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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Dowerin July 13th 2014

Hurrah, it’s Friday 11 July and we both had a day off booked from work, Thursday night was a flurry of putting our gear in Gypsy, making sure, batteries were charged, tyres inflated to the correct pressure, diesel tanks full and plenty of warm clothes ready for what we expected to be a pretty cold weekend. We were off into the central wheatbelt this weekend to the little town of Dowerin which is about 220 Kilometres from Perth. Why? Well that’s simple; we were attending the gathering of 28 four wheel drive clubs coming together under the banner of the WA4WD Association. (Western Australia 4 Wheel Drive Association) which I sit on the delegate committee and as a member of our new four wheel drive club, TLCCWA (Toyota Landcruiser Club of Western Australia, we decided we ... read more
Tin Dog Creek
Dowerin Post Office

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Dowerin December 5th 2006

There are certain aspects of this place that I like. I like sitting around the bar shooting the shit with the locals. I like recognizing everyone who comes in the door. I like knowing everyones names and what they drink. I like being recognized, and people waving to me when I walk down the street. I do not like being put in the kitchen every night. I do not like knowing WHY I'm being put in the kitchen every night. I don't like the shitty shifts in the bar. I don't like the way my bosses think. I dont like only being able to eat twice a day, and when I do, my only choices are food I shouldn't be eating. I dont like not getting enough hours to escape. And so, I will be leaving ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Dowerin December 1st 2006

Ok, well not quite plotting. But I DO think about escaping from here a lot. No new news. Hangin' out in a small town will do that to you, I guess. Workin' the bar tonight. Maybe I'll have a nap beforehand. I haven't taken any pictures of the town yet. At this point, its not a place I want to remember. Hopefully that'll change, but it sure hasn't yet. Ohh, what have I done, coming here?? ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Dowerin November 30th 2006

It might not be awful here. Its not great, but not awful. Last night a guy (Brad) came into the bar. I ended up talking to him for most of the night (and he let me practice pouring beer for him. lol). After work we just sat in the bar talking. He seems like a pretty cool guy. At about 11ish, Beck (one of the other barmaids) and the pool guy asked if we wanted to go swimming. So Danielle, Brad and I went! It was pretty good. VERY cold, and unpleasant. But fun. I saw three shooting stars Before last night, I'd only ever seen one. The stars were amazing. I've never seen them like that before. I'm getting the hang of this barmaid thing too. Aside from soaking myself with beer quite often, I'm ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Dowerin November 28th 2006

Day two. Still not wanting to be here really. But, here's me making the best of it. Apparently this place is called the 'Shire of Dowerin.' I think thats hysterical. I'll take pictures of it at some point. There's two cute stumpy little fat dogs that live at the hotel with us. I have no idea what kind they are, but ya. They're cute. I don't remember their names though. One of them came running through the front of the bar today. Um...the locals are definitely something. There's a scottish man I can hardly understand who's about 70. Lots of other older guys who I can hardly understand. There was a guy in the bar last night who was offering to take Danielle target shooting. I would love to do that, so hopefully I get a ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Dowerin November 27th 2006

We've arrived in Dowerin. Its very small. Seems really friendly though. The hotel we're staying in is pretty nice (unfortunately we don't have air conditioning in our room, so that worries me a bit). It's looking like its going to be about 40 degrees (maybe more) today. We start working tonight. The people we work for are really young. I'd say maybe 25ish. I'm missing Perth like crazy. I just really don't want to be here. I mean, I'll probably get to like it, but since I found a place I love SO much, its hard to leave it to come here. Hopefully we can go back to the hostel for Christmas. We'll definitely be back there after the 6 weeks are up here. ... read more

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