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July 26th 2016
Published: July 26th 2016
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Hello everyone. I have been quiet because I have been enjoying myself!
So we had 5 lovely days in Carramar staying with Mike and Dorothy. It was such a luxury to have a comfortable bed, good food and Foxtel but the greatest luxury is someone else to talk to.
Now I'm not saying Brian is annoying but after 4 weeks on the road together with a high percentage of things that make us row (untidiness -mine, navigation errors - mine ,being a picky bastard - Brian) we were in desperate need of alternative company.
Dorothy joined me on my morning walks and I can report the knee continues to improve every day. Our Saturday morning walk included a bit of excitement as we were attacked by geese. These were domestic geese on a residential block but as we passed they came out with major aggression and honking. Then they watched us and as we turned around to come back they went into full attack mode. These gits actually came fully across the road to chase us, honking and worst of all hissing when they were 5 cm away. I was looking for a weapon but we made a strategic withdrawal and escaped dreaming of roast goose! Our other walks went a different way, taking no chances!!!
We had a look around Kings Park and had a very nice dinner out to celebrate Brian's birthday. On Saturday we met up with Brian's nephew, Will who has been in Australia since April from ROI and is doing agricultural regional work to extend his visa. We hadn't seen him for many years and it was great to catch up and hear his plans and how he already had many friends in Australia . It seems that in many villages in Ireland almost all their young people gone overseas since things are so hard due to the economic downturn.
Anyway we finally tore ourselves away from the comforts of our hosts and left on Monday with plans to camp at Sandy Point near Jurien Bay.
It was warm and sunny so we got the swags up and cooked dinner (spaghetti and pesto) and then sat by the fire hoping it would stay dry.
Well the weather was kind with clear skies and no wind but it was very cold overnight so we had a heavy dew and condensation to deal with. We took a walk on the beach while it all dried off and found limestone caves and rock pools with lots of nesting swallows. Also the campsite has a number of mud larks trying to feed their own reflection in the cars in the car park! I cannot understand why they are not endangered since they are clearly beyond thick!
Anyway dried off and packed up eventually we decided to head north rather than camp a second night so for tonight we are in a motel in Geraldton with slight sunburn and the promise of warmer days to come.

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