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November 16th 2009
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15-11-09 Happy Birthday Lissy, Started off with a market this morning at Greenough in front of the Caravan Park, so I had a look at it & Den finished hooking up the car (he really wanted to traipse around a market). We were still on the way at 8.30, which I surprised den. W stopped in at Dongara - Port Dennison a pretty little fishing village known for its fishing & Western Rock Lobsters. The foreshore was beautiful, with all the boats in the harbour & the colour of the water just keeps changing. Off again & further down the coast we headed for Leeman, it’s very windy today & we kept on getting buffeted by the wind, but the temp is about 26deg. We hit wildflower country again ( I wont bore you guys again) most of them are finishing, but there are a few around. Leeman is another small village with a ruggard coastline & nice beaches & a few islands off the coast, we stopped at the lookout & gave the dogs a walk. Next was Greenhead & we pulled up at the main beach area, its just all so pretty in this area & you can see why all of these little towns are so popular with holiday makers. Finally pulled into Jurien Bay & booked in for 2 nights at the Jurien Bay Caravan Park for $24 a night. & $20 bond for each dog. We set up & had lunch then went for a drive to see what the beaches were like. This is another beautiful area that has a Marine Park that runs for 100 kms along the coast. you cant take your dogs on the beach but they have a great walking track that goes for miles beside the beaches. We saw the Marina & Old Jetty’s that are popular now for fishing . The beaches & the colour of the water is just magic. We went back to the van & I had a rest, when I got up Den was “missing in action” so I took the dogs for a walk & sure enough he was at the Jetty fishing, still no luck with a fish (along with 10 other people) but he had a nice afternoon. One lady caught a squid, ugh awful looking thing. We got back & I got tea & did the diary bit & watched some TV. We are off to see the Pinnacles tomorrow. We travelled 200 kms today.

16-11-09 Off today to see The Pinnacles at The Nambung National Park near Cervantes. The day is overcast & about 24 deg, not real good for photos, but we will try. What a site these limestone Pinnacles are, all different shapes, sizes & colours & were formed over millions of years. Time & Wind have formed these amazing structures, there are wildflowers growing there with little or no water, it is a dessert by the sea. We drove around & could walk amongst them as long as you didn’t sit on them. Quite a few are cracking & look very fragile. We spent 2 hours there just wandering around in amazement. On the way to see the town of Cervantes , we stopped at Whalebone Bay it was just like a postcard picture. Cervantes is another popular holiday destination, with beautiful beaches & good fishing. We had a feed of fish & chips between us & they were great. We then went out to see Lake Thetis & the Stromatalites there, then onto Hansen’s Lookout which gave a good view over the sea, beaches & the town of Cervantes . By this time it was 2.30pm & thought we should get back to let the dogs out of the van. They were pleased to see us & after a walk they sat outside with me. Den went & checked our mail & his thongs were there, so we will be off to Perth tomorrow. We had Happy Hour with a nice couple from Sussex Inlet & came home & had an easy tea. I had to take a picture of the White Bottle Brush tree in the park. CAN ANYONE SEE HOW SPECIAL IT IS. Sorry a few more pics this time, catch everyone soon.

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