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September 24th 2015
Published: September 24th 2015
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Sadly no whales were around Fowlers Bay yesterday morning when I treated myself to a 2.5 hour cruise in the hope of sighting some. And while it was a lovely thing to do and most enjoyable, the weather was absolutely perfect, I found the experience very tame after the absolutely spectacular day I had the day before on my 4x4 tour previously described. And while some of the photos I took will probably make it into my “abstract photography” album, really there was nothing taken that could rival the previous day’s pics.

One good thing came out of it though – note to my Marine Rescue friends – I did not get seasick or show any tendency to do so, even though the swell was noticeable outside the heads. So full steam ahead I should imagine for when I get back – onto crew training.

Since leaving Fowlers Bay at 1.30pm yesterday I have covered approximately 700 kms. It has helped that I am driving “back” in time and the day light hours are lengthening, and really, apart from a brief stop at Head of Bight and then again at Bunda Cliffs this morning, there has been little to encourage me to tarry longer across this country. The weather has deteoriated with grey skies, showers and blustery cross and head winds which my wagon has handled really well I am pleased to say. Yes, fuel economy has dropped off a little, but otherwise you would never know she is 25 years old and has just clocked up 329,400 kms. You can’t stop us old gals!!!!

I have enjoyed the ever changing vegetation along the route, been disappointed at the lack of obvious wildlife and birds along the way, and enjoyed massively the company of my wonderful in van audio system and my 8GB of stored music just to my taste.

In order to keep in touch with home in any shape or form, I’ve had to resort to purchasing a Telstra phone card and relearn how to use a Telstra phone box. Haven’t done too much calling though, as $10.00 disappears in a matter of minutes. My CB radio has been a source of information and good company along the highway too, with various conversations I’ve picked up being quite entertaining. (Another note to Marine Rescue friends – I’ve had to restrain myself from pulling some of these radio users up on their radio etiquette and protocols!!!! Oh how quickly a “newbie” becomes an “expert” and know-it-all!)

So here I am camped for the second night running in a road-side rest area, just 30 kms short of Caiguna, where officially the time drops back by another half hour which will mean I am now 1.5 hours behind you all at home. Watch out, I’m likely to forget and call you at some ungodly hour (when I get my mobile phone coverage back that is!).

Enjoy some of the shots I grabbed today. Nothing spectacular photographically, but it will show you how it looks out here.

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24th September 2015

Fabulous Di am enjoying your travel journals 😊
26th September 2015

Crossing the Nullabor
Hi Di, Good to see you are continuing on your epic adventure! Loved the previous photos of the seals etc. Look forward to seeing some more spectacular photos soon. Cheers Annette

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