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(Some of the photos are out of sequence, but hopefully you still get an impression... this blog just didn't want to get published, so i've given up on the proof read and am just pressing publish!!) We arrived on what seemed like the last flight of the day at Broome Airport. Ominously there was a big queue for taxis and not many circling. After nervously checking out how far the walk to the hotel would be, and then eying up our buggy full of luggage (with a giggling Senan sitting on top of it all!) we decided to trust the Gods and after waiting about 20 mins in the gentle heat, a taxi eventually turned up and took us to Broome Time Apartments. The heat in Broome is phenomenal. Even in the late evening there's a ... read more

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Well I can cross off another item of my Bucket list. The Kimberleys and the Gibb River have always been somewhere I wanted to see. And I'm glad I finally done it. We started at Derby and the first 100km is mostly bitumen with patches of gravel. Then the fun begins. Not long after we hit the gravel we turned right for 21kms to Windjana Gorge.If you wish you can go another 35km to Tunnel Creek. We stayed for the night. (Cost was $10 pp with hot showers. These were the first Hot Showers since leaving Perth), and walked the gorge our first sighting of Fresh water crocs. We then travelled to Bell Gorge. This was a rocky 1 1/2 km walk into on of the best waterfalls and water holes.On the way in we got ... read more
Great Bowerbird's Bower
Windjana Gorge
Freshwater Crocs Windjana Gorge

The Gibb River Road. An iconic 800ish km stretch of dirt, bumps, gravel, corrugations and river crossings that doubles as a highway lumbering through the heart of The Kimberley. Come in the wet season and it's a desert in disguise, for the most part impassable and off limits to the general public in vehicles. The trick for us was to time it so as the road would be recently opened following the wet (this year's wettest for many a season) with plenty of greenery and waterfalls in full bloom. We hit some pay dirt as the Gibb's gates were recently upped prior to our arrival but for the yin there is usually a yang. Some of the tributaries to a few of the big ticket items still had the shutters down and channeling us to a ... read more
Echidna Chasm
Ok varments, we're ready for you.
Aqua back massage

Whilst staying at El Questro we did alittle back tracking west along the Gibb River Rd to Home Valley.. Another Cattle Station that had set up a major camping facility. To get to Home Valley we had to travel through the Pentecost River. The River is approximately 2km wide here and was not very deep at this time of the year, covering 3/4 of the wheels . However it was flowing and we were not getting out because of the crocs.. At Home Valley we had coffees and milk shakes in the lovely presented eating area. Pete and Tom jealous because they were streaming live the North Melbourne v Sydney, AFL game on the big screen in the evening and we would not be able to watch it. (Sydney Won)... read more
Home Valley Station
Tom opening the Home Valley Gates
Home Valley

Bell Gorge considered to be one of the Kimberley's spectacular attractions, with a cascading 100 metre waterfall, breathtaking cliff top views and swimming pools according the tourist brochure and I would have to agree. The Bell Gorge trail is a classification 4 and 5 walk. The trail was steep and stony for the first 150 metres and after crossing the creek the track is lined with freshwater mangroves, paperbarks, thickets of screw grass, spinifex and sword grass, The gorge is bordered by waterholes at the top of the falls, here we saw our first small goanna for the day, resting on a rock. Checking out the top of the falls, we crossed the creek and took the track over the escarpment to the plunge pool of Bell Falls. We spent a good part of the day, ... read more

Here are our extra photos! There are 2 pages. Can't upload the videos so will try adding them to Facebook.... read more
Manning Gorge
Manning Gorge
Manning Gorge

For a number of reasons, we hadn't been able to find the time to visit Emma Gorge (part of the El Questro lease on the Gibb River Road), and because it was so highly regarded, we knew that we would have to fit it in before we left Kununurra. Luckily, Emma Gorge is at the end of the bitumen and only about 75 kilometres from Kununurra. We decided to take the bus out to see Emma on one of our final Kununurra days. Emma Gorge is huge and beautiful (a bit like the Kimberley really) so it was great to be able to see it before we left the Kimberley. The walk wasn't as long or as tough as some people would have us believe. The swimming hole at the end of the Gorge (and the ... read more
Emma Gorge walk
Emma Gorge
Emma Gorge

Gibb River Road Day 1 Left Derby on a beautiful morning and started the long anticipated journey along the Gibb River Road. Whether to do this journey or not was the subject of much discussion and the questioning of fellow travellers who had done it recently. As always, the information was mixed with good and bad reports of road conditions but a consistent revelation of how "it was worth it". So, with the Baileys still in Broome, the Whitfields and Stubbs headed off into the unknown. The road is unsealed for it's entire length of 665 km (with the exception of some bitumen at the start and finish) from Derby to the junction of the Great Northern Hwy between Wyndham and Kununurra. Most "normal"people (as we were in 2006) take the Gt Northen Hwy as its ... read more
Windjana Gorge

When we checked out the Mornington website and other relevant information prior to commencing our trip, there had been a mention of Lake Gladstone, a small freshwater lake on the property. Birdwatching tours to Lake Gladstone were sometimes offered and because a guide was available and we were keen a trip was offered. Nobody else put their hand up (it was almost a full day trip including the travelling) so Joe took us both in the OKA (Read large ex-military 4WD bus) to Lake Gladstone. The OKA has hard suspension (a bit like the cruiser) so the bumps didn't concern us. Georgi noticed that Joe was a Leonardo DiCaprio look-alike so I let her sit in the front.... We saw a variety of birds at the lake including a paperbark flycatcher and also some feral pigs ... read more
Lake Gladstone
Paperbark Flycatcher
Whistling Kite goes fishing

Canoeing on Sir John Gorge at Mornington was to be a highlight of the trip: A gourmet lunch from the restaurant. Three canoes (one each through the three sections of the gorge). Sir John Gorge exclusively for us to share with the wildlife. This was a fabulous trip, exploring different areas and looking for the next canoe when we finished the previous section. We had lunch at a little beach and then explored up a gully which led to a secluded and shady pond which was fed by a small creek. Sharing our swimming pond with a water monitor was fabulous. On our return trip, in the middle section, we saw a huge barramundi sleeping on its side on a rock ledge just 30 cm below the water. We thought it might be dead but it ... read more
Paddling in the shade of the gorge
Sir John Gorge
Did you say lunch was ready?

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