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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle October 27th 2007

Three years after studying abroad in Perth, I've returning to the area where so many memories were made. It is very different being here without all the people who I studied with, but I've enjoyed it just as much. I'm staying with Paul (program director) and Kate along with their boys Tim and Ned. They have a very nice detached bed/bath/kitchen I've been using for the past 10 days. When I can, I try to help out playing the role of Mr. Mom. I've picked up Tim from kindergarten, done some minor babysitting, cooked dinner, etc. I've done so much since I've been here, I'm not sure how to go review it. When I first arrived, I returned to the city of Fremantle (Freo) where I spent quite a bit of time at the small shops, ... read more
Little Creatures
Sail & Anchor
Pauls Coffee Creation

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle October 16th 2007

First of All - before I get going on the witty journal stuff, many apologies on the delay in the entries, have had a few technical hitches but have finally sorted it all out. So for most of you the last time I saw you was probably at many of my leaving events (bleeding a good excuse for a shindig as usual). A fabulous end to an era, with parties of different moods to match all the lovely colourful characters who helped to bid me a bon voyage. So I guess my adventure really begins when I was officially off on the adventure on my own - and for me, cheesy as this may sound - was in the departure lounge in Heathrow airport. I've just had a little glance at my first entry from my ... read more
Singapore Airport
Me in Singapore Airport

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle September 26th 2007

Hi there, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet.... Well who knew Australia would be so flipping cold?? We arrived here just over a week ago, first stop Perth & I was glad I acquired a blanket from the airline cause it's like being back home except without any of the clothes to keep you warm. So for the last week we've been cruising the west coast....ok we only went a down as far as Margaret River but the further south we went the colder it got so we hastily made our way back to Fremantle where we've been for a few days now. We hired a van to drive the west coast....didn't get off to a great start...only got 50 km out of Perth when the clutch went so sat on the highway ... read more
Smiling at you
Kalbarri's finest pelicans

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle September 21st 2007

Hi there - The last week has been busy delivering the boat I've been sailing on from Fremantle (Freo in Aussie speak) to Busselton about 120 miles south. It was good chance to catch on some of the sail time I've missed (due to bad weather). Since it was just me and an instructor (with one extra crew on one day), I got some skippering time, passage planning/nav experience and lots of helm time. It was good experience, good wind with the occasional heavier stuff, big swells and squalls - but that's just an average day this time of year. At least with all the rain, there are lots of rainbows! I've included the photos I mentioned in the last blog in which I attempted to catch the whales - one flipper wave and a shot ... read more
Humpback diving under the bow
Fremantle Sailing Club
FSC - 675 yachts, only 1/3 are sailboats!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle September 16th 2007

TransPerth trains had a very helpful habit of telling you where you were and where you were going. "The next station stop," the lightly accented voice would announce over the PA system, "Is Kuranda." It made city navigation so much easier. And, should you chance to fall asleep and miss your stop, the PA system would be on hand to inform you - most helpfully - that you had in fact missed your stop. On this particular day however, missing our stop was unlikely to be a problem since we were taking the train to the end of the line at Fremantle. After a busy few days catching up with the family, we had decided to broaden our horizons, visit some old friends south of Perth and try to see a little bit of the south ... read more
Fremantle Town
The Welcome Wall
Beneath a Southern Sky

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle September 15th 2007

Hi - It's been some time since I've written. Sorry for the radio silence. The weather here has been crazy and unpredictable. On a two-day sail, the first was so calm and sunny that we had to motor the whole day (however, we saw humpback whales, and one even swam under the bow!). The next day was stormy with big wind, swells and rain. After arriving in Fremantle, the gale force warning was in and we couldn't even stick our nose out of the harbor. Oh well, Fremantle is a nice town to be stuck in. The Fremantle Sailing Club facilities are very nice. The town has the feel of a college town with little cottages and tiny front gardens full of flowers and little shops everywhere. Quite a difference from Bunbury where I was based ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle August 27th 2007

ok and hello ive been in OZ for under two weeks, and sorry i aint kept you in da loop anyway from the start. landed perth airport at midnight, and to my surprise it was 6 degrees outside. big difference from japan (want a little heat) slept in arrivals lounge then got a bus to perth hostel. (all the bus drivers also appear to be from or have lived in england) this hostel 12:01 backpackers was cool and a welcome change from japanese internet cafes or hostels that kicked you out at 10am. this meant i could relax. first three days from aug 15th onwards, i went out and had a squint around perth (which aint that big but subarbs are) weather has been bad for what id expect in OZ. from 15th til now its ... read more
craig !
paula & erik!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle May 13th 2007

Well back recently from a wonderful week in Melbourne visiting friends and family. It actually was one of the nicest holidays Ive had in a long time. Nothing to go rushing about for, lots of nice meals and long tram rides, catching up with the old and getting to know the new. You know who you are and I cherish the time together. I had the hard task of looking interested at work for a final week, and training up someone new for the job. Drinks after work got a bit emotional, not for the job but for the people I am leaving behind. Im sure that it isnt the last I will hear from everyone, I hope!!! One last week before I fly out. This is the week of finishing things up, packing, repacking, halving ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle May 4th 2007

My last day here, so i decided to go back to freemantle. Turns out it was market day today, indoor markets plenty of stalls to look round, also need plenty of money to spend, i had to refrain myself. Also stumbled across freemantle prison, had a very interesting tour round that..., with our irish guide, seeing as the prison only closed 16yrs ago, it still felt like it was still in use, well it is... but for weddings functions of all things. I'm glad i did that, it was fascinating. Well worth a visit.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle May 2nd 2007

Decided to take a walk along the cottesloe beach, turns out it has some historical facts along the way..., which i unfortuanatly found out when it was too late, took me a good couple of hrs to get there, there's only 1 bus an hour from where i was staying. Ended up at a place called freemantle, which for me is a nice small town easy to get about. ... read more

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