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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Jurian Bay November 2nd 2011

Geraldton(G) to Jurien Bay(J) with stops at Dongara-Denison(D) and Green Head(GH). (13804 km to 14006 km)... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Jurian Bay December 15th 2009

15th December 09 Today was a reasonable day, and John is recovering from the bite he had. We were able to take a long walk and enjoyed the foreshore, even with the atrocious wind that we had today. It was so bad that we had to close the awning on the van, or we may have lost it as we did some years ago when we were in Fowlers Bay. Poppy is really enjoying these walks, and so do we, as he sleep all night without a murmur!!!!. so, from me, it is good bye for now... read more
Trying to walk....the dog!!!!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Jurian Bay November 16th 2009

15-11-09 Happy Birthday Lissy, Started off with a market this morning at Greenough in front of the Caravan Park, so I had a look at it & Den finished hooking up the car (he really wanted to traipse around a market). We were still on the way at 8.30, which I surprised den. W stopped in at Dongara - Port Dennison a pretty little fishing village known for its fishing & Western Rock Lobsters. The foreshore was beautiful, with all the boats in the harbour & the colour of the water just keeps changing. Off again & further down the coast we headed for Leeman, it’s very windy today & we kept on getting buffeted by the wind, but the temp is about 26deg. We hit wildflower country again ( I wont bore you guys again) ... read more
5   15-11-09    Bay Beach Leeman
13   15-11-09    From the Lookout at Bay Beach Leeman
23  15-11-09    The foreshore at Greenhead

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Jurian Bay May 7th 2009

There are many ways of finding your way to Perth from Freo and having endured hours flying high we chose the Captain Cook ferry service which takes one in style up the mighty Swan River.Not too many boarded the ferry so all calm and quiet despite the usual quota of Japanese tourists who couldn’t quite outgun the boisterous squawking of the seagulls.Water is the dominant feature of much of Freo and Perth and the multitude of boats to be seen everywhere was remarkable and if the Skipper of the ferry is to be believed,one in three Western Australian families owns a boat of some sort.On another beautiful, cloudless day we were hugely impressed by the numerous grassy parks,marinas and upmarket mansions on the water.This is where the well heeled of Perth reside and the good Skipper ... read more
Perth skyline without clouds
The Lucky Shag Bar

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Jurian Bay May 5th 2009

The flight and arrival into Perth was non eventful…exactly as you would anticipate with both Emirates flights under the command of South African pilots,one of whom gave his captain’s message in Afrikaans(still steeped in SAA tradition?).Apart from the odd masks adorning the faces of orientals in Dubai,it was clear from our first step onto Australian soil that they are not taking any chances with swine flu.Infra-red,flu seeking cameras homed in on all passengers entering the arrivals hall.Luckily Sue wasn’t having one of those troublesome “fifty something” hot flushes otherwise the Aussie swine flu SWAT team would have swung into high alert mode.The Aussies are paranoid about keeping all things “foreign” from entering their country so one’s baggage gets as much,if not more,scrutiny on arrival than pre loading onto an aircraft.Apart from filling in a card asking ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Jurian Bay November 29th 2008

Arrived in Aus to lovely Warm weather, Had little rain in Perth but can put up with that because it's nice and Warm!!!!!... read more
Jurien Bay
Jurien Bay

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Jurian Bay September 12th 2008

When we checked in yesterday at Capricorn tourist park(fpA) we were informed by the manageress that on Sunday there is a market in centre of town with fresh produce from the surrounding farms so off we went around 8.30am to the markets. It wasn’t a big as we first thought with about 6 or 7 stores with fruit. There were also craft markets also. After the markets we went to woolies to get some meat and chicken. Marg made chicken, bacon basil pasta in white wine for dinner that afternoon. Around 6.30pm we were talking to Ian on the phone when a new Jayco Stirling came in, behind our camp site there is a permanent cabin with an awning so the old fart cut the corner and wiped out his wheel arch and some lovely scratchers ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Jurian Bay September 12th 2008

Father’s day, after getting up to a calm day no wind at all got phone calls from the kids then we left Cararvon then on to Denham and Monkey Mia. A distance of approx 320 k’s and stopped at the fpa park Blue Dolphin caravan park for 3 nights. After we turned off the hwy there is still a 120 k’s drive. It was like going through a national park with glimpses of the ocean along the way. This area is gorgeous; there is nothing here except it is a good fishing area, Peaceful and quiet. After lunch we took the dogs for a walk around town a whole 1hr. Started to catch up on bills and internet. Another easy meal for tea, a baked dinner. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Jurian Bay September 12th 2008

Drive out to Monkey Mia to have a look at Monkey Mia cost $6/person but it was good for 2 days, left the dogs in the van. You can camp out there and in addition of the camping fees you have to pay for the heritage park fees. The whole area of Denham and Monkey Mia is extremely beautiful and untouched by human pollutions. The water is so clear and is stunning While on wharf spoke to a couple an America and his Aussie wife from QLD who have bee travelling in the opposite direction as us. Went back to the van to let the dogs out and have lunch via the fish and chips shop. After lunch Warwick took dogs for a walk to book the quad bikes for the next day but brought ... read more
views from caravan park

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Jurian Bay September 12th 2008

The days seams to roll into each other and they are starting to go quicker. Up at 6.30am and took dogs for a quick walk and then off to Monkey Mia to se the dolphins being fed. The drive is about 25k’s and got there about 7.15am there were some people there already waiting but within minutes the crowd started to roll in so someone left the gates open for the billy goats to come. The ranger explained that due to a baby dolphin (10 days old) people were not allowed at all in the water near mother and baby. Mother and baby were already there waiting for a feed and putting on a small show for the crowd, but they were swimming out to sea so the Ranger asked everyone to more back to give ... read more
dolphin looking
marg in crowd at feeding the dolphins
marg and warwick on quad bikes

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