fishermans Wharf, enjoying some Snapper & chips for lunch at Barnacles on the Wharf. What can I say but YUM! Beautiful flavour & texture; it was some of the best fish I have ever had. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalbarri November 30th 2018

We left Jurien Bay and were straight back on the Indian Ocean Drive. It was a lovely road with very little traffic apart from some three trailer road train lorries. The road had plenty of overtaking lanes, regularly signed (next overtaking lane in 5 kms) to stop you taking silly risks, but they weren't really needed as even the big lorries could maintain 110kms/h and everyone drove to the speed limit. We drove through Geraldton, a place I would call a proper town, with a population of 40K and things like carpet and furniture shops, DIY stores, hospitals and dentists - all the services you need to get by. During the course of our travels it became clear that people travelled significant distances from 'up North' and the Outback to shop in Geraldton and I could ... read more
Kalbarri pelicans
Me, windswept in Kalbarri

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalbarri July 28th 2018

Just for Singles Kalbarri Christmas in July 23 - 27 July 2018 with Villa Holiday/Travel. Collected from and returned to my home by Villa. Comfortable coach for the duration of time away and good accommodation; plenty of comfort stops; well organised day activities / sightseeing and bonus visit to the Hutt River Principality for those who wished to go there or free time in Kalbarri. River cruise included lunch and fantastic views of the red limestone cliffs.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalbarri July 26th 2016

Geo: -27.6568, 114.395Shell & I were up early as she'd got a horse riding session which I pre booked last year, I did email them before we left Hong Kong to confirm the start time as dependent on the weather it would be 08:00 if it was fine or 09:00 if there was a problem and they promised to email me in advance to confirm the start time. Unfortunately despite another email from me nothing further was heard, not looking good we thought, anyway off we went arriving at the ranch at 07:30 to allow for briefing etc. As we pulled in the place was deserted, there were plenty of horses around but no cars or people; we wander around the stables and accommodation bloc, nothing so back to the car we went with heavy hearts, ... read more
Big River Ranch Horse riding
Big River Ranch Horse riding
Big River Ranch Horse riding

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalbarri July 25th 2016

Geo: -27.6568, 114.395On route up to Kalbarri we wanted to take the kids to see the Pinnacles Dessert, we stopped after an hour or so to stretch our legs at a lookout, Shell and Sophie went off first followed by the rest of us it didn't take long before Sophie came running back with her fingers to her lips " come quickly there's a Wallaby just around the corner" sure enough as we rounded the bend in the track there not 4m away was a fully grown Wallaby munching on the vegetation, not a care in the world. Whilst it saw us it took no notice and just carried on feeding, then I spotted two Joeys hiding just off the track. By the time we left we were close enough to touch the mother, what a ... read more
Our Friendly Wallaby
Our Friendly Wallaby

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalbarri July 15th 2016

A great child hood memory for me is Kalbarri. A lazy 10 hour drive from Perth it is a town on the mouth of the Murchinson River and is home to the amazing Murchinson Gorges.Some close friends decided to drive up too and we all had a wonderful stay for around ten days. The weather was warmer than Perth bordering around 25 degrees everyday so not quite warm enough for swimming but you could wear shorts. We stayed in a two bedroom apartment at the Best Western and it was huge! The rooms were massive with a full kitchen and lounge room and a balcony overlooking the pool. Best of all it was a quick walk to the shops, river and local pub for dinner. Once we had our bearings we headed out to the Gorges ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalbarri September 13th 2015

Just posting a range of photos from our recent trip to Kalbarri. You can see what we did from viewing the pics!... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalbarri September 5th 2015

Wednesday 26th August A driving day and a long one. We set off at 8.30 and soon pass Paraburdoo, the last place we see for 270K.. At 1pm we stop for lunch at the Nantutarra Roadhouse. It's famous for being the most expensive roadhouse in Western Australia. Fortunately we don't need anything. The scenery has been like driving across Dartmoor for 4 hours solid. Only bush to see and straight roads for miles. It's pretty boring. Only another two and a half hours driving and we turn off for our campsite for the night at Bullara Station. A working cattle station with a good write up in our book. I've driven about 300 miles, a record. After booking in we find it very rustic to say the least. Not quite what we were expecting and no ... read more
2 Breakfast at Jurabi Point
3 Turquoise Bay
4 Stuarts Desert Pea

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