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Not much to report for today (Sunday). Got up from our park in Broome, packed stuff away and headed down the bitumen highway toward Fitzroy Crossing. The landscape was not overly spectacular and the drive was interrupted by a stack of roadworks so the 400 km drive took a bit over five hours. We spotted a free camp in our camp books up the road towards Tunnel Creek (the other end from a week or so previous). The books gave us a bum steer but we ended up accidentally finding it. A great little spot, that we had to ourselves, that included a bunch of Boabs and Gums in a sort of valley surrounded by beautiful, mini-gorges. I hope the photos do it justice. Next morning, my family and Di did a cruise in the Geikie ... read more
Boab Quarry camp
Boab Quarry sunset
Geikie Gorge

Wow.Here I am in Broome! I feel honoured and excited to be here. Wow again – I have been allowed to write the famous Travel blog for today. I have not mentioned to Chris that there has been some loose talk by readers that Adam’s had been more erudite! I don’t believe that I can come anywhere close to either of them – so I appreciate everybody’s patience. Riddell Beach had been recommended to visit and was surprised that we needed 4 wheel drive within the gazetted area of Broome. After a few loops of the port area I felt that my navigational expertise would be disregarded 1 hour into our first day. We made it back into town for brekky and coffee. Ian was the first to use the spade for daily ablutions. On the ... read more
Geike Gorge
Isn't he cute?

Packed up and off again, down the same road to Tunnel Creek (Fairfield, Leopald Rd) Rougher than most roads with its corrugations, large rocks and creek crossings. We passed a couple of large cattle stations where the Brahma cattle grazed on the lush green grass along the dry creek beds. Approximately 20km's off the Northern Highway we stopped for some large rocks that looked and felt like razor blades stacked on top of one another. Here we climbed up to a natural window in the rock. This area was heavily populated with Boab trees. Meeting the Northern Highway and the seal we breathed a sigh of relief, sealed smooth road. Not far on the Highway and we arrived at Fitzroy Crossing. The town to appeared to have a good community blend of Aboriginals and Europeans. ... read more

We had a few quiet days at Fitzroy Crossing Lodge catching up on the blog, walking up to the hotel for early coffees and drinking beer and chatting with the locals at lunchtime. Georgi was at her artistic best taking photographs and doing some drawing. A large monitor visited our campsite too and we took some pics of his visit. It may have been a Kimberley rock monitor. The monitor decided to dig up next doors campsite in search of lunch so we had an excellent view of his activities. When someone came along the road he flattened himself on the grass and kept very still and when they were gone he would raise his head to check whether he was safe. Some of the birds became very friendly and would wander under the table picking ... read more
What is for lunch?
I'm sure I can smell something down here....
Monitor laying low

The new plan meant that we could drive on the blacktop for a while and that was comforting. We left Kununurra and drove through Warmun and on to Halls Creek where we stopped at the only Caravan Park. It had very little grass but luckily, there was a nice pool area with a BBQ and we lazed the afternoon away there and had an early dinner. Then it was across the road to the motel where we had cocktails and played pool. The next day was an easy 300 kilometre drive down to Fitzroy Crossing where there were three Caravan Parks. We stopped at the Tourist Info Centre to ask about local attractions and tour times and met Philip Munda, a local artist. We bought a few things from Philip and booked a tour of the ... read more
Hitop Convention at Fitzroy River Lodge
Hoppers at Fitzroy River Lodge

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fitzroy Crossing August 31st 2013

Fitzroy Crossing. We often think of major cities and their impact on commerce and travel. Fitzroy crossing is very small, yet in its own way has contributed to the Kimberly economy and population very significantly. The Kimberly region is criss crossed with many rivers, the Fitzroy being one of the more significant rivers, and one that has caused crossing difficulties on many occasions. The pictures we have are at the end of the dry season, but in the peak of the wet season, Fitzroy Crossing becomes Fitzroy Island. The town name comes from the obvious; this is the main crossing point of the river, and you will see the steep access once endured by travellers down to not much more than a cause way. In the rainy season you will get wet crossing here, or in ... read more
Being stalked!
The Boab Tree rest area
Easy access

Today we went to Fitzroy Crossing. Fitzroy Crossing is a very small town. We stayed at Fitzroy River Lodge. Fitzroy River Lodge had a swimming pool but a small one, but I was too ill to go in it. I had an ice cream when Sarah went in the pool. We went for a walk at Geike Gorge, after that we went back to the campsite and went to bed. We drove to the old Fitzroy Crossing River bridge.... read more

Arrived at the newly established Bungle Bungle caravan park- still very new and very much outback. We had booked and so had electricity which was great to operate the air con. From here we had a wonderful trip to the Bungle Bungles . The road in was about 53kms of corrugations and more including some ordinary river crossings- lucky we were in a 4 wheel drive bus as it took 2 hours to go the 53kms in that. We managed to do 4 walks- Picaninny Lookout, Cathedral Gorge, Echidna Chasm and The Loop. Absolutely stunning having the up close and personal look at it all. We were treated to a spontaneous performance of a flautist in Cathedral Gorge- the acoustics could not have been better as he played a number of tunes incl Waltzing Matilda, Somewhere ... read more
NTWA2013BungleBungles 093
NTWA2013FitzroyXing 033

Geo: -18.1942, 125.569Gee the days are all becoming one and its hard for us on holidays to remember what day it is and that's not because we are or are in with the grey nomads!! Saturday saw us arrive at Fitzroy Crossing where we will spend 2 nights. The caravan park is enormous and great with large shady sites and lawn everywhere.We had to stock up on groceries and they only have 1 IGA store here so the monopoly with prices is pretty steep. Couldn't get over seeing kangaroo tails in the freezer section.Sunday saw us up and heading to Geikie Gorge for a 2.5km walk. It was stinking hot, had to walk through sand (tough going) and the view at the end was miserable. Don't recommend this walk to anyone.The Fitzroy River is huge although ... read more
Old Fitzroy Pub
Fitzroy River
Fitzroy River

Hey folks, down time in Fitzroy, 38 degrees outside (can't train in that heat just yet) humidity a killer so I can get all the blogging upp to date. Hope you are keeping well AC... read more
community housing 1
fitzroy at daybreak

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