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December 2nd 2010
Published: December 2nd 2010
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this really is just an intro to some of the people we've met, not exciting.

OK, we're on the road. It took some time finally getting ourselves out of Perth/Banksia Grove but we finally did it. Allow me to introduce some characters who will feature i our story before I carry on, sorry if this is boring but this is our memories here more than anything else.

Obviously there is us, me the author (Nigel) who you will never hear of again because I always right in the first person, not like Jeff Fenech. Then there is Belinda and our kids Lachlan and Zali.

In order of appearance, not importance we now have the people who have touched our lives in one way or another and will drop in and out of our story over the next 6 weeks.

First Amber (Belinda's sister), Ross and Lucy (husband and daughter). These guys have been truly amazing over the past twelve months as we camped at their house for several months, we had a great time getting to know Ross and Lucy who we hadn't really spent much time with before we arrived in Perth. Their hospitality and generosity has been nothing short of mind blowing as the four of us crammed into their house and lives where we had much fun and laughter. Ross and I started up a ping pong championship that I think ended up either even or with Ross just a nose in front, when we first started I had his measure, but then he made a comeback then I did then he did and I never recovered. I think he was secretly practicing when I was away.

Next in line falls the Westlakes, Geoff, Sally and their kids Trinity, Pippa, Cameron and Lara. Lachlan, Zali and the Westlake kids hit it off like they'd known each other for years and over the year in BG just loved hanging out and running amok. Geoff and Sally it turns out are a couple who we connected with really well as we are very like minded and really enjoyed hanging out. I'll always credit these guys with helping us find a direction to take our beliefs when we settle down (I'm not expanding that point here). Our friends the Westlakes are doing awesome things in Banksia Grove (along with a pile of friends) in very intentionally involving themselves in the community, school and lives of anyone who has a need to make the suburb a better place to live. They have opened their house and experience in Community outreach to all and are really making a difference.

Next and the last who will feature again in our travels is the Kirkbrights, John,Tracy and their kids Ella, Jack, Will, Grace, Joel and Jamie. This family is simply beautiful, there is not a person in the whole bunch who we don't rate so high. The Kirkbright kids also became great friends of Lachlan and Zali, Jack is about Lach's age and Grace is Zali's age and all incredibly well mannered and all round good kids. We expect to meet these guys again in a few weeks time down in Esperance.

These people are only a few of the wonderful people we met in Perth and only get special introduction because they will feature again in this journal, but all the people we met and got to know in our time in the west are very special people who we will never forget.


2nd December 2010

Love Love Love
.... we just can't wait to keep reading the blogs! We're with you (in spirit) all the way. Have fun, take care and here's to travelling!! x x x

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