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November 28th 2006
Published: November 28th 2006
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Day two. Still not wanting to be here really. But, here's me making the best of it.

Apparently this place is called the 'Shire of Dowerin.' I think thats hysterical. I'll take pictures of it at some point.

There's two cute stumpy little fat dogs that live at the hotel with us. I have no idea what kind they are, but ya. They're cute. I don't remember their names though. One of them came running through the front of the bar today.

Um...the locals are definitely something. There's a scottish man I can hardly understand who's about 70. Lots of other older guys who I can hardly understand. There was a guy in the bar last night who was offering to take Danielle target shooting. I would love to do that, so hopefully I get a chance at some point.

The owners are very nice people. I can't get over how young they are. They're really trying to make us comfortable. I think Danielle and I might be moving to a room that has a TV. Its upstairs, and that might become a problem if it gets too hot, but...it has a TV. Hopefully she doesn't have a problem sharing a room, cuz the hotel is kinda creepy.

I'm posting more pictures on my photobucket site. I dont know how long it'll take, but I'm determined to get it done today. (If you don't have the address, look back at my other entries. The link is there somewhere).

Two days down...6 weeks to go.


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