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May 13th 2009
Published: May 13th 2009
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may 13 09. i have seen the bathers. yes, dear reader it's true. well almost. the bottom is finished with the southern cross on the front. the top is cut and alligned with the gold boomerang and green. just needs a back and some stitching. may even be finished as i type. next to find a model to fit the size, take the photo and list it on 'picasa' on website. it might even be worthy of putting on front page of website in the space where the flag is at the bottom. otherwise, health problems persist. the only flag news is some conversations where the consensus is republic required for flag to change. some say the queen needs to die. that's a bit grim. maybe a retirement would be enough to stir debate. i expect she'll hang on with ever reduced role if only to avoid the rigamarole of the charles and camilla conundrum. today is budget day. after heaps of cash handouts ruddy is now trying to reign in spending by going sixty billion in deficit. does this make any sense. well the opposition doesn't either. and the greens, well what can you say. politics! i used to think something could be achieved. now i wonder. if they can refloat this thing on borrowed money everyone will be thrilled at least until the next collapse. on the other hand what's the alternative? collapse now. that's a bit glum and as new flag proponent i should keep an upbeat attitude. we here in the west are getting a referendum. yes they're asking the voters to approve daylight saving. this will be our third referendum on the question. business people want to be more in sych with the eastern states. i just find it amazing that of all the issues this one is decided by a poll and not even coinciding with a general election so it will cost real money. why not a vote on immigration, the troops in afghanistan, fortythree billion for fibreoptic cable or some other more important questions? why not a vote on flag and republic?


13th May 2009

Hey dad, nice entry! i agree, more important referendums! i don't even have an opinion on daylight savings. :)

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