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November 20th 2011
Published: November 20th 2011
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You know what they say about the build up? They reckon it makes people crazy. I think the events of this week have proved that theory is right on the money.

School pretty much sucked this week. I'm not going to go into it since I'm putting this online and all but I will say that by Friday I needed about 10 additional hours sleep and at least 2 nights of steady drinking to forget about my week.

Moving on from school, Friday night eventually arrived. We hadn't had drinks at the jetty for ages so Katie and MJ decided we would go down and watch the sunset. There was a nice breeze which kept the mozzies away and for the first time in ages I didn't have to use any repellent. I left the jetty around 7 to go and chill out for a bit.
Caitlyn was keen for the Boab since she had just sat her first end of year med exam. Of course my arm didn't need to be twisted too hard. When we arrived we found out that the band - which was supposed to be playing had been stuck up the Gibb (since they'd had so much rain already). It was disco night instead, which turned out to be awesome anyway because by the end of the night the entire pub was on the dance floor in one massive circle. It was the best atmosphere- everyone just dancing together. I loved it and it was a fitting farewell to the Boab for Caitlyn.

On Saturday I whipped myself into a report writing frenzy and churned out the last few tick boxes. They are due on Friday and I just want them sorted asap. I also sooked cos Mia scored free tickets to KOL and took my best friend! They did call me mid-concert - which shows that I was there in spirit with them.
Around 7pm I walked over to the nurses quarters for 'games night'. It was a packed house and at some stage Bek and Macail decided to make mango daquiris (s?) which were totally and deliciously lethal. It was stacks of fun but the only game we ended up playing was team charades which was a laugh a moment. My vietnamese spring rolls went down a treat which was also a proud moment since I do about 2% of cooking up here and am only ever 50% successful.
Today I had my first sleep-in all year. I got up at 7 and went back to bed around 9.30 and rewoke at 11.40am. I obvoiusly needed it. Plus, it's soooo hot all I do is lay on the couch under the air con.
Tonight we are having another fish feast at Prue's place. I'm off to try my luck at making mango mousse. I hope it works out.
Have a good week everyone. The count-down to home officially begins for me tomorrow.

This week's Top Five:
1. mango daquiris
2. putting xmas lights up at my house
3. watching Vegemite wallow in his clam shell pool even though he totally stinks because of it.
4. having online shopping parcels you've forgotten about arrive
5. Boab dance circles


22nd November 2011

So what packages are you getting delivered? Christmas presents?? Why does Vegie smell, cause he's damp all the time? He will be so happy to be back in Sorrento where he can play in the big pool and with Trailer. I like Boab dance circles too. Did you see Kylie on X factor? She is lovely. Night night xx

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